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Archive for the ‘reviews’ Category

Link Exchange Projects

As a blogger especially if your a newbie , you know the importance of having a great amount of exchange links that is why you will give an ample amount of time to blog hop and know different bloggers and have the favor of exchanging links with them.  Now, A Teacher, Link Exchange Project is being made by Ms. Verns and joining is easy.

Click this to learn more about the mechanics of how your blog can be included in this great venture.

Shutter Island Movie and more

Last night, I was not able to make a blog post and to upload the Poll for the Wonderful Contest as well.  The reason?  We watch “Shutter Island” on DVD, yes, I know the screening of the movie will be on April 14 and “Yes” we had watch it in the comfort of our own living room.

I have been a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio on my early teen years.  Who would not fall in love with this unforgettable hunk although some of my friends will still insists that he looks like a (gay) *hmp. LOL.  I even had a huge poster of him on my room (of course – beside my  Keanu Reeves poster wearing levis jeans on his early modelling career).

I do remember winning that poster on a contest I have joined on my high school days – it includes a poster, a notebook, stationary and a ballpen ) yes all with Leonardo DiCaprio’s picture on it.  (So sad, I could not remember where it was now,  when I moved out from our house, that was one of my things that I forgot to bring) . (But hubby can attest on that poster, i even bring the poster of Keanu Reeves on my boarding house)LOL and of course, he made me put it away when he saw it. (LOL)

I have watch many of Leo’s movies, among them are “This boy’s Life “, Romeo and Juliet, Marvin’s Room,  Titanic, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Beach, Catch me if you can, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Departed, “The 11th Hour, Body of Lies, his recent movies including  Revolutionary Road and now Shutter Island.  (well, it  just happen that I also like his acting).

Leo even produced some movies:

2004 The Assassination of Richard Nixon Executive producer
The Aviator Executive producer
2007 The 11th Hour Producer
Gardener of Eden Producer
2008 Greensburg Producer
2009 Atari Producer

http://www.melandriaromero.net/2009/12/orphan.html – movie review of orphan.

Shutter Island was really a great movie and Martin Scorsese was one of the greatest director this world can have and Dennis Lehane, the author of the book with the same name was really unbelievable.  I would really recommend that you watch this movie but just a precaution, have a handy water beside you because you will be losing some breath along the way. LOL

If you would like to know the story, Just visit this site:

Want to Win Some Shutter Island Freebies :  Join Now!

Biggest Contest on Blogsphere

Are you ready for this. You should be!
BIG Blogversary Contest

Level 1 Sponsors:
I Am Buraot : Anak Ni Kulapo : Seiko’s Diary : Mom Conversations

Level 2 Sponsors:
Azumi : Fab Momma : Mara’s Personal Bubble : Mara’s Appetite : The Pinay Blogger @ Home : Diva Fabulosa : Best Vacation Places : Momma Wannabee : Advising Writers :United World Poets : A Mom’s Life and Loves : The Blogger Hub : : Travelin’ With Marie : Happy Thoughts, Happy Tot : Stalking Mind : Living Life To The Fullest : Online Mommy’s Corner : Her And History : Careless Whispers : In My Psyche : My Quality Day : Just Throw Money : My Journey To Life : Cotton Candy Buzz : The Mommy Journey : Super Gulaman : Pen, Paper and Pan : Niko’s Blog : Lover’s Mushroom : Yena’s World : Girls Rule! : Online Trends Now : Husband of A Blogger : Glitter Page : Here Comes The Bride : Heart Random : Novice On Blogging (Noob) : At Home Here : Sexy Blogging : My Camerasexy : Dishes By Pehpot : Wonder Wifey : Coffee, Anyone? : Clarisse After Dark : Jena Isle’s Random Thoughts : Where The Moon Shines : Crossroads.. Where Ideas Meet : Simple Pero Rock : It’s not always about me… : Pinay Mommy Online : A Woman Remembers :
Beng’s Entertainment Spree : Yashiro : My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf : Embrace Life : How I Earn Money Online
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Our Palawan Escapade – Earthlingorgeous.com 2nd blogversary treat

I’m joining Earthlingorgeous.com 2nd blogversary contest because I love to win a new Neutrogena Wave and Clean and Clear Gift Pack.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose any two items that you want to win.
  2. Tell us what are your plans for this summer (art class, trip to the beach,join sports activities, party all night, loose weight, etc). Or what was your favorite summer (summer spent in Boracay 2007 with Highschool friends, joining community sports fest etc.)
  3. If you want to win more than two items make a separate post about it and follow steps 1 and 2.
  4. Inform your readers that your post is your official entry to this contest.
  5. Tip the judges love photos.
  6. Joining this side contest gives you an extra 25 points on the main contest (only if you have joined the main contest

So, here’s my story:

It’s really been a dream for me and Mel to go to Palawan. We were so lucky that our plan was able to push through last May, 2009. It has many first for Peachy and a very unforgettable experience for our family considering that I will be reunited with my long lost biological mother.  Our arrival on Puerto Princesa’s airport was greeted by an unexpected heavy rain which was really very unusual considering that there are no announcements of any typhoon or rains. Luckily the sky was clear on the following day.

