Blackberry brings out the Best in Me

“How Does BlackBerry Help me Achieve my Purpose in Life or Help me Become a Person of Purpose?” - “This is my official entry to Gadget Bonanza BlackBerry Power Pair Edition”.

I always believe that I am born winner and I can only achieve the most of it if I know how to grab the opportunity and grasp it in my hand.  I always told myself that i need a positive mind to have the good side of the coin and always say my mantra, I am a winner, i will win and i will achieve the things i only dream before!

But as a busy mom of two, a judiciary employee in the morning and virtual assistant and blogger at night my life is sometimes chaotic and I wasn’t able to focus on things and lost track of  my real purpose in life.

With BlackBerry PlayBook , i know that i can be able to do all the things i regularly do with ease ;

  • Blackberry can help me organized and always stay connected at home and my child’s school to know their daily progress.
  • Calendar has always been an important part of my daily life and without it, i would definitely lost my way on important events and details.
  • Working my ass in the morning and in the evening , i can always have the options to work wherever I am and whenever and even I am struck in the traffic, i can never had a lost time.
  • And when i feel like taking a break and relax from everything, i can always tune in to my favorite music sounds and videos and let my heart ease.
  • But the most important of all, i get the chance to browse and stay connected with my online friends through it’s powerful web browsing.  I can always check on my blogs and when my creative juices are working, i can always make a new posts and share it to my dear readers.
  • With Blackberry, i can pursue my advocate on helping not just our Mother Earth but also my fellow friends, relatives, online readers and all the people around my social network to live a more greener life and spread the green news to all of them.

And with BlackBerry Curve 9360 on my hand, i will never feel that i am outdated because  it’s stylish and sleek .  Each e-mail is very important for me especially if it gives me additional money which I can used for my family and did i forgot to mention that I am a total picture addict?  Well, the picture it can produce will be a favorite  and cherished memory on my memory bank.

Millions of consumers are into smartphone already but seeing my old and cranky cellular phone, i can only tell myself that I am really far behind from the others.  Not that i’m very envious but the hope is always there and the reason for needing one is too great especially if I wanted to be on top of everything.

When , the year started, my main goal is to earn more money to cope up with our financial situation and for us to be able to pay our monthly house dues. Maybe in due time, i can have our  dream car or maybe the trip we always wanted to have but for now, i needed to put my hands and my mind to work, click those New Posts button to create more valuable entries for my dearest readers and have faith and confidence that i can achieve my blogging goals and I know Blackberry will always be on every step of the way, seeing the best in me and bringing it out,  for me to become a better person inside and out.

Knowing your purpose in life and having something to help you along the way can make you a far more better person and now I know found one and i wish it would be a reality.

it's more fun blogging with Blackberry

Want to have your own Blackberry? Check out Tech Pinas, one winner will win the Blackberry combo but of course, i am already crossing my fingers and praying to our Dear Lord that Mark will be very generous and pity me.


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