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Lovely Hearts – A mug confession

A beautiful day starts with a bright morning.  Keeping your morning alive with a smile in your lips can affect your mood for the day.  It’s easy to say that we need to wake up each morning with a smile and gladness in our heart especially if things are rough.

But it always pays to think positive and live a life with good things in mind.  Valentines is just around the corner, for a coffee lover like me, looking at this mug with heart designs really makes me happy. Even though life is hard sometimes, drinking a cup of coffee along with a friend or a love and sorting things out can somehow lift your spirit.

the goodness of love

There may be sometimes that things may not work as what we planned it. We may fall but remember that nothing can destroy our faith if we will just hold on and be courageous enough to face the reality and do things to make it better.

Life with Passion

When we think about our life and the things we do, do we think that we are just like blank labels that doesn’t know where to go to?  Atleast, labels has the chance to have names and be branded but what about us, do we have that burning passion in our life to be able to do the things we love.

live your passion in life

image via net

 Some would say that life is simple but others would find it difficult.  Life is short that we need to find our passion for our life to be fruitful but it’s easy said than done. Some people may look for a lifetime but they could not find what they are searching for, it is because they may be blinded on their desire.  Sometimes, we have that burning desire to do the things we like and love but opportunity is hard for us to find and we end up always catching up for those things.

Hey, i just met you, i know it’s crazy but call me maybe!

Hey there, i just met you and I know it’s crazy but call me maybe, i one of the famous lines we have this days and i guess millions of people are talking about this song. Even famous singers like Katy Perry has her own you tube version doing this crazy song .

Many peopole especially the young today loves to have eyeball or meet other people from their social networking sites and that’s the same reason why many young female adult have come to realize that knowing someone for the first time is not always fine. Just like  contactless cards that protect us, being vigilant and knowing the person can only prevent us for much stress and pain of travelling and meeting.

Mistakes should not be carried but placed under your feet

Thoughts about life – photos from facebook

In life, mistakes is inevitable but with positive outlook in life, we can able to defeat them and eventually survive the whole bad scenario or events in our life.  I  have committed many mistakes in my life, some are simple and sometimes it was a very worst one that I don’t know and could not find the answers for them.

But mistakes can also make us a better person. From it, we can learn to be better and strive more and harder to achieve a certain goal.  We must not carry our mistakes like a burden but placed them under our feet for us to be reminded that mistakes will always be there but when we think positively , we can be able to cope up and stand guard so another mistakes would not harm us.


Summer Scent

I believe that summer is a very beautiful season. I wanted to experience winter and autumn but i guess that could wait. If there is one thing i love about summer is to see beautiful flowers blooming and see the clear skies full of warmth.

It’s the best time to go to a nearby beach and stroll on the sea side, enjoying the view of the water and the feeling of the cold breeze.

Have a wonderful summer to everyone.

summer beauty

Today’s Flower - Saturday Sareenity

Yellow Monday

Let’s Party…Jes is Thirty” {Giveaway}

Thirty is a beginning of good and beautiful.  A lovely day to celebrate with relatives and friends and a day to appreciate the beauty of life.  I would like to take this opportunity to greet a fellow blogger a wonderful birthday greetings.  May you have all your heart desires Mommy Jes .

30 fulfilled years

Come to think of it, I just turned 30 too last February.  There are many birthdays that i missed the fun of life because i don’t have someone to share it with and there are days that I’m alone, crying and emotionally unstable  but when hubby and my two kids came into  my life, that’s the special birthdays i had. I am so grateful that even everyday, i felt that it was my birthday. Because each day, i was totally born again!

I know Mommy Jes feel the same way too, the happiness can be seen in her blooming eyes and she will be more happy if you will visit her lovely site and join in the fun of celebrating her 30th Birthday .

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Another SHOE!!

Yesterday, I have made  my first Seven Heaven on Earth post and for today, I would like to share the next part of my series.

1. I never thought that a plain friendship will blossom into a romantic romance.  At first, I was never attracted to my hubby but suddenly, I realize I was falling deeply in love with him.

2. My dream wedding came into reality giving us so much happiness.

3.  We really love taking pictures, lots of pictures.

4.  Hubby and I always love to eat, that’s one thing that I am certain that we don’t disagree.

5. When I realized I was pregnant with our Peachy , words could not express my feelings. I really felt that I am in heaven.

6. The first time I hold my baby in my arm, i felt that I am already fulfilled as a woman.

7. Every time, I see her grow each passing day, I can’t help but smile. She’s my everything.

My SHOE – Seven Heaven on Earth

This is my first time to do this kind of post and I’m really excited.  There are lots of things that I am grateful for and I really could not summarize them in just seven entries but here’s the first part of List of   my best Seven Heaven on Earth.

1.  I am so grateful for my grandmother for giving me the best childhood of my life.

2. I am so thankful because I was given a chance to study my secondary years for free.

3.  I always love coffee and cofee milk shake too.

4.  I used to be a working student since my high school years. So, when I have my first real job as a professional.  I treat myself into a pampering and relaxing massage.

5. When I won the Ms. Commerce award in my college days. It makes me realize that I can do anything even with the frequent  procrastination of people around me.

6. I felt like heaven when I am eating my favorite chocolates.

7. They say that there is no place like home.  Every time, I would remember our house, I can’t help my tears to run down. Bittersweet memories are always there but now, I am so happy that I already found my true HOME.