Fixing your broken home

No, it’s not the song, fixing a broken heart.  Good thing is not my heart that’s need fixing  but my house.   Home maintenance and repair of your house may require a certain amount of money that’s why it’s always advisable to fix things that you and your husband can do at your own.

Fixing up your home may require tools and can be of help in terms of industrial tools or hardware tools as well.  Finding the right tools may occupy your time and can cost a lot of money but reid supply can help you along the way to choose the right materials for your needs.

Even how much you tried to keep your home as good as it is,  in time it still needs repairing and fixing and when this happen don’t forget to fix it before it gets worst.

Specialty Dishes and the Cookware Required to Make Them

While many dishes can be prepared in traditional skillets, roasting pans, Dutch ovens and saucepans, there are a few specialty dishes that require their own equipment. Paella is one such dish. This Spanish standby is most delicious when prepared in an authentic paella pan. However, not every pan is created alike, so keep this guide and other cookware reviews that you read online in mind when shopping.

These pans are round and look similar to a skillet, but instead of having one long handle and a shorter one, they have two short handles. The sides are slanted and usually about one and one half inches tall. An authentic paella pan is made from carbon steel. This material delivers even heating, which is very important since paella is not stirred while being prepared. You should look for a pan with handles that do not heat during cooking. Zinc is commonly used for this purpose. If you run across a paella non-stick pan in your shopping, proceed with caution. While you may be able to make a delicious dish with this type of pan, it probably does not develop the well-loved crust on the bottom as authentic paella does. As always, read cookware user reviews before you purchase, so you know what problems to look out for with your product.

kitchen faves

Paella is a delicious dish that is easily mastered once you have the right equipment. Get yourself a heavy-duty pan and start cooking paella. Whether you prefer chorizo, prawns or chicken, it is sure to taste delightful.

Thoughts on Mara-Clara

Hmm, just watched today episode.  I’m not really a fan of Mara Clara but i do watch them from time to time. I just could not help myself not to comment on today’s episode.  So, we all know Mara would not die very suddenly because she is the main lead of the show but come to think of it, it’s very Filipino script, the actress get an amnesia and forget who she was and later on things will change, just like the usual script, nothing new.  What i remember, the episodes were really different from the old Mara Clara!  I don’t know why they change it but i think they just want to have something new to offer but ending up, still the same!

Better Bathrooms

What do you think of a bathroom with a jacuzzi, that would be excellent or maybe a complete bathroom accessories on which you will wish you can stay there for hours and hours.  Since my early years our bathroom is one my favorite room in our house, not just because i spend so many time on it but it became my comfort zone, clearing my mind and spending time to ease my feelings.  I wonder if anyone of you feel the same way i felt but it really help me a lot and i feel secured just sitting there for some time to release my tears.

I dream of having a beautiful bathroom just like the bathroom of a big luxury hotel with complete accessories on it and a fresh flower floating on the jacuzzi.  That would be so wonderful and mesmerizing to the eyes. Lucky me, all these  beautiful treats can be found in one site, offer the best and quality accessories for your bathroom and another good thing on it is you can buy them on a very affordable price.  So, if your planning to renovate your bathroom, you should check there site. I know you can find the things you wanted.

I won an accommodation at Microtel Inn courtesy of Hitabargain

Do you remember my post about Hit a Bargain contest , a free accommodation at the famous Microtel Inn and Suites at Boracay worth Php. 35,100.00? Well my hard work pays off and i am one of the winner of the 3 days and 2 nights free accommodation with free breakfast.

At first, i could not believe the good news  but when i have seen the result from their blog page, the only word i can say is wow!

I am looking forward in this opportunity. Thank you again Hit a Bargain and Microtel Inn for this wonderful gift.

A winner inside me

Yes, every each of us is a born winner and we can only achieve the most  of it if we know how to find and grasp it in our hands.  Although winning is not everything, it makes our life happier and fulfilling.

Just look like at Jayson’s Winning story, his a winner in every way because he think he is one and he is one sure lucky guy.  That’s why, starting from now, i would release the positive mind and good side of the coin and say my mantra, I am a winner, i will win and i will achieve the things i only dream before!  Maybe in due time, i can have a brand new house nor our dream car or maybe the trip we always wanted to have but for now let me share with you my fair share of winnings.

I could not say, i am a talented girl , honestly, I don’t know how to sing, dance , or play even a single musical instrument and I am not a genius too(LOL) but so lucky to have a full scholarship for my secondary years and i always hate mathematics but i believe i am good in acting. I used to join plays and acting contests in our schools.  I am not really good in english but i know how to express myself if i was given the task to do so. I love debates, oratorical and i always join extemporaneous speech contest and was lucky to win several of them from my elementary to college years. I even remember joining a slogan contest which i won a trophy and a cash prize of Php. 1,000.00. Although it is not that much but the happiness that gave me is more than the amount itself.

