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Archive for the ‘house and home’ Category

A new journey to motherhood

So, the much awaited question is answered and yes, this might be the cause of why i am always sleepy and too tired even if i have not done anything. I have been missing posts, blog hopping  and occasional chitchats with my FB and Blogger Friends. I am too lazy to join online contest and  neglecting  to harvest my farmville farm. I have been dying to eat blueberry cheesecake only after eating it wanting to throw it out of my stomach. I have never been too lazy just until now and sometimes would not like to look at the mirror to see my pimples because even if I cure them, they still keep on coming back.
This is another chapter in my life, I could not consider a milestone yet but praying and hoping that the Good Lord will protect us both and we will be cuddling another adorable baby in our arms. I am ecstatic to learn the good news but also worried and somehow a little bit frightened because of my previous experiences.
My ob-gyne says that it was too small yet that she could not feel it  but yes the snapkit would not lie (two snapkit actually) and the good news, a bed rest or leave at work is not needed unless you know what but i am hoping that it will not come to that.
I have been there, agony of pains and frustrations and loss and i would not want to look back at it because it only give me misery, heartaches and worries. What i am looking forward is a happy life, fruitful and a healthy offspring.  This was indeed my new journey to motherhood, so if i missed visiting your blog do forgive and bear with me, blame it to my laziness. LOL. But i am hoping that you will still visit me from time to time and leave a comment or two and it will surely make my day lovelier and happy.

A Mother’s thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life. Photobucketsigny

Printed Boxes for all your needs

I love collecting boxes from small to big boxes, a very silly habit but its true even hubby would sometime comment about it.   I love seeing them especially when they are printed boxes but do you know that it can also help me when I needed boxes for shipping products and gifts to my friends.  My collection really helps a lot because i don’t need to go to the mall to find one and if you want to find corrugated boxes too for your shipping needs, you can browse the net to get one.  Very easy and affordable.

TV stands

Today, i finished the remaining three episodes of My girl and for the second time around, it touch my heart and made me cry again. While watching it, it made me realize that we really need to change our tv stands because it was too short and was not eye level.  I have to either lie down or move nearer to watch and it was not comfortable. I have seen  a beautiful tv stand in the internet and i would ask hubby to see if he likes it too.

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