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Unilab launches its first open-source program for innovations in healthcare through Unilab Link-Up, an online facility where innovators, suppliers, and consumers can submit their innovative ideas for new and improved health and wellness products, services, packaging, and manufacturing technologies.

The first of its kind for a Filipino pharmaceutical and healthcare company, Unilab Link-Up serves as an open-door facility that matches an innovative idea from practically anyone in the country with the resources of Unilab to bring the idea to market. The program also aims to provide solutions to health and wellness needs of Filipinos that have yet to be addressed by existing products and services in the country.

“For many years, we’ve drawn from our internal resources and expertise to come up with trusted quality healthcare products,” says Unilab President & CEO Clinton Campos Hess. “Now, we’re broadening our sources of innovation to include not only our internal resources, but also our partners, customers, and consumers; thus the Unilab Link-up.”

Besides products for health and wellness, Unilab Link-up also welcomes innovation ideas for functional foods, packaging, manufacturing technologies, and wellness services. Interested parties can register through to be able to submit an idea.

Submissions go through a four-level review process by an idea review body, with corresponding rewards for the innovation partner as the idea progresses into the review levels until the idea is launched in the market.

“Link up with us and together let’s explore the exciting possibilities of your ideas,” invites Hess. “You’re ideas could be the start of something big.”

Click the Logo to Share your ideas now! You might think it’s a simple one but who knows it might save someone lives and might be the greatest discovery on the human history. 

Handmade Wood Furniture

Looking for handmade wood furniture? Look no farther because  aspen furniture ,  get you a chance to find beautiful pieces of wood furniture that suits your budget and lifestyle.

We always wanted to have a new dining table, hubby wanted trendy and with the latest light design in the market today but if you would ask me, i will still want to go with the heavy and comes from a solid wood but of course, i would prefer if those wood comes from the tree that passes the standard of environment and eco-friendly items.

wood outdoor swing

Furniture are a wonderful addition to our house and it makes one home a beautiful place to live and the feeling of belonging.  A beautiful piece of furniture like this wood outdoor swing from aspen furniture will surely make my daughter ecstatic.

GMA Network delivers breakthrough ratings performance in 2011

n the year ended, GMA Network, Inc. (GMA) altered television channel ranking as it overtook ABS-CBN in nationwide total day household audience share, placing the latter only to second rank – according to broadcast industry’s more trusted ratings service provider, Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

 Based on full 2011 nationwide data of Nielsen (December 25 to 31 based on overnight ratings), GMA posted a 34.2 percent total day average television household audience share, outscoring ABS-CBN’s 31.1 percent and TV5′s 15.6 percent by substantial gaps.

 GMA noticeably increased its total day household audience share record in 2011 versus 2010 by 3.2 points. In contrast, ABS-CBN’s record suffered a significant drop of 8.6 points during the same period.

 In effect, GMA gained almost 1.5 million viewers from all over the country in 2011 relative to 2010, while ABS-CBN lost more than 500,000 viewers across all dayparts, using the assumption that there are five viewers per household.

In December, GMA recorded substantial margins versus ABS-CBN and TV5 in total day average household audience share nationwide. GMA had 36.2 share points, higher than ABS-CBN’s 29.1 points; and clearly ahead of TV5′s 15 points.

 GMA was a notable winner in both morning and afternoon blocks, where it led ABS-CBN by double-digit margins in National Urban Philippines.

 GMA also led across all dayparts in the important areas of Mega Manila and Urban Luzon, where bulk of television households in the country at 77 percent and 58 percent, respectively, are found.

 GMA dominated the list of overall top 30 programs in National Urban Philippines with 17 entries. In Urban Luzon, GMA had 23 programs in the same list; while in Mega Manila, GMA almost swept the slots with 25 entries.

 Among GMA’s top performing programs this December were Eat Bulaga, Pepito Manaloto, 24 Oras, Amaya, Protégé (The Final Battle), Munting Heredera, and Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

 Owing to the Kapuso Network’s consistently high nationwide ratings performance, the industry’s top 30 advertisers grew their advertising accounts with GMA by 36 percent or over one third for the period January to September 2011 from the same period in 2010. ABS-CBN’s regular advertising revenues, meanwhile, declined by four percent during the same period.

 The Nielsen TV Audience Measurement used by GMA is also used by 21 companies including two other local networks, namely, TV5 and Solar Entertainment; Faulkner Media; CBN Asia; 13 advertising agencies and three regional clients. On the other hand, ABS-CBN is the only local major TV network reportedly subscribing to Kantar Media, formerly known as TNS.

 In Mega Manila alone, the Nielsen TV Audience Measurement has a sample size of 800 homes as compared to Kantar Media’s 770 homes. Nationwide, Nielsen has a total sample size of 2,005 homes compared to the lower sample size of 1,370 utilized by Kantar Media.

 ABS-CBN continuously claims that it has a pending case against Nielsen. But based on available court records, the case was dismissed by Presiding Judge Charito Gonzales of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court (RTC) on January 7, 2008 for being prematurely filed. The Court likewise denied the Motion for Reconsideration filed by ABS-CBN in an Order dated June 8, 2009.

 On January 5, 2010, Atty. Maila Doroteo Santos, Branch Clerk of the Quezon City RTC, issued a Certificate of Finality, which confirms the Court’s Decision on the said case as final and executory. The subsequent Petition for Relief from Judgment and Motion for Reconsideration filed by ABS-CBN have also been dismissed by the Court for substantive and procedural grounds. 

