Life as I see It

It’s been a while since i made a post in this site as you can see it was down for several days because of that hackers and spammers and now that’s back to the web, I’m still contemplating on what I should do to avoid future attacks .  I have seen and read some ideas on how i can block an attack but still I’m not a techie to fully comprehend and in the same time I don’t have any money to buy certain products to block attacks like this.  All i can do is to take extra precaution which I have been doing for several months,

  • changing my passwords and making sure it’s not easy to remember.
  • limiting my plugins to something i believe is reliable 
  • making a back -up to make sure that i would not lose such precious posts.  
Since the problem with this site is already solve for now, I am still waiting for my other site to be cleaned and back to it’s normal working state and I hope it will be the soonest time.  Back to my life, it’s been good for a while and busy with work and the kids and as you know, I have been participating in some blog hopping to help lower my alexa ranking.  It’s been a while and it’s a great help not with this blog but with my other site which i think truly needs traffic.  
But today, someone really irked me and yes, I have always told myself that i need to be calm but I don’t know if you can be calm with a person who think he knows it all. I guess, we have been living in a world with different minds and different point of views and yes, we are all entitled on what we think is right but i guess, being discreet is always prime and important and i guess that’s something that person is lacking.

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