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Moving Out

There are times that one must need to change places of residences especially if your line of work is being a sales man.  It’s very natural for salesman to move into different cities or area to represent their company afterall it is a job of the salesman to provide a wider view of your company’s product. There are events that you need your family to move in with you and what better way to help you in this time  is someone that knows what your needs,  Moving Company helps many families to move out from their current location to another places without any hesitation nor thinking of possible problems.

Moving out to different places is a strenuous activity not just for you but for the whole family as well.  Thinking how you will packed those inside your home can give you bigger stress than you can imagine.  First thing you need to consider in moving out is the important things you need to bring because you might be bringing on a lots of clutter from your previous houses.  Make sure that you only bring what you needed so you can save a lot of money on your move too and whatever happens make sure that you leave your future address to your previous neighbor so when someone look for you, they can at least contact you but of course not to those you don’t want to see.

This post is a sponsored review from and Moving Company.

Renewing the Faith- 3 R’s of Lent

Lent is the time to reminisce the 3 R’s, reflection, repentance and reconciliation. It was indeed a week of soul searching and thinking over the ways we had made the past months.  Sometimes there are things that you cannot change but if you have faith and hope for a brighter day, things will be different and will work out fine.

Last Saturday we visit the miraculous image of “Amang Hinulid”  Holy Sepulcher at Calabanga, Cam. Sur.  It’s good thing because there is only few visitors and the place is not crowded because many people were only went there last thursday and friday.

After that we also went to 3 different churches although we have no pictures of the other church.  It was indeed a busy day, my legs aches because of the long driving but my heart and soul feel refresh and renewed.


This was only done once a year but I do hope the faith in our hearts will always linger each day of the year and we remember that our Good Lord has died for us to save us from our sins.  We cannot be as perfect as much as we wanted to be but I wish that my life will be of service to Him.

Offshore Injury Program

Many young students are aspiring to work abroad especially in the maritime world.  Seaman are highly regarded as having one of the most rewarding benefits and salary.  I once wanted to work in a luxury cruise ship because I really wanted to travel the world and see the most beautiful beaches and places. But working in this line of work is also a risky because many Offshore Injury happens and this thing  even with the utmost preparations and practice still do happen.

Before working offshore, your rights and claims were discussed by the company for future reference.  If you happen to experienced injustices or possible violation of your rights, there is always maritime lawyers that are offering their services to help individual maritime cases.

Broken but repairable

Having your own car is high maintenance, you need to maintain them and make sure that it is always in good performance considering that your life depends on it.  When we are still using a car for our daily transportation, there are certain repairs to be done , we went to many auto repair but could not find one like Houston auto repair that offers services that can suit the needs of our car.  I wonder where Acura TL the luxurious mid-size sports car created by Acura  made their oil change.

Owning your own car has a lots of pros and cons and it’s like human who needs to be taken care of, there are many needs to be considered to work it well.  But when  the time it breaks down, you need to find a solution to repair it immediately because if you would not do it, your car would be stuck up and you would be having a big problem then especially if it is already a break job.

Before using your car, you must check if everything is working well, always remember that your life depends on it.  One wrong move and everything will lead to a big accident.

Motor home repairs

Do you owned a motor vehicle? If yes, then you know how hard to maintain a vehicle now.  Aside from the gasoline, maintenance of your vehicle is highly needed to assure a good working condition.  There are many motorhome repairs that offers services for your motor home.

Our family safety is our main priority and a yearly check-up of our vehicle is needed so we can be sure that no future problem will arise.  And if there is a problem, you can address it immediately if you have a proper check-up.

Microtel Inn – Boracay, A must place to visit

It’s been a while since i have heard  Microtel Inn and Suites Resort in Boracay. This beautiful  inn can be found at Diniwid Beach along the coastline of Boracay, one of the famous beaches in the Philippines and in the world too.

Microtel Inn and suites Resort offer a world class facilities and accommodation to its costumers and there service is something they are proud of.  It’s a Mediterranean inspired resort hotel of international renowned brand Microtel Inn and Suites but what is more exciting about is that they offer a great-value-for-money convenience.  Every visitor get to feel the comfort and style of an international feeling but would not compromise your budget.

Be mesmerized with this beautiful swimming pool just overlooking the beach with its pristine sands.

Microtel Boracay gives the highest satisfaction in terms of experiencing the beautiful island of Boracay because i believe that our stay will be truly a great travel and adventure of our lifetime.  We get to enjoy Boracay to its finest  and the feeling of an international service  that Microtel Boracay gives to their guests as well.

It’s truly a dream come true. A memorable experience that can be kept in our hearts forever.

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