On Mother’s Day we celebrate the day with a City Tour, visiting the crocodile farm, butterfly garden and drop by at  Baker’s hill where we ate the famous and delicious Hopia.  They had a variety of delicious breads and cakes to choose from at a very affordable price. It was already getting dark, that’s why we were not able to go to Mitra Ranch. The following day was all excitement, we went island hopping and had the best experience in our life. We stay at Snake Island and it’s my first time to experience snorkeling. We also saw various corals and many different fishes that you cannot see just elsewhere.

Puerto Princesa is a city with many things to offer. There are many places to visit and the time was not enough for us to visit all of them. We decided not to go to the Underground River for two reasons. Although we already had our permit to go, we learned that there is an ongoing hike for life and the place were crowded with many hikers coming from different places, another thing is that we were a bit worried about the safety of Peachy, because we could not bring her inside the cave and we will just leave her on the sea shore. I really have big doubts over the idea of leaving her. Puerto Princesa is a place which offers fresh and great tasting foods, inexpensive sea foods and dining out is really great in this place of town. We are so thankful that God gave us sunny days to enjoy our vacation.

Palawan is a great place with its beautiful scenic and serene views and friendly person. Surely, you will have a very memorable experience just like our family had and you can’t wait for your next visit. Discover the beautiful island of Palawan and see for yourself the amazing wonders.


Mukhang Pera

Yes, just like what the title says, “Mukhang pera”, this site talks about different ways how you can earn money and not just a small amount of money, big, lots of money. Everyone of us is always looking for a way to earn money, let’s face it, that’s what the World goes round. If you don’t have any money, how can you buy your food, the dress and just anything.
So, if you are looking for ways to learn how to earn money online and offline, Mukhang Pera or you want to know the different current contests over the net this is the site you need to go to.


Brochure Monster

Brochure Monster is a site that offers different, brochures, newsletter, folders, flyers, logos among others for an affordable price. 

If your a entrepreneur,  a design service provider, provide printing services, Brochure monster can create for you your different needs. You choose in more than 23 categories and more than thousand designs. You don’t need to worry about digital piracy because their photos are 100% licensed photos from photo.com and bigstockphoto.com. 
Their brochures were designed by industry experts and all their templates go to a strenuous quality control measures before they were made available at the site for sale.  
And if you want to earn extra money, their site also provides affiliate program wherein you can earn up to 30%, that’s a lot of money to spend.  


Icon Galore

Icon Galore  is a place where you can find affordable and quality icons. The site offers thousands of different kinds of icons like web icons, e commerce icons, application navigation icons,accounting software icons, vista travel icons and many more. 
Icon galore produces the highest quality icons that strictly adhering with Microsoft XP icons style guidelines.  Their icons went to a seven strenuous steps and each steps is governed by a high level of quality.  
There are three reasons, why you would choose a product and there are high quality, highly affordable prices and a very good prompt services and all these qualities can be found with Icon galore.
And not that just,  you can also create your own custom icons, just fill up their online customization form  follow the instructions therein, pay them and voila your new icon will be made for you. 



Are you looking for templates for your blog and cannot find one that you like.  Why not try Buytemplates.net?

You can find different website templates at Buytemplates.net , you can choose among their wide categories like, corporate, flowers, food, entertainment to name a few and they even offer Joomla templates (honestly, i have not encountered this kind of templates).

They offer minimal prices that can suits your budget. If you think that is all? Well, they also helps you to develop your website, host your own website and even promote your website.  Can you believe it?  All this amazing services can be found in only one site.

So, what are you waiting for? 


