Consider Location When Choosing an Auto Insurance Company

You knew that age was a factor when looking into affordable auto insurance, and a good track record is always a must, but did you also know that location played a role in the auto insurance company game?

It’s true. Some geographic correlations to inflated prices seem very obvious.

A person living in an urban area is much more likely to deal with auto vandalism or car accidents just based on increased volume of traffic and people.

What might not seem so obvious is the weather factor. If you live in an area with extreme weather, your prices will go up based on the increased incidences of weather-related accidents.

Another factor that might raise costs based on your geographic location is the remoteness of your dwelling.

Getting service to you when you need it is going to be more difficult.

Companies adjust to the expenses and difficulties of reaching remote areas by jacking up their prices.

When you compare auto insurance plans, especially online, you will notice that there are different prices for buyers based on the state in which they live.

This is because some states mandate a minimum amount of property damage liability insurance or bodily injury insurance.

Drivers cannot legally drive unless they follow the law in this regard.

The only three states that don’t require any minimum coverage are New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Tennessee.

According to online studies, which included over 300,000 responses, the five states with the highest premium quotes in 2009 were:

District of Colombia, Iowa, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. There are some steps one can take to keep costs down.

Try taking a defensive driving course or driver’s education course to knock down that premium.

Drive cars with passive restraints such as air bags, put more than one car on a policy, use anti-lock brakes, and keep your driving record as clean as possible.

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