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Johnson’s Body Wash Review and Giveaway

When we are still a child, we used to have beautiful glowing skin but as we grew older, as much as we don’t wanted, our skin will eventually lost it’s moisture. I have always wanted to have a healthy and beautiful looking skin and finding products that will help to the job for me is really hard to find.  There are many soap that claims to give you beautiful result but i just end up with nothing.  I have tried many products from many different companies but at the end of the day, i only got frustrated.

Honestly, I have found two that i have been using for a while and one of them is Johnson’s Body Wash. It’s gentle to the skin, smells sweet and even with the first use, you can already feel the smoothness of your skin thus using them continuously will make a big difference.

J&J Body Wash

If you will remember, soap especially those with harsh ingredients can really lose the moisture in your skin and it can even dry them out and some had harmful chemicals. So, make sure to identify your skin type. If your too oily, too much moisturizer can cause more problem. If you are using one, make sure that it is unscented, white and without any harmful chemicals.

Johnson’s Body Care, Daily Calming Wash is good for any skin type and it’s mild lavander scent can even help melt away your stress.  There is only one con in this product and that is, if you have  put too much you’ll end up using many water to remove the excess.

Now, for the great part, I am sharing to my lovely readers a chance to try Johnson’s Body Wash for yourselves. I am giving away one (1) Johnson’s Body Wash to a lucky reader.  Joining is easy, just follow the procedure.


This review is entirely my opinion. I was not paid to do this and my giveaway is not related with J&J company.

Pink for October

Would you believe that Pink is not really my favorite color? I am more of a blue person, that’s something new you would know about me.  When I was a child and up to my high school days, I always prefer blue over pink, it’s perhaps I am always blue and being a kulasa (scholastican) makes me love blue and that’s one good reason that I love blue but another reason is , i thought that the blue sky is lovely and just looking at it makes my day brighter.

My father is the one who loves pink, we even joke that when we have our new home, he will paint his room pink and mine will still be blue.  But as time goes by, I have learned to appreciate pink and see the real meaning of it.

In my college days, i have been aware about Breast Cancer and the cause that goes around during October and from that time, i have bought pink shirt to show my support and even bought a breast cancer awareness  pin. I have always been an advocate of woman rights, joining different organization and being an organizer of different woman events myself gives me solid bond to embrace womanhood.

Pink for October

So, in my own simple way, I wanted to show the world the true value of being a woman.  Strong, full of hope and faith a midst the different trial of life and even in sickness, solid and  full of determination,  that’s what the real meaning of PINK.

Home Remedies for Cough

Cough is something we all hate having.  It’s a feeling so hard to express specially if it was a dry cough.  Cough was usually acquired because of the sudden weather condition.  The congestion in your stuffy nose and the itchy throat would make you think when will this be over.

Taking Vitamin C was always best based from clinical studies but if you are already experiencing coughs and colds, you need to consider taking the best remedies.  Although there are many local over the counter medicine to relieve the cough there is always the fear for long underlying problems to occur that is why the first solution is to made your own home remedy for cough to ease the pain in your chest.

The first best solution is to crushed a ginger and put it into a boil around three to five minutes.  Put it on a mug and dash some honey with two lemon.   Honey has always been a great suppressant of cough although pediatrician would not allow it to be given to baby under one year old.

cup of tea (google)

The hot ginger will definitely relax you and can help you ease your itchy throat.  The next best thing when you have cough is to eat a chicken soup.   It’s best because of the combination of salt, fluid and proteins which our body needs.

Fluids, more fluids is always a good thing.  Drink more water, juice or herbal drinks would be a great help.  But of course, if you have already made or exerted all your efforts and still your cough seems too bad, it is always logical to seek medical advice.

Sport Achievement

Early today, I have seen in Rated K a story of a man who was diagnosed to have a arthro- tuberculosis or problem with his spines and for years he was not able to get up on his foot but he had overcome this miserable life and now he was a champion runner and what makes him more admirable is that he is now 61 years old.

