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Archive for the ‘summer’ Category

Summer Break at Graceland

Summer months are about to end and we are due to expect heavy rains on the next months  but the heat is still on and really causing me headaches and irritating days.  So, what better way to ease the summer heat and pain than eating my favorite halo-halo.

Funny thing  while we were eating, I begun to chill and the jaws are really trembling because the aircon is in front of us.  Hubby and I are really laughs so hard.

Something Yellow

I failed to join the last week meme.  I decided to post it here but I remember that I also forgot to take a picture of Peachy’s shoes.  So, i rather stick on this week’s theme. Our theme for this week is all about Yellow.   I always love yellow, it’s the second color that I do like of course after green and now pink.

It was the color that dominates our wedding day.

If you will visit my other site BabiesandContests, you will notice that majority of its color is yellow and I am so proud to tell you that I also have a new banner too for BabiesandContests.  It was the banner I won from Mukhangpera.com

Sunflower is my favorite flower.

Winnie the Pooh is one of Peachy’s Favorite character.

Last sunday we also bought a plastic swimming pool and Peachy really enjoyed the water.

and it was not just Peachy who enjoyed the plunge but also mommy and daddy too! (LOL)

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mommy moments

Summer Fun

Last week my sister gave my darling daughter a new Winnie the Pooh and our Peachy really enjoys playing with it.

She would even dress Pooh her shirts and short and make Pooh eat her food as well.

This week end, we also bought a new plastic swimming pool for our little Peachy and it is not just her who enjoyed the water but also mommy. LOL.

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