New Year, New Hope

Before the year ends. Let us reminisce the good and bad things that happen to us this year.

2011 was a busy year for me. After giving birth, i spend my days thinking what will happen to me and to my new baby. Although there were happy thoughts, problems and worries, money problems, emotional problems did not escape me.

But I am very grateful because the Lord gave me the strength to cope up with the busy demands of my life.  Days maybe gloomy but having my family besides me helps me to be happy and more stronger.

New year 2012

As another year enfolds us, I have high hopes that life will be better and we will be having a wonderful days free of sickness, less worries and more happiness.

Pain and Perseverance- GMA Short Film

Sometimes your life is so much in chaos and you don’t know what to do and you felt that the answers are so hard to find. Just think that your not alone and that would be a sense of relief in your part.

It’s been a while since i have been seeing  this year’s offering of GMA’s short film.  It’s a story of two brothers who alternately worked and goes to school to learn.  While, the one is selling goods to earn them a living, the other brother goes to school to study.  They only had one shoes that is why, the brother who goes to school is the one using it and the other selling the goods will be the one using the slippers.

It was a touching story and come to think of it, this scene are experienced not just one but hundred or even thousand of young children.

Perseverance is one of the virtues we are very well aware but such things like this can be solved and of course with the help of those who can.

Home Remedies for Cough

Cough is something we all hate having.  It’s a feeling so hard to express specially if it was a dry cough.  Cough was usually acquired because of the sudden weather condition.  The congestion in your stuffy nose and the itchy throat would make you think when will this be over.

Taking Vitamin C was always best based from clinical studies but if you are already experiencing coughs and colds, you need to consider taking the best remedies.  Although there are many local over the counter medicine to relieve the cough there is always the fear for long underlying problems to occur that is why the first solution is to made your own home remedy for cough to ease the pain in your chest.

The first best solution is to crushed a ginger and put it into a boil around three to five minutes.  Put it on a mug and dash some honey with two lemon.   Honey has always been a great suppressant of cough although pediatrician would not allow it to be given to baby under one year old.

cup of tea (google)

The hot ginger will definitely relax you and can help you ease your itchy throat.  The next best thing when you have cough is to eat a chicken soup.   It’s best because of the combination of salt, fluid and proteins which our body needs.

Fluids, more fluids is always a good thing.  Drink more water, juice or herbal drinks would be a great help.  But of course, if you have already made or exerted all your efforts and still your cough seems too bad, it is always logical to seek medical advice.

Something to Live By

There maybe times I could not say thank you but it does not mean that I am not grateful for all the things you have done.  For all the support and understanding you have given on this stubborn girl, i thank you for that.

For all the love you have given to our family and for listening to my whims and desperation. For giving me positive thoughts and trying to calm me when I have my unreasonable tantrums.  Even though you have your own way , I am very grateful for that.  I may not always say thank you but it does not mean that I am not grateful and I do hope in some other way, you can feel that I am happy for having you and the kids around me.

Gold in my eyes

Sometimes It’s hard to be poor, just thinking of the thought that you have nothing in your wallet or pocket is truly distressing and as much as you wanted to cry you could not do that because it would not even give you any good but additional headache.  Sometimes, i wish i was born wealthy so that I have enough money or just some jewelries and gold chains that i can sell when things get rough but then I was not born that way. 

Even though I am already used on this kind of thing, i felt i was in my worst self because I now have someone that relies on me. Before, skipping meals will be an ordinary thing but now not having something to feed your children would simply a disaster. 

I always believe that life is hard and my only hope is that i can give them good education that will prepare their future but I guess good education is not enough to secure the life you will have.  

Choosing the Best Lights

Thinking of a major renovation on your home could really be difficult,  not just the money you will be spending but also deciding the things you wanted to change.  If there is one thing that I want to change is our lighting fixtures.  Just recently the plastic where our bulb  in the living room were placed has been damaged and the only thing that can be done is to change the whole bulb and make it hanging or a more bigger light fixture.

Lights are a good way to help beautify your home and an outdoor lighting is also a necessity for our house.  I wish i can have the money to renovate all our lighting needs and if ever that time will come, i will make sure that i will choose those dainty lights i saw in a recent visit in our department store.

Light and more lights

Thinking of a renovating your house?  I also wonder when will be the chance to renovate our home.  I would like to begin with the lighting, i think wall sconces are a great deal to make a dull room look more nicer.   Having a well lighted room can make a big difference to it’s whole ambiance.

I definitely admire those houses with beautiful lighting, outdoor wall sconces are also a nice addition to your garden or lanai or if you just wanted to have an extra light on your doorway.  Having the right lights on your different rooms are needed, identify the needs and the purpose of the certain room before you choose the light that you will place.

A quoizel lighting can add a touch of elegance in your house.  It’s designs are timeless and provoking and will surely adorn any type of rooms.  Functionality wise, these kinds of lights are great addition to any room.  There are wide choices, for your bathroom, ceiling lights, headlights, desks lamps, hanging lights and pendant lighting, these are just among the kinds you can choose from.

I have always favored this kind of lighting and I remember that we used to have this in our dining room and I wish we can buy this kind of lights on our new house now.