He has many sport trophies , a proof of his winning in many running events held in our country.   It was indeed very admirable and even I could not help the tears falling on my eyes.    I always wanted to start running not just because I wanted to join fun run or marathon but I believe that it is also a good way for my blood to circulate.

He is a good inspiration to many of us and I do wish that it is not too late for me to stretch this body.

Insurance for everyone

I don’t know that there is a Wholesale Insurance.  What I know is life, non life, car and house insurance and the other are just simple insurances.  But then a friend approached me and asked if I am interested on getting one for myself.

Even if I wanted too, i don’t think I can afford to have additional payments on my self right now.  I am still paying some dues and the insurance I am paying will be finish by the next 3 years.  I guess, if our finances will allow us to get another insurance,  hubby is thinking of buying an interment lot because of it’s money back guaranteed.  I guess, it’s a good investment.

Philippine Hottest Men

The Philippines has many beautiful women and yes we can boast that we are way prettier than the other countries but we also have hottest men that we called Hunks and one of them is Coco Martin who I often heard was called “yummy” because of his coffee commercial.   He had already came too far from his bad boy image to modelling and acting and just recently he pose for a mens sexy lingerie  that create a big impact on the industry world.

Now, among the Philippine Hottest Men was shown posing for a magazine and vying for the top position of being called as 100 sexiest men in the Philippines.

Gmax Helmets

Motor sport is a trend now a days and I have many friends that loves riding.  I’m not really into riding thing, i’m afraid that an accident would happen to me and I guess that’s the one thing that hinders myself on  learning how to use a motorcycle.

I had once tried to learn riding a motorcycle, i even bought a gmax helmets to protect me from any accident that will occur while learning but yes, you got it right.  Day one of my training, the motorcycle went so far that i lose control and forgot to use the break and end up on my feet hurting my head, scratches on my knees and arms.  Good thing, I was wearing a helmet that time but then I was so scared that i don’t want to continue anymore and even until now, I hate the idea of learning how to use the motorcycle.

Chocolates makes me alive

I don’t know why I so love chocolates, maybe that’s what is every woman’s wants.  I remember doing a post about chocolates and their benefits and one reason why you will always keep on eating them is the fact that their is a component that makes one to be addictive to it.  Just like drinking your fave coffee , chocolates are addictive and if your celebrating your anniversary, this is also a great gift for your love one.  There are many sites that offers online anniversary gifts for her but there is no better gift than to receive a nice bouquet of chocolate berries.

Chocolates are aphrodisiac too that’s why it was related to love. Just thinking of receiving one makes me excited but i guess it would be a dream considering hubby is not really into chocolates.

Thyroid Problems

It’s been years since I was diagnosed that i have a thyroid imbalance or problem and since then i have been taking medicines for it.  There comes a time that i was cleared of my thyroid problems but after i gave birth to my first daughter the problem re-occurred.

I know, i need to go to my doctor again just like the Thyroid doctor austin who specialized with this kind of imbalances but i have many top priorities now.  Going to the doctor means another sets of tests again and i just can’t afford them right now. I’m not ranting but it seems that i have been this so delicate when budgets are the topic but yes, i know that health is very important and of course, i have plans to go to the doctor in the very near future now.

Staying fit and beautiful

Since i gave birth last March, my body has not regain it’s previous size. My tummy is still big and my face is still round as an apple. I’m not complaining though i’m a little bit stressed on thinking how i will lose this excess fats and this hormonal acne in my face and some parts of the body.

I’m planning to exercise to help my body back in shape but i think it would still be critical for me if i do that now because of my stitches.  I’m also thinking to take some beauty products to help removes this acne and black spots in my face and body. Do you have anything in mind? I have yet to try this product my sister recommends to me.  I think it’s good for her and I’m just waiting for a perfect time to begin that regimen.  I’m anxious but i need to be patient.  Afterall, i have a baby to take care for and a husband who thinks i’m still adorable even with this big body.