Coolest Gadgets you would love to have

Gadgets, some people couldn’t live without it.  Why not?  They are gadgets that are so cool that you would really wish you could have them.

Have you heard about the New Nokia Lumia 520?  Despite the many android phones like Samsung and Apple Iphone, I am still sticking with my Nokia and if ever i get a chance to buy another phone, i would definitely get hold of this.  Why?  it’s not just the dainty color that I love, it also has 5 megapixel camera that i can use with all my photo addiction.

image : from nokia blog

What about a ring that can help you think?  This one is for the people who fidgets when they are nervous.  Although, i’m not that kind, i guess, i need this ring who because i really need to make things possible.

And have you heard about this cute little gadget , the digital measuring tape?  I guess, hubby would be delighted to have them.

 Now, it reminds me about the gantry crane my old office use on the factory for foaming purposes. It was a big help on their work and I thought it’s good to add on this list. Big or small gadgets as long as it helps a lot, it’s totally awesome to check.

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