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Living the Life

It’s been half way for the first month of this year.  At this time, your holiday decorations have already been packed on the box and goes to the storage room to be used on the next christmas season.  This year maybe uncertain to us but one thing is for sure, with high hopes, we will going to make it fruitful achieving     our dreams.

Living the life we have always wanted is not as easy as we think, there are trials and problems along the way, i wish it would be as easy as it is but that’s not what life is.  Each of us is dreaming a good life, travelling to beautiful places while holding a champagne on the right hand and a nicaragua cigars on the left while enjoying the beauty of the sun and the sea but before we can achieve such expensive travels, we need to work hard and live one day at a time.

lindsay lohan

lindsay lohan

But who knows on the near future, we maybe able to achieve all that and we are all looking forward on that .

When did you feel your life is important?

When was the last time you say thank you for the life you have right now.  For all the blessings each day, for the breath that you take, for every happiness or loneliness that you felt?  When did you feel your life is important?

Life is beautiful. Give Thanks

Each passing day, we tend to forget how important our life is.  It must be because we are too busy with our life tending the things we need to do.  Each time, me and my husband would travel with our motorcycle, we make sure that we are wearing a  helmet,  KBC VR4R , it is not just we don’t want to be flagged down and get a citation ticket but it is always good to be safe.

Accidents are very often on the road and we don’t want to risk anything. Life is very important as we have our young children who are dependent to us and we have many dreams and aspirations to pursue. So, each time you went on the road with your motorcycle, make sure your wearing your helmets and check your breaks.   Keep safe always and don’t forget to pray for guidance.

Nothing beats a great apogee

With all the latest gadgets that is all over the market today.  I can only few and see ones that are really worthy for me.  Although, innovations is the latest trend, even apogee duet has given their share for ipad user which needs a program to listen recordings.  I guess, it’s a perfect timing for me, if i can only have one, then i would be perfect just like what i have imagined.

 With the ever growing entertainment in the world, there is nothing that can beat a beautiful melody shared by the whole family on a concert that only works for all of you.

Beautiful Trophies at Magayon Festival

The Magayon Festival held in Albay last April 10 up to its succeeding days was indeed a big blast of success.  Different activities were done to celebrate the festivities.   Colorful attires greeted the crowds who watched the parade show in the street of Legazpi.  Giant creatures, boat floats comes to parade too. Highlight of the event is the coronation of Ms. Magayon, a yearly competition for the beautiful maiden (magayon) of Albay, wooden trophies like this were given to the winner.

ms. magayon 2012 (image via

A run for Mayon was also held to create awareness on climate change.  Many runners from different part of the countries and even worldwide participated on this grand event which was dubbed as  the  Philippines toughest 21K run.  Beautiful trophies were given to the winners.

Mayon Trail Run 2012 trophy

Weighing at 900 grams it is probably the heaviest and biggest Finishers Medal in the local running community, made from Volcanic Debris Coming from the trail itself, with the medal mold hand-carved by local artist Rolando Binaday, it is a truly unique finisher’s medal exclusive to the 500 trail runners. Mayon Trail Run


Bicol’s Best

bicol best souvenir

Bicol's Best

It’s more fun to visit the Philippines with it’s beautiful islands and wonderful places.  If your planning to have a great summer adventure.  Consider the thought of going to Bicol, a province with lots of places to offer.  From beautiful nature adventure to white pristine beaches and fun activities and enjoy the dishes that each municipality could offer.  It’s really more fun in the Philippines especially in Bicol.

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Ray Ban Sunglasses

Seeing one, makes me remember my father. He used this sunglasses for a long time and I bet if he is still alive, he will eventually buy the new Ray Ban Aviator because it’s trendy and fashionable.

Ray Ban Aviator

Honestly, I wanted one for myself but checking out the price makes me back out because I have many other things to prioritize and buying for myself is out of my budget.  But if I would be given a chance to buy a new sunglasses, I would prefer Ray Ban because i know it’s durable and the style can last for a long time and the price is worth it.

Canada Jobs

Hubby and I is planning that he will try his opportunity to work in Canada.  With our current financial situation, we need money to pay for our home and to secure the future of the children.  Yes, we are both earning but that is not enough to cover all our expenses.

Dues are getting higher and sometimes, I feel I could not breath because of the challenges of life but I guess that’s what every family suffers and loneliness of being away is another sacrifice you need to make if you are planning to work , i wonder if Cocktail Server Jobs would fit him.

He just talked with a friend who will be leaving soon to work in some hotel in Canada and upon learning the things he needs to accomplish, we have talked that we could not afford that study right now.  I wish, all things will go well as planned and even if it’s a hard thing to do, we need to pursue that dream.

Cars that broke

Cars do broke, it’s a thing that we cannot control just like trucks or any vehicle that you used but even if you don’t use them they will eventually be broken along the way.  And what’s really scary to think is that you will be having a vehicle problem in a great meadows or forests and that’s what I’m scared most when I know that there will be no help along the way.

Have you ever experience to have a trailer hitches on your front trying to give you a lift because you just had a very terrible vehicle problems?  Well, it never came out to that point for us but there is a time that we had a car problem in the middle of the road and  I’m all scary that all i can say is , Oh God, please dont! and panics attack again.

Vehicle accidents always happens because of not having a regular vehicle check-up.  So before your next vacation or out of town get away, make sure you checked everything because you don’t want an incident that a truck was towing your vehicle.

Nikon Binoculars

Hiking is what i always wanted to do but i just could not make it on this very hectic schedule.  I have given up the idea of  going to the mountains and see those beautiful scenic landscapes but not on sight seeing of course.  It will always be my favorite thing to do especially with my Nikon binoculars on my hand.  I felt that everything will  turned green as i wished it would be.

One must consider owning a binoculars, if you think that it is only used for hiking and you got it all wrong.  It has many purposes  and you can find it very handy when your travelling, camping, star gazing or even while your on theater, don’t you think?  Ooh, i never have done this but i guess it would be so awesome.

Time Travel

Have you heard at one point the thought that you can go somewhere else , some places far away from what you are seating ?  Did you find your self  in a different place aside from your home or office?

Time travel is different from day dreaming. It’s science in nature and no definite proofs were given that some one had tried traveling in time but of course given a chance, many people would definitely grab the opportunity to do so.

If given a chance, i will go to a time that my heart is aching so much and i would tell myself that you don’t need to be so hurt because it will eventually pass.  I really wish there is a chance that we go time traveling and if that time comes, i know many people will eventually love it and we can eventually think of something that we can live by.