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Creative Arts for every bedroom

I have seen many wall decals on the web and i must admit, i so love them and i’m tempted to buy one. Recently, we bought some wall decals for our bathroom and it turns out great.  I so love the idea of having fishes and corals with matching sea effect and shell accessories.  But for me, portraits and art are still the best way to accessories any room especially your bedroom.

There are many ways to find good art supply that is not just beautiful but can also fits your budget.  Art is a very interesting craft and for me who loves to create just anything, i am always at the look out of beautiful new pieces of art.

Although, i may not have the money to buy them, dreaming of having one is still an art i do master.

Stylish Bedroom lights

I always believe that lighting plays a vital part in creating a good ambiance, making your bedroom more stylish and comfortable.  Although fixtures and arrangements are the prime things, having a nice lights can make a big difference.

You can create a different ambiance with different lights.  I have seen some classical , trendy, punky, minimalist and cute designs.  But of course, before you buying your bedroom lights, visualize first, what you want to achieve in your room.

Although our bedrooms are mostly space considered as private but still, bedroom is considered as a multipurpose room because we just don’t lie there and sleep but for some people, it’s also a place where they read their favorite books, enjoying a night of movie marathon and even a space as a home office.

What do you think about this?

stylish bedroom lights

image from home interior

Of course, before buying a house or building one, you should consider on having a good electrical wiring and architecture if you wished to adjust your room lighting.  Some lights can be placed overhead your mattress, some can just be on top of your side table and some was elaborately done in the whole ceilings.

bedroom lights

There are some people like to sleep without lights on and some wanted to have just a dim light and others with full light on.  Whatever choices you have, your decision of creating a stylish bedroom lights depends on your taste and of course your budget. Before buying one, consider your choices, what do you want to create and when you decide on something, make sure the brand is well trusted.

creating a stylish bedroom (img via net)

When did you feel your life is important?

When was the last time you say thank you for the life you have right now.  For all the blessings each day, for the breath that you take, for every happiness or loneliness that you felt?  When did you feel your life is important?

Life is beautiful. Give Thanks

Each passing day, we tend to forget how important our life is.  It must be because we are too busy with our life tending the things we need to do.  Each time, me and my husband would travel with our motorcycle, we make sure that we are wearing a  helmet,  KBC VR4R , it is not just we don’t want to be flagged down and get a citation ticket but it is always good to be safe.

Accidents are very often on the road and we don’t want to risk anything. Life is very important as we have our young children who are dependent to us and we have many dreams and aspirations to pursue. So, each time you went on the road with your motorcycle, make sure your wearing your helmets and check your breaks.   Keep safe always and don’t forget to pray for guidance.

Hey, i just met you, i know it’s crazy but call me maybe!

Hey there, i just met you and I know it’s crazy but call me maybe, i one of the famous lines we have this days and i guess millions of people are talking about this song. Even famous singers like Katy Perry has her own you tube version doing this crazy song .

Many peopole especially the young today loves to have eyeball or meet other people from their social networking sites and that’s the same reason why many young female adult have come to realize that knowing someone for the first time is not always fine. Just like  contactless cards that protect us, being vigilant and knowing the person can only prevent us for much stress and pain of travelling and meeting.

Friendly furniture

Thinking of getting green and help our environment a better place to live in.  Make sure, you only choose the right product for your home.  There are many furniture that you can find in the market today but make sure that when you buy your own log furniture, this log should only come from those person who had authority to sell and not from the illegal loggers who have been making our forest bald.

log furnitures

Furniture must be eco-friendly too.  There are many accessories that you can find in the market that are made from eco-conscious material and owning them would mean a lot.

And down I go – Ways to make your stairs safe

For the second time around, i fell down from our stairs.  Honestly, our stairs is not  slippery considering the fact that it has no tiles yet.  But the main reason is my wet feet and my slippers is not that good or perhaps it was me all along.

My butt still aches and I got a small bruise on my arms and i had a hard time using my left arm because i used it to balance myself.   Lucky me, because there were no other problems.

Keep your stairs safe

So, i thought, it would just be wise to share this ways on how to make your stairs safe especially if you have little children.  ( I guess for clumsy adult like me too)

  • Make sure to clear your stairs of clutter so as avoid stumbling from them. Clutters are hazard and can cause you to spill when your holding your small kid while walking down the stairs.
  • Make sure that there is an adequate lighting.  Don’t walk in a dark stairs, use the light if necessary.
  • The surface should not be slippery.  Always remain it clean and dry.
  • If your rails are made of wood, make sure that it was sturdy.  Replace any broken rail or pieces.

It is always pays to be safe.  I don’t want to fall down again and suffer this hurt.

Ceiling Fans to die for

Out of  nowhere, i saw this for hunter ceiling fans and i thought it would be so much interesting to check out especially this time that i am looking for a nice ceiling fan for our dining room. Because of this extreme weather, kitchens and dining rooms are not very conducive place to stay very long and because of lack of ventilation, it would definitely give me a headache if i could not find a better solution as fast as i can.

The best idea is to have a ceiling fan to make the room more cozier and finding one in our place is such a pain. So, buying on the net would be the next option but my problem rests on how much would be the payment for the shipping fee especially if it would be coming from a far place like.

A Perfect Summer Get-away

Are you looking for a perfect summer get away?  I have been thinking it over and over again but seems summer is really going over soon and rain keeps on coming everyday.  I wish to bring my kids on the open sea and feel the warm breeze of the ocean but because they have colds right now, i guess that would be very impossible so instead at home camp would be just great.  A camp inside the bed room with Exped Sleeping Pads with closed lights and a view of the moon would be a perfect replica of a beach side.

I hope the kids would love that and I believe it would be a fun camping with lots of bed time stories and marshmallows too.

Summer Fun Time

Isn’t it great to think that summer will bring us good weather, great sun , extreme summer heat and perhaps sun burnt. But, i guess, it’s other way around considering the heavy rains during the past days.

I guess, weather had really changes so much that even we had to adjust the things we do.  Prepare something light, hear your heart out with Universal Audio gear that can help you enjoy while staying at home because of heavy rains.  Prepare foods that are easy to make, a run about in your stocks on the fridge can be perfect for munching especially on a day of what you think would supposed to be a summer fun time.

Relax, breath a lot and enjoy the view of the falling rain in your window.  There are many things you can do at home with your family or friends.  Explore the possibilities and the day will never be boring even if there is heavy rain outside your door.

Decorative Switch

Creating a beautiful house started when you choose the right accessories to beautify your home.  There are many accessories that can add elegance and unique room.  Just take this switch plate covers for example, it creates a personalized ambiance to your room.

 There are many designs and choices you choose from.  This shell switch plate cover is just perfect for my beach inspired bathroom. It complement your style and achieved the personalized touch you wanted your room to have.

There are range of designs that you can pick, the decorative idea is limitless.  You can choose from contemporary, antique, modern chic , floral, nature inspired or kids fancy.