Facebook Timeline

Facebook is considered as one of the most in demand social network in this era today.  Since the day i started using facebook, there are many times that they have implemented minor changes to make browsing and using worthwhile.

There are many facebook applicants that have been made to give user more sharing options, customized pages and more business friendly.  Although there are many positive side of using facebook,  there are still certain facts and negative things that it brought many people.

Facebook is also a good help for those who are engaged in business because you can get a real traffic and many potential costumers. Create a campaign, a contests and drive traffic to your own websites using the links.  Now that facebook timeline has been introduced many are complaining because of some features that was lost along the process.  Although, I have been using it for a month now, there are still some confusion for me and I am still wondering what benefits i can get from it.

Whatever it would be, i do hope i can extract the good things from it. Try them now and experience for yourself it’s different features.

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