testosterone booster

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Testosterone boosters are supplements that by male weight lifters, bodybuilders are athletes, wrestlers used, coaches and high resistance to increase strength and muscle gain. They are unique because of the long list of possible ingredients that are combined to boost testosterone.A can increase the testosterone level of a man, so can you more stamina and lean muscles are rock hard. There are companies that offer testosterone booster in the form of illegal steroids, but they are dangerous and unhealthy. so beware! do visit testosteroneboosters.org for safe ones.

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Successful weight loss

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If this fat burner for women used correctly, you can eat what you want and still lose weight. Sometimes, Bodybuilding supplements may also contribute to the goals of fat burning. It is important to fat burners to use with prudence and caution. It is therefore important to check the ingredients before use.In the search for the best results for the best fat burner for women, it is clear that the right combination of bodybuilding supplements with a healthy diet and exercise really adds routing company a successful weight loss.

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pronexin acne treatments will reduce the production of sebum, killing the bacteria on your face due to infection as well as to remove dead skins. Treating acne problem involves time. Other than depending on acne treatment products alone, you must always cleanse your face to avoid oil accumulation on your skin and then apply toner and moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

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Diet supplements that work

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Although diet supplements that work and effective for use that must be taken with caution. It is strongly recommended that no instructions should read before taking the pill, but before buying the pills. Take a look to ensure that all ingredients are natural. These pads tend to also work with your digestive system. You should also read the instructions to see how quickly the product will help you lose weight. Remember, it is better to lose weight slowly.There diet supplement are weight loss, such as acai berries. It is one of the best supplement the diet with which people have benefited. It is popular because many people experience a significant improvement in his health.

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Unilab Freebie

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Just want to share with you the freebie that Unilab gave us  as a token for blogging their recent contest.   Although we did not win the contest because i was quite irritated with some turns of events, we were still so happy because the Unilab team gave us something to remember.

Unilab products has been a part of our family for quite some time. and we were happy because they never fail to give their customers quality and affordable medicines.

Thanks again Unilab.  More Power!

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New prescription, new look and a Lancome Beauty

Written by author on May 24, 2010 – 1:31 am -

Last Thursday, while I am about to have my duty at work, my vision became blurred and i was not able to see for a while. It was three years ago when I have this feeling and it was really very unexpected and heart pounding moment.  I have to talk to my office mate to relieve for me and we hurriedly went to an ophthalmologist to know the real problem.  The Doctor says that there is no other problem regarding my eyes, it might be that i am experiencing head aches and my vision was affected when I put my contact lenses, he advised me to take a rest and that’s what I have done for the whole morning and afternoon.

I really can’t take the pain, so I decided to take a medicine and luckily I was able to get a good sleep afterwards.    When hubby arrived after five o’clock, we went to Naga Optical to buy a new eye glasses.   I opted to wear eye glasses for a while and will jut resume wearing my lenses after two or three weeks perhaps.  The doctor told me that there is nothing wrong with my lenses but still I have made up my mind to wear eyeglasses for the meantime.

(pictures taken from google)

I also grabbed the opportunity to cut my hair short.  It was really not in my plan to have a hair cut, it was very sudden and I just realized that i no longer like my long hair.  Did you like it?  Many of my friends told me that I look younger that my age or maybe they were just kidding me . Lol.

Well, it was very timely because i also decided to take a pose for the Lancome Manila contest showing my favorite Lancome product. Do I look like suffering from a terrible headache. Oooh, you might be saying that I am not because of my smile, hubby was really laughing when he sees me with my pose trying to hide the pain to show my best look and of course to bring home those beautiful set of Lancome Products.

(Nothing can give me the best flawless coverage than my Lancome Dual Finish Versatile powder makeup. It can make an ordinary day extra ordinary. I can wear it all day, from work till an evening of fun with friends. A product you must surely have in your makeup kit. )
Do you have your own Lancome Story, share them and get  a chance to win this fabulous prizes.
Contest is only open until  May 26, so better hurry!

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Be beautiful, join our latest giveaway to win Avon's anew day cream

Written by author on May 15, 2010 – 12:05 pm -

My Journey to Life
Because of the outcome of the voting for our wonderful mom contest, i have decided to stop the contest but just as I promise, I am still be giving treats for our Wonderful Moms.

Being a woman, we wanted to look our best and be beautiful at all times but sometimes it’s really hard to stay that way. I am not blessed with beautiful skin and sometimes i do envy those women who have beautiful white skin but i have learned to accept what I have especially when I have learned that there are many ways to achieve fair and beautiful skin.

As a mother, we often took for granted our self especially our skin, our family is always our first priority but we must also remember that we must not forget to take care of our self, stay fit  and look good not just for our own benefit but also for the benefit of our family. You really don’t want to look 10 years older on your own age. LOL.

