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Archive for the ‘girls talk’ Category

Girls Talk – Vital Statistics

Ohh, are we really talking about vital statistics,  can I pass?

I really gained a lot of weight , (magpaliwanag ba!)

So here’s my Info and Vital stats:
Age: 29 yrs and 8 days old

Height: 5’2” – that’s why I did not pass for a model. (LOL)
Weight:  54 kgs.  (yes, i’m so big na)
Vital stats:  33 – 30 – 35  (yah, just like a coke pero yung 1.5 litter) (LOL)

Well, how about you? I agree with Niko, it’s all in the mind.  How about your stomach and all those delicious foods and chocolates in your fridges, can you pass them?

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