Specialty Dishes and the Cookware Required to Make Them

While many dishes can be prepared in traditional skillets, roasting pans, Dutch ovens and saucepans, there are a few specialty dishes that require their own equipment. Paella is one such dish. This Spanish standby is most delicious when prepared in an authentic paella pan. However, not every pan is created alike, so keep this guide and other cookware reviews that you read online in mind when shopping.

These pans are round and look similar to a skillet, but instead of having one long handle and a shorter one, they have two short handles. The sides are slanted and usually about one and one half inches tall. An authentic paella pan is made from carbon steel. This material delivers even heating, which is very important since paella is not stirred while being prepared. You should look for a pan with handles that do not heat during cooking. Zinc is commonly used for this purpose. If you run across a paella non-stick pan in your shopping, proceed with caution. While you may be able to make a delicious dish with this type of pan, it probably does not develop the well-loved crust on the bottom as authentic paella does. As always, read cookware user reviews before you purchase, so you know what problems to look out for with your product.

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Paella is a delicious dish that is easily mastered once you have the right equipment. Get yourself a heavy-duty pan and start cooking paella. Whether you prefer chorizo, prawns or chicken, it is sure to taste delightful.

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