Lately, i have been having this big pimples all over my face leaving black marks , it is because i have been addicted to facebook and working with my sites and it really alarms me because when i was still in my teens, i have never experience more than two pimples in a period of one year but as we go older (accept the fact) our skin tends to break more thus we have to be more diligent in taking care of our skin and not to forget to clean them before we go to sleep to remove those dirt especially if your a working mom.

Now, I learned about this new product from Avon’s Anew 360 White that can help my skin erase past damage and will eventually make my skin more whiter and smoother and I wanted to share them with my beloved readers.
So for our giveaway!

FOR PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS ONLY, For our international friends, don’t worry I am thinking another contest for all of you.

1. You must be a follower of My Journey to Life.  Click our follow button via Google Connect.

2. Tell us how you take care of your skin.

3. Leave a comment in ANY topics you want to comment on, then post a comment here so we would know where you commented. ( You can check my blog archive or my other site, Something to Live By)

1 valid comment = 1 entry - You can comment as many times as you want! BUT TAKE NOTE, only on topic and sensible comments will only be counted.

5. Share this contest on your facebook wall, blog or twitter (make sure to tag us @Babiesandcontests for facebook , @melandriaromero for twitter or on your blog post  and link this page – Copy the URL and post it.

1 entry for tweet, facebook shoutout or blog post.

6. Post your answer and the topic url where you post your comment in this post.  Make sure you provide us with your valid email in the comment form just below your name.

7. We will be making the draw via manual drawing and the video will be posted here!

Contest start on May 15, 2010 – June 15, 2010.  Join Now , invite your friends and stay beautiful! Do visit our site time to time because I am thinking of giving a giveaway monthly. (this contest is also done simultaneously with my other blog, so please don’t be confused. I’ll be including them in the same draw!

* This contest is not sponsored by Avon!


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With a heavy heart and aching hands.

Written by author on April 26, 2010 – 11:09 pm -

Last Thursday I was able to visit Manila again after quite sometime and I had a wonderful time with some family and friends.  The supposed relaxation or vacation was not as lavish as you can think.  The weather is really hot and I am grasping for some breath when i went to visit some relative.

I was directed to ride the LRT station going to D. Jose and to transfer into another LRT line going to Anonas station where my aunt was staying.   Riding the LRT was not new to me, I used to ride them everyday when i was still working at Monumento but the big problem that i had this time is my heavy baggage and this causes my hands and arms to swell and the worst of all, i have had a short period of loss of breath and heavy palpitation, how i wish I have carried my finger pulse oximeter so I can monitor my pulse rate in an instant.  I thought i was well prepared but I am totally wrong.  I have learned my lesson well, next time I will be more alert and prepared for this circumstance.

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Stay healthy this summer

Written by author on April 18, 2010 – 1:38 am -

Summer is a lot of fun,  no classes for kids, a vacation time for the whole family  and a lot of fun in the sun doing outdoor activities like biking, jogging, swimming and going picnic on a nearby park.

Summer is also a great time to make those most awaited vacation , national or even international vacation. Most of us also love to go to the beach or in a nearby swimming pool.

But yet summer is a time of year that we also have a greater chance to get sick, so you must take extra care of your health. Aside from eating the right foods (fruits and vegetables)

we must also drink more than 8 glasses of water a  day to avoid dehydration and of course to beat the heat of El Niño.

One of common virus of summer is parainfluenza virus 3, this virus can cause croup, bronchiolitis, pneumonia or just a cold. Make sure to clean your body everyday, taking a bath and wash your hands thoroughly.

Food poisoning or food borne illnesses is also a high risk this summer because bacteria can multiply faster and foods can easily lose their freshness. Be extra careful when dining out.  (make sure you eat on a place that offers fresh and clean foods)

Heat rash and sunburns  are also a common problems of children and adult a like, make sure not to stay on the sun between 10 A.M to 3: P.M. (the sun is much hotter at this period and can even cause skin cancer and many irritations to your skin)

If you cannot avoid the sun, make sure to use protection (lotion with Spf) especially for your little ones because their skin is still very gentle.

Use sunglasses with UV protection to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

If your preparing for an international  trip or vacations, be sure to plan ahead and consult your doctor before making that trip. Get a vaccine or immunization and other health precautions.  If you have a health problems, carry with you a letter from your doctor regarding your sickness, conditions, medications.  Make sure you bring along with you a sufficient amount of your medicines because you might not find it everywhere.

If you can bring with you a first aide kit such as pain relievers, antibacterial ointments, anti diarrhea ,  insect bites or burn ointment then much better.

If you have asthma, limit your time outdoors and don’t forget your inhaler.  I always carry along with me my medicine (because I really could not tell the next attack)

Wear appropriate and comfortable shoes.  Yes, flip flops are in (if your walking in the beach) but a good rubber shoes is much comfty for walking and for trekking.

Take a rest too, Don’t push yourself to the limits.  Summer is a great time to rest, read a book or enjoy your day with your family.

Enjoy your Summer Days

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