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Written by melandria on July 15, 2010 – 8:17 am -

I could not say that I am gifted mentally nor can brag my life’s accomplishment but I am proud that i graduated my secondary years without my parent’s paying a single penny for my tuition fees.  My scholarship includes  uniforms, shoes,  school supplies, miscellaneous expenses, projects, monthly stipends and even an umbrella and a raincoat.

So, my grandmother has no reason to worry for my studies, even my father always brag about that he did not spend any money for my education from elementary to college.

When i was in college, i used to work in the morning to finance my study at night.  Although, i have the option to apply for a scholarship, i did not grab the chance because i don’t need an extra pressure on my part to excel in school because what I need is the money to supplement our daily needs.

Although i am always included in the honor roll , i still don’t believe that it is my intelligence that is working behind all of it.  I must say that it is the guts and my drive to finish my education that made the difference.

I always hate math and numbers, I would rather write and speak my mind out or talk in a public debate. That is why, I always love to join extra curricular activities where i can interact with other people and gain friends.

Yes, absent minded is my second name and I love day dreaming. I could create different stories in my mind and make it believe that it is true in my eyes.  If you would think that I am doing it to avoid the reality of life, your half true but i would say that it is a precious talent that our Good Lord has given me.

I always dream to become a novel writer and an ambassador,  although chance and circumstances did not permit me to do so.

I would love to read your stories too.

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Time is what I need

Written by author on May 10, 2010 – 12:23 pm -

I still have many pending task to do and my post regarding our recent Caramoan escapade was still not finished.  I still need to correct one Wonderful mom entry and my printshop was not working.      I am still considering some things but i was also too pre-occupied at the moment to think of it.  It also occurred in my mind, the promise I have made with my Lola Mac years ago, I promised her that i would transfer her timeshare and bonds to my name but time was too short for me then and i was not able to finish the task she asked me to do.  If only i was able to do it then i might got the chance to own it and  to sell my timeshare on this time that i really needed some extra cash.

Time is also what i need to make some decision that needed to be done.

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Moving Up

Written by melandria on April 3, 2010 – 8:17 pm -

Everyday for me  and my Peachy is a different experience.  She’s getting bigger and bigger and fat (LOL) each day. She is learning new things, new tricks, new words and undeniably she is getting to know the real world.

I love every moment with her and as much as I could,  I wanted to be there in the different milestones of her life.

At age 26th month, she can take off her own clothes, can build a tower of blocks, can wash and dry her hands on her own. She would insist to brush her teeth on her own and choose and put on her clothes. She can name most of her body parts, from her hair to toe.  Uses the words “po”, “opo” and “habo” (bicol word for no) and a very talkative one.

She can count from 1 to 20 and isa to sampu and saro,duwa, tulo, apat, lima, anum, pito, walo,siyam and sampulo (bicol words for counting numbers).  She is also learning the alphabet and wants to read books on her own.

She also knows how to say when she wanted to make her poo-poo but most of the time she still urinate on her pants (LOL).

And of course, not to forget, she knows how to water the plant on her own.

She always wanted to eat on her own.

And wants to swim on her own too.

She’s really moving Up and Up and Up.

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