Travel Advisory

Going to a trip? Advisor travelling portal can be a great help for a first time traveler. Sometimes, you have all the things in your mind but this is not efficient since outright knowledge of the place you would be visiting is very important.

That’s the purpose of travel advisor travel guides since they offer unbiased reviews on different hotels, vacation houses and places where you can stay. Some of this includes photographs and even personal experiences from readers and fellow travelers who have gone to the location itself.

If you are traveling to a place for the first time, you need all the support and knowledge you can get to assure a good stay on that place.  Finding about the place in advance can help you decide where you will stay, eat or places where you can visit.  It’s also a good way to understand one culture, religion and tradition which can be a good help.

Guides are like maps with pictures of the actual places so you will never get lost and enjoy your vacation without worrying where to spent your precious holiday. It is better to  equipped yourself knowledge of that certain place  before hand so you will not be wasting time going around a place you have never been or known before.

Healthy hair with L’oreal- because I’m Worth It

Hair is considered  the crown and glory of every woman.  Beautiful hair starts with proper care and nourishment of the scalp thus we need to find the one that will give us the full benefits of having not just beautiful but a soft and manageable hair free from any radicals.

Due to the heat of the sun, frequent salon treatments and the use of harmful ingredients   we could not avoid this circumstances that lead to easily break the strands of our hair and eventually gave us split-ends, dandruff or falling hair.

There are many shampoos and conditioner that are available in the market promising good results but eventually deceiving me in the end.  I have tried many products, some were good and some really made me cry but I could not find something that will give me what I am actually looking for.  My hair is always straight and dull , that’s why I wish that somehow it would bounce and more shinier.

strike a pose with L'oreal

stand out beauty with L’oreal

Because of my recent hair color from black hair to something reddish, my hair become more  dull and the signs of hair problems are becoming visible.  Good thing, I am now using  L’oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo,  it transforms my hair into something I always wanted to have.  It replenishes and restores fullness to weak, limp, lifeless hair. I don’t need to go to the salon to get a treatment.  I never had a bad hair day now and each day I feel like a star, ready to face any lenses.

L’oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo

“It’s not my desire just to be beautiful, for me being beautiful is not a word or just a pretty face, being beautiful is having a life worth living and an overflowing happiness, forgiving heart and someone who will love me for what I am,  because I’m WORTH IT! “ 

                                                                                       Ria Romero / 12/07/2011

Get Ready for iBlog?

Are you ready for the next iBlog?

This coming May 25 and 26, 2012 at the Malcolm Theater, UP College of Law, UP Diliman, Quezon City from 8 am to 5 pm, the next iBlog Summit will be conducted with different first class bloggers from the blogging world would be the key speakers.

Each year the digitalfilipino club headed by Ms. Janette Toral is dedicating a seminar to help other Filipino bloggers to expand their worth and knowledge about blogging and to be able to help improve not just a quality posts but also how to improve the over-all blog inputs.

I have always admit that I am not a writer but i am happy to know if I was able to help someone through my blog.  Sharing my thoughts and influencing in some form of way is more than recognition.   When I started my blog, i never intended to be famous nor to be influential or to even earn.  I just blog because i love to share my thoughts but when you learned that you get the chance to help others and my heart is overwhelmed.

With this two day summit, you get the chance to improve much and learn not just the basic in blogging but also get the chance to know the secret of other well known bloggers in the blogging world.

Register Now!

Asian Secret – Revealing the secret to beautiful skin

Asian Secrets Revelead

Asian secrets brings to the Philippines the  Indonesian whitening body scrub that contents lulur , a luxurious body scrub used by Indonesian brides before they get married. Lulur is also the great secrets of Javanese royalty which believes to be one of the great nature exfoliating method. This has been used by royalties for centuries now, it was given to brides for 40 days prior to her wedding day to cleanse, smooth, soften, and rejuvenate their skin.

At first, I was hesitant to buy, with all the new products coming out of the market today, I thought it was just another new gimmick so to say, so that their product will be sold out on the market.  But, I thought, why not give it a try, after all i have tried so many products before.

Asian Secret Lulur Whitening scrub has a light feeling , not greasy nor too much oily. It’s give you the feeling that you were just came from the spa, it expoliates   skin, provides deep clean and fresh feeling.  it has an invigorating scent that you can feel that you belong to the high royal family.

This is no longer a secret anymore,  try them and see for yourself.


Living a Cool December

As the Holiday cheers  is getting nearer and nearer, the weather is more colder than ever and a nice fleece jackets would be a source of more warm body feeling.

I have heard that there are still many hikers who seek enjoyment in the mountains during this period.  Although, it was already a threat or very dangerous, going up and finding what they desires keeps them to do whatever they wanted to achieve.

If given a chance, i would also love to hike the cool mountains and of course, to feel a real snow.  It would be so great to live in this cool December especially if love is in the air , surely your life is worth keeping.

No Facebook! What?