I am not good at sport considering that i am frail and weak in my school days, i used to be in the clinic all the time because of nose bleeding and frequent dizziness, that’s why i am always exempted on joining sport activities but in one time, i join our cheering  team and because i am thin, i was the one on top of the big pyramid, with bruises and sprains, i survived and we were able to win the first prize.

Although, i am not that beautiful or so adorable or with that beautiful  body  but when I was in college I joined the Ms. Commerce contest because of my guts and wits , I was lucky to win too.

Now, i love joining different online contest (but not really the one with all the voting galore because my powers and my lists of friends could not make it). I only stick with the one who needs some luck and some artistic hands too and i was happy that i was able to win some of them.

kotex samples

Neutrogena from Earthlingorgeous

BDJ diary from Entrepbuff

Veet from Annalyn

A webcam from Yousaytoo

different online freebies

red mobile movie passes

l’oreal lipstics from L’oreal

cutex nail polish from female network

garnier and maybelline products from Maybelline

Hopefully someday i’ll get a chance to win the major prizes too. (crossing my fingers)

So, what’s your story? Share them now!

Mellow Yellow Monday

This picture was supposed to be post last March but because I am totally busy with so many things. I was not able to do so or rather forgot to do it.  So, I am posting it here now.  As a support of the Woman’s Month, our city Philippine Medical Association give a free examination to women.

This is a brochure and a free calcium made capsule were  given to inform the people.

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35 Questions x2 Meme : Part Two

36. If you suddenly became single or are single, do you think you could last in a relationship for 12 months or more?  I don’t think so.

37. Do you forgive or forget?  i always believe that you can forgive a person but to forget the wrong act would be very hard to forget.

38. Do you trust people?  Of course, we need to trust so we can be trusted too.

39. What are you not looking forward to? For my health to deteriorate.

40. Do you get mad easily? Sometimes, I am really very emotional.

41. Tell us about the last time you were told you that you have pretty eyes. Not so long ago maybe a week. LOL.

42. Do you have strange dreams? I do have them always.

43. Ever licked someone’s cheek or forehead? I like that.  So sweet.

44. Tell us about the last time you fell asleep in someones arms.  Just last night,  Hubby and I were watching a movie then i felt asleep.

45. When did you last play a game? Just this minute.  I am playing Sanrio game, hope I can win but the game is really hard.

46. What do you have on you at all times? When I went outside the house, I usually bring my cellphone, my money and my identification card.

47. Do you go out in public without getting all dressed up? It depends upon the situation.

48. Do you like fruity or minty gum? I love mints, I always love mints.

49. Favourite musician or group? I am not really particular with the  musician or groups but I love  music.

50. Do you like anyone? Of course.

51. Favourite computer game? Might and Magic

52. First album you ever went and bought with your own money?  Celine Dion, as a gift for hubby when we were still sweethearts.

53. Think back five months ago, were you single?  No

54. Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries? Yes. Anniversaries was worth remembering.

55. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now? I guess yes.

56. Last thing you bought? Groceries for our house.

57. Are you a jealous person? YES, YES,  i am not proud of it.

58. Does it take a lot to make you cry? No, I am a cry baby. I can cry even there’s nothing to cry about. LOL.

59. Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to? Yes before but not now.

60. Have you ever had your heart-broken? Many times.

61. Have you ever done something while drunk that you still cannot believe you did? Ha, ha. I don’t want to talk about it.

62. Is there anyone you secretly wish you could be spending your time with right now? Yes. LOL.

63. Do you text? Yes, but not a lot.

64. Do you wish someone would call or text you right now? Of course, could you?

65. Is your life anything like it was a year ago? I am happy with my life.

66. Go back one year on your blog. Leave us a link to your favorite post. palawan Escapade

67. You can only drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life, what is it?  Water, who can live without it?

68. Tell us about someone that you have lost contact with someone you wish you didn’t.  I could not remember ever remembering that person.

69. What is the last thing you said out loud?  Ouch.  My baby just punch me on arms and she’s laughing out loud.

70. Will this year be better than last?  Of course, it would be.  It is always our dream to have a better life ahead of us.

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Tuesday Couch Potatoes – Behind Bars

I have seen many movies like this but one particular movie i like most is the Escape from Alcatraz portrayed by Clint Eastwood.  This movie was actually based from  the story of Frank Morris whom they say that the only successful man who were able to escape the Great Alcatraz or “The Rock”.

Although the penitentiary boasts that no prisoners were really able to escape Alcatraz, I can say that we really can’t tell.

Most of the famous prisoners of Alcatraz were Al Capone, Alvin “Creepy Karpis” Karpowicz, James “Whitey” Bulger and Clarence Carnes, also known as the Choctaw Kid.

Alcatraz already seized their operation on holding prisoners since 1963 but visitors and tourists now can visit the place through a ferry boat/tour around the island and it is now consider as one of their national historic site /Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

If given a chance, i would really like to visit this island.  It could be kind of creepy because of the belief that their are many wandering souls and ghosts their but I really wanted to see what’s really inside that famous Alcatraz.

How about you?

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