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Blackberry brings out the Best in Me

it's more fun blogging with Blackberry

“How Does BlackBerry Help me Achieve my Purpose in Life or Help me Become a Person of Purpose?” - “This is my official entry to Gadget Bonanza BlackBerry Power Pair Edition”. I always believe that I am born winner and I can only achieve the most of it if I know how to grab the [...]

World’s Loneliest Whale singing a lonely song

 No man is an island.  A famous quote which means, man cannot live alone by itself.  It needs other people to grow , to learn and to communicate. But this world’s loneliest whale as they say is left alone in the vast ocean, singing a different tune from her fellow whales. Whales do suffer loneliness [...]

Money, money, where are you?

Reading Forbes magazine, you will be amazed how the rich people have come to acquire their assets and share of stocks.  Have you ever thought what influences their current financial status and how they lived in abundance and wealth?  Just like any success stories, you will learn that for one to become successful, you need [...]


Unilab launches its first open-source program for innovations in healthcare through Unilab Link-Up, an online facility where innovators, suppliers, and consumers can submit their innovative ideas for new and improved health and wellness products, services, packaging, and manufacturing technologies. The first of its kind for a Filipino pharmaceutical and healthcare company, Unilab Link-Up serves as [...]

Japanese Volcano Erupts – Kirishima 2011

We were not yet over with the news about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the tsunamis that which feared to have killed more than 10,000 people and now another news came out that a volcano in Southwestern Japan erupted this Sunday after nearly two weeks of relative silence. The 1,421-metre (4,689-feet) Shinmoedake volcano in the [...]

Rolando Mendoza – Philippine Policeman shocked the whole world

After a long and agonizing eleven hours, the hijacking incident that took the life of more than half of the passengers finally came to end. The hijacker SPO2 Rolando Mendoza, once a decorated police officer and awarded as one of the top 10 officer of the Philippines was ordered dismissed by the Ombudsman forfeiting his retirement [...]

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