What do you think will happen to almost billion of people who are addicted to Facebook?

I can still remember, ten years ago, the first thing I would check is my YM (yahoo messenger) and occasionally,  I would visit Friendster and check out my friends.  I also remember being addicted to multiply because I wanted to posts my baby’s picture online but when facebook come to the picture,  I know, just like many other, facebook has been a part of my life and my daily routine.


I started browsing and end up making friends and joining online games.  I cared for my online pet at pet society and I even buy tokens so I can buy things for my online pet.  Such a waste, don’t you think but just seeing it relieves my stress and then came Farmtown and farmville, yoville and even until now my husband is super addicted to Castle Age and he would occasionally asked me to buy him some things for his castle.

Facebook had been a part of my daily life and I owe some gratitude for it because I have met my long lost mother because of it and I have gained so many friends because of it.  I won many things and gain a lot of heartaches and frustrations because of it but most of all, i have learned how to interact and be open to myself and to others.

I don’t know what will happen to many people if facebook will be gone, as I remember last year this news spread like crazy on the net and everybody is talking wild when they heard the news.   But I know just like anything, things will passed and forgotten but facebook will remain lingering in the hearts of many.

Johnson’s Body Wash Review and Giveaway

When we are still a child, we used to have beautiful glowing skin but as we grew older, as much as we don’t wanted, our skin will eventually lost it’s moisture. I have always wanted to have a healthy and beautiful looking skin and finding products that will help to the job for me is really hard to find.  There are many soap that claims to give you beautiful result but i just end up with nothing.  I have tried many products from many different companies but at the end of the day, i only got frustrated.

Honestly, I have found two that i have been using for a while and one of them is Johnson’s Body Wash. It’s gentle to the skin, smells sweet and even with the first use, you can already feel the smoothness of your skin thus using them continuously will make a big difference.

J&J Body Wash

If you will remember, soap especially those with harsh ingredients can really lose the moisture in your skin and it can even dry them out and some had harmful chemicals. So, make sure to identify your skin type. If your too oily, too much moisturizer can cause more problem. If you are using one, make sure that it is unscented, white and without any harmful chemicals.

Johnson’s Body Care, Daily Calming Wash is good for any skin type and it’s mild lavander scent can even help melt away your stress.  There is only one con in this product and that is, if you have  put too much you’ll end up using many water to remove the excess.

Now, for the great part, I am sharing to my lovely readers a chance to try Johnson’s Body Wash for yourselves. I am giving away one (1) Johnson’s Body Wash to a lucky reader.  Joining is easy, just follow the procedure.


This review is entirely my opinion. I was not paid to do this and my giveaway is not related with J&J company.

Secret Garden to the max

I don’t know what it gotten to my nerves and still after a month, i still love to view them over and over again.  It’s actually my third time to watch it and i think the fourth one will be soon.  I so love korean novelas , i find them amusing, funny and simply cute.

I don’t know how many korean dramas i have watched but there is only one thing i am certain of.  Secret Garden is the only one that captured my heart and i think, i would never forget it.  It makes me smile, laugh and cry that hard.  The story is light and touching, something every korean drama lovers will look forward too.

I know many people not just korean are so into it and until now, they could not get over Hyun Bin.  I believe many are looking forward on his next project after his military training.

Secret Garden Korean Drama

This past few days, i have been watching different korean novela aside from blogging and caring for our little baby of course.  I have been watching korean novela for a while now and this Secret Garden is the one that makes me cry so much.  I was so touched with the story and i am really carried and blown away with their love story.  I suggest that you carry with you a handkerchief while watching this movie because the story will surely move you.  Although, I was expecting of a much wonderful fairy tale ending but it does not happen and i felt that it was incomplete for me.

Secret Garden is a koreanovela that will be showing soon at GMA 7.  The story is about Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin of Kim San Soon ),  an arrogant, womanizer CEO of a big shopping mall  having problems with  small spaces  because of a previous accident still unknown to him and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won)  a poor but humble stunt woman who is very beautiful inside and out.  It started with their accidental meeting when Joo Won mistakes Ra Im for an actress, this started the beginning of their tense but quietly intense relationship. To complicate things more farther, a strange events happen and they swap their bodies causing more difficult problems. The most touching episode for me is when Joo Won decided to give up his life for Ra Im, he switch their bodies for Ra Im to live.  It was very touching that i could not help but to cry so hard.

For me, the whole story is beautiful and commendable.  I am not surprised to learn that they both receive the best actor and best actress award for this story.

And before I forgot Ha Ji Won is really beautiful, i could not help to look at her beautiful face and i can see her similarity with  our local actress, Diana Zubiri.

Link Exchange Projects

As a blogger especially if your a newbie , you know the importance of having a great amount of exchange links that is why you will give an ample amount of time to blog hop and know different bloggers and have the favor of exchanging links with them.  Now, A Teacher, Link Exchange Project is being made by Ms. Verns and joining is easy.

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