I’m selfish, impatient and insecure.

I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Sometimes, i don’t know why it was the basic attitude of many women to become selfish, impatient and insecure .  I am trying my best to become patient and more positive towards life but then blame it to whatever you wanted to blame.  Again, it’s a part that we wanted to blame someone or just anything to disguise the truth of what we really are.

as insecure as you can be

Insecurity, a feeling of uncertainty or just a feeling of nervousness.  Insecurity is very common for all of us from time to time and if you would deny the fact, it’s just foolish.  Insecurities and selfishness can hold us back and lose our confidence to move forward but this truth should never be denied but needed correction and acceptance so we can overcome them.  I believe that I become depressed because of mixed emotions and instead of correcting my selfishness and insecurity, i will just let them brew and wait for the time to tip over and that’s the time that I become more angrier and just wanted to burst them.

So, the next time you feel insecure or getting selfish, look at the mirror and reflect and find peace inside you, so you can able to cope up with the demands of life and be as secure as you can be.

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  1. The feeling of insecurity is really very difficult to handle. We must know lest we do something we will regret.

  2. For me it is good for you to admit that you are selfish, impatient and insecure as you might think so based on what you went through and experienced. I think noticing those attitude can teach you to change them or to do the opposite next time. It made me realized what I am though hmmmm….. :) )) :wink:

  3. these things makes us humans.. it just needs a little controlling to make us more human..

    nice share.. cheers :)

  4. recognizing and accepting those negative traits is a good way to start doing a change for a better you.

  5. everyone has issues – whatever gender they may be. it’s just how we deal and cope with it that really matters.

  6. I admit there are times I feel insecure and impatient but recognizing those in myself enable me to correct my actions and act positively instead :-)

  7. it boils down to our first parents who committed sin and we inherited their sin. we are imperfect and are prone to commit mistake. We may have those ugly attitude or flaws within ourselves but that doesn’t mean we’re bad person. I think everyone should be sensitive to the feelings of others so as not to bring reproach.

  8. i think everyone has that trait but, you need to have self control too. thank you for being thoughtful in your post today. :)

  9. yeah! reflection is needed specially in times that we are down

  10. So true…I have to agree for being so insecure…I have trouble handling it…i can be patient and giving.

  11. I am selfish sometimes and my temper is not great either sigh…

  12. It is but normal for us to feel selfish and insecure sometimes. What important is how we handle such feelings. Overcoming insecurities can lead us to path of contentment and happiness.

  13. i think its due to the age. because ive notice that as i grow older.. i feel more insecure, impatient, and becoming selfish.

  14. being selfish is sometimes inherited I guess, but in the long run these attitude can ruin you if not addressed early.

  15. Take time to unwind and find yourself. That’s the best thing to do


  16. People has a lot of negative attitude, we can;t avoid it but the nice thing is some admit it, apologized and become better person.

  17. true. we may have all these up to a certain degree. They could give negative impact on others. Important thing is to recognize these and change for better relationship with others.

  18. more often than not we become these negative monsters because of our past experiences, it’s our self-defense mechanism that activates that we become such. when we gave to much and got nothing in return or worst hurt and betrayed we’d rather be selfish than giving. when someone do us wrong we become frustrated. when something similar event or something to the past happens that triggers our insecurities. it’s a normal thing not a good thing but it’s the balance of life. being too positive doesn’t really protect us all the time from bad elements or events. what we can do is keep guarded but thread lightly.

  19. This is so true! Everytime I feel insecure, I just remember who I am in the eyes of God and that somehow gives me peace. :)

  20. It’s human nature to feel selfish, impatient and insecure. But as free living beings, it’s up to us to control them. Feeling these things is inevitable, but we shouldn’t let them ruin our personality, disposition and life.

  21. What a staple reality in every person. We just have to learn how to be satisfied with what we have and who we truly are. Acceptance is the key.

  22. I have to admit that I’m almost always selfish, impatient and insecure. I can’t help it. But if we have enough determination, we could overcome these negative traits. A little prayer wouldn’t hurt too :)

  23. This is a nice reminder. I myself isn’t exempted from feeling insecure at times yet each time it happens, I simply count my blessings especially the people that I love. Although I think that doubting ourselves is normal at times, it should just be a temporal feeling. It shouldn’t fuel us to bring down others. :)

  24. when i feel insecure about something or someone, i try to count my blessings and suddenly, I feel all good inside. I have my kids with me and they’re in the peak of health, we have food on the table, extra money to buy stuff and best of all, we’re together under one roof. nothing to be insecure, right?

  25. These are emotions that we can never control nor eliminate. I guess it all boils down to the fact that we always have the choice to either shift that emotion into something else or wholly transform it. :)

  26. Life is too short to be spent dwelling on negativity. A positive outlook is much needed and it starts with one’s self. This is a mental note to myself too, haha! =)

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