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I could not say that I am gifted mentally nor can brag my life’s accomplishment but I am proud that i graduated my secondary years without my parent’s paying a single penny for my tuition fees.  My scholarship includes  uniforms, shoes,  school supplies, miscellaneous expenses, projects, monthly stipends and even an umbrella and a raincoat.

So, my grandmother has no reason to worry for my studies, even my father always brag about that he did not spend any money for my education from elementary to college.

When i was in college, i used to work in the morning to finance my study at night.  Although, i have the option to apply for a scholarship, i did not grab the chance because i don’t need an extra pressure on my part to excel in school because what I need is the money to supplement our daily needs.

Although i am always included in the honor roll , i still don’t believe that it is my intelligence that is working behind all of it.  I must say that it is the guts and my drive to finish my education that made the difference.

I always hate math and numbers, I would rather write and speak my mind out or talk in a public debate. That is why, I always love to join extra curricular activities where i can interact with other people and gain friends.

Yes, absent minded is my second name and I love day dreaming. I could create different stories in my mind and make it believe that it is true in my eyes.  If you would think that I am doing it to avoid the reality of life, your half true but i would say that it is a precious talent that our Good Lord has given me.

I always dream to become a novel writer and an ambassador,  although chance and circumstances did not permit me to do so.

I would love to read your stories too.

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  1. Correct Sis, its always been an eagerness to pursue whatever dreams you want to be, plus syempre yung knowledge din. Proud parents pala ang mga parents mo Sis…

    Hapy Gils Talk

  2. correct sis, it’s not the intelligence but the eagerness to achieve our goal. I salute you for that! But you are pretty smart and intelligent sis! I love your post:)

  3. Love the look of your site. Pareho tayo friend, yan din sinasabi ng tatay ko. Pero hindi rin dahil matalino ako kung hindi dahil niloob ng Panginoon na makatapos ako kahit walang pera ang mga magulang ko :)

    I followed your blog via NetworkedBlogs :)

  4. an ambassadress! how extraordinary! i don’t believe i’ve ever met anyone who dreams to become one. that’s one thing i’ll remember you by :)

    scholarship is also what kept me going through college. if not for that i wouldn’t have graduated because we don’t have money to pay for my full tuition back then. it’s good to know someone else shared the same experience in school :)

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