Do your best work!

I have been working since my high school years to earn money  to finish my studies.   Although, I am lucky to have an employer who cares for her employees but to tell you honestly it was not satisfying  but I have no choice considering that my father could not afford to give me an education.

But one thing that benefits me from it is, it changes my prospective in life.  I have learn to value education and help me realize that I have to love my work.

Upon reading Mr. Armand Bengco of Colayco Foundation for Education, Inc. article  from a Week by Week interview at Entrepbuff , I have learned so many insights about how one should properly use his/her talent.  I was impressed by his determination and hardworking abilities that helps him to achieve his dreams.

Now, I realize that it is not just your talent that will lead your success but your ability to make it happen by working hard and most of all loving your work.  I am a government worker as well and just like what Mr. Bengco says, working in the government gives you a limited chance of growing as a whole,  because your just confine in your position.

I believe that there are lots of things that can help me be a better person and my current job although it was financially stable, it would not enhance my talents or a place to show my creativity but then just like Mr. Bengco said, if you want to be happy, be happy with work.”

I really salute his determination and talents too. One of his words that inspires me a lot is when he said that,  “There are 24 hours in a day, so even if you have your day job, use the rest of your time for your passionate pursuits.”  That is why, i have ventured into blogging, i felt that in this way, i can express myself more and I have the freedom to say and do whatever I wanted.  It also helps me to become a better person as a wife, mother and a friend.

One thought on “Do your best work!

  1. nisha

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