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Doom of the Broom – A Tale of Pain and Passion

Broom is a historic thing.  It has a long history and was associated with witches or witchcraft.   I always love watching movies and television shows with witches and magic.  It’s so magical to see the witches flying in the air using their broom sticks. It was a sight i always created in my mind and eventually weave in my dreams.   But in real life, I have a little desire on using them, it is the fact that i hate sweeping because using them makes me cough and have headaches  due to the dust. I get bored doing this kind of thing and most of the time, i sing so I can forget my boredom.

I totally hate sweeping.  It is still fresh in my memory when I was still a child, when I was asked by my grand mother to sweep our house and I accidentally stepped on the broom that I was using and  slipped and fell on my buttocks that eventually  gave me painful legs and arms for days.  I told myself that I would not sweep again but that is a vow that was immediately broken considering that sweeping is one of my household task that my grandmother assigned to me.

That’s why I am so thankful that vacuum cleaner was built.  Although the affordability is far from using an ordinary broom but the benefits that a vacuum cleaner will give you is more than twice and it can save you time and energy and of course a more thorough cleanliness rather than your historic broom.   I believe that it is now time to forget our old tradition of sweeping using the broom. It is time to say, bye bye to broom and hello to a new and powerful tool like the vacuum cleaner.

If I have a vacuum cleaner.  I can sing with finer tune!

“I don’t need you
I don’t need you
I don’t need you
I don’t need you anymore

The love we had is forever ever gone
This time I know you can’t hurt me anymore
Ooh, all the chances that I gave
False promises you made
This time I’m sure I can make it on my own”

I Don’t Need You Anymore Lyricshere.

What do you think?  Like my post (click the Facebook Like button on the top of this post) Leave your comments and help me start the Doom of the Broom!

I need change .  I want to start the doom of the broom.  I need help!

This is my official Entry for Doom of the Broom Blogging Contest

Doom of the Broom

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