Mukhang Pera Contest

A Review on Icongalore.com, Buytemplates.net, Brochuremoster.com and MukhangPera.com

Icongalore.com is an online store that sell high quality icons need for web development, application development, and other purposes. There are thousands of professionaly designed icons displayed in the website. The website contains icons suitable for various windows OS, such as XP style icons, Vista icons, and Windows 7 icons. They are further classified into categories to make it easy for the customers to choose the pack they are in need of. These various categories of icons come in five different formats, three states and in all standard sizes. Each of the icon package has a complete set of icons required for specific purposes and have be priced much lower than the standard market price.
The icons are grouped under various categories, such as Network Icons, Festival Icons, Socialmedia Icons, Vista Email Icons, Network DB Icons, Hotel Icons, Travel Rule Icons, Weather Icons, Accounting Icons, Navigation Icons, Travel Icons, Real Estate Icons, Ecommerce Icons, Transport Icons, Accounting Software Icons, E-commerce Icons, Conceptual Icons, Web Icons, People and Objects, Flag Icons, Multimedia Icons, Computer & Network Icons, Insurance Icons, Telecom Icons, Entertainment Icons, Medical Icons, Windows Theme Icons, Retail Icons, Banking Icons, Education Icons, Food & Beverage Icons, Object & Product Icons, Software Icons, Button Icons and many more.
Buytemplates.net is a renowned online store for high quality websites templates. The online store has been serving global clients over a decade now. Over these years the online web template store has been transformed into a superstore with thousands of web templates in various categories and web technologies. You can find all kinds of web templates that range from simple HTML web templates to the complex Joomla templates that run on CMS technology. Buytemplates.net has successfully adapted to various trend changes in the internet world and remains the best online web template store to this day. The store has three membership plans to suit the needs of its customers. These consist of budget, standard and premium membership programs. The website also offer plethora of freebies and complete online support until your websites are launched. All of the services provided by the website, such as template customization, custom designing, content insertion, or even hosting are priced very competitively. Best of all the freebies is the one year free web hosting service offered to every new member.
Brochuremonster.com is the right place for people that are on the lookout for high quality brochures and flyer templates. The website has been serving its clients with the best brochure designs available in the industry. The online store contains all of the conventional marketing tools, such as brochures, flyers, tri-folders, postcards, posters, and even folders. These templates make it easy to create wonder working marketing collateral within a short span. The online store has flexible options for its clients. You can either choose individual templates or join membership programs of the online store. Membership programs enable customers to download unlimited number of brochures flyers posters, etc with a one time fee for a period of six months. The store also provides custom design services and excellent customer care.
Mukhang Pera is a blog for money-conscious Filipinos. The blog is a great source of information on the latest offline and online contests, promos, discounts, how to make money, and more. All the information blogged there has been filtered for the Philippine audience but readers from other countries can still learn a lot from the blog.
First Prize
  1. Windows7 Network Icons and Vista DB Network icons Package worth $ 180
  2. Custom Flash banner design from bannerwind.com worth $ 199
  3. Text link ad from bizbrim.com worth $ 10 (One month) – for related websites only
  4. 5 GB Linux Reseller Hosting and a 2 GB Windows Reseller Hosting from webspace2host.in for one (1) year
Second Prize
  1. Get any one brochure package from brochuremonster.com worth $ 149
  2. Custom logo or WordPress theme worth $ 99
  3. 2,000 MB hosting from http://www.bhardwajweb.com for one year
  4. 1000EC credits http://i-heart-contest.com
Third Prize
  1. Two Joomla templates and sharepoint templates from buytemplates.net worth $ 116
  2. One year membership at memberwind.com. Get free access to 6 product sites that have various products, such as web templates, brochures, banners, icons, logos, and illustrations for member download.
  3. Text link ad from http://www.stunningmesh.com for 1 month
There’s more! Anyone who participates will receive a professionally designed web template from the sponsors!!!
  • Read the Terms and Conditions before you enter the contest. Your participation in the contest implies that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the sponsors regarding this contest.
  • The contest will run from February 1 to 28, 2010. Credits earned after the closing date will not be counted.
  • To participate in this contest your blog should be at least 3 months old.
  • Participants can post the review on any number of blogs but only one post per blog will be accepted.
  • Post this review along with sponsors’ ad banners, rules, and prizes. Care should be taken that the hyperlinks in the review are “dofollow” links and are live.
  • You can follow us on twitter and earn credits as well.
  • You can also post reviews about the contest on different social media sites to gain credits
  • You can get the maximum credits if you write your own review about any of the sponsors’ websites (buytemplates.net, brochuremonster.com, or templatewind.com) and mukhangpera.com
  • Submit your blog entry URL, social media username, and twitter username and tweets by posting a comment at http://mukhangpera.com/2010/02/contest-win-prizes-worth-hundreds-of-dollars-from-mukhang-pera/
  • There are corresponding points depending on the type of entries:
    For blog post – 3 points
    For twitter followers – 2 points
    For social media bookmarks – 1 point each (e.g. digg, stumbleupon, etc.)
    Writing a short review about any of the four sites on your own and posting it on your blogs – 10 points
  • In cases of ties, winner will be selected using random.org
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