Colors for your home

Whether your painting a new home or redecorating it,  picking the right colors to suit your home depends not just on how you like it to be but also with the overall architectural view of your place.  Some will think painting vivid colors or overly bright colors can be appropriate and some will still prefer with the minimal colors of white and beige.

But at this new architectural age, choosing a bolder approach on painting your home is now satisfactory accepted by many.  Or if you still opt to remain on the usual white or beige walls, you can choose to paint your moldings, windows or doors a different color.

There is no right or wrong with your color choices.  Whether it’s minimal or bold colors, what matter is your choice.

You can check out this collection of beautiful homes I found in the net.  The color are from fresh, to bold, to striking and Gothic.

beautiful home

bright living rooms

Would you like a bright and color room like this? The paints are minimal but the accessories and fixtures are the one that creates the bright impact.

How about this bright pink room?  This create a southern impact and you can feel like your a princess.

pink room


image via net

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