Beautiful Trophies at Magayon Festival

The Magayon Festival held in Albay last April 10 up to its succeeding days was indeed a big blast of success.  Different activities were done to celebrate the festivities.   Colorful attires greeted the crowds who watched the parade show in the street of Legazpi.  Giant creatures, boat floats comes to parade too. Highlight of the event is the coronation of Ms. Magayon, a yearly competition for the beautiful maiden (magayon) of Albay, wooden trophies like this were given to the winner.

ms. magayon 2012 (image via

A run for Mayon was also held to create awareness on climate change.  Many runners from different part of the countries and even worldwide participated on this grand event which was dubbed as  the  Philippines toughest 21K run.  Beautiful trophies were given to the winners.

Mayon Trail Run 2012 trophy

Weighing at 900 grams it is probably the heaviest and biggest Finishers Medal in the local running community, made from Volcanic Debris Coming from the trail itself, with the medal mold hand-carved by local artist Rolando Binaday, it is a truly unique finisher’s medal exclusive to the 500 trail runners. Mayon Trail Run


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