Monitor your heart

Heart rate monitors are essential if you want an accurate and reliable measurement of your calories burned. Most heart rate monitors operate on a similar premise. A rubber chest strap fastens below the bust line with a nylon band. The strap sends a signal to your watch that will display your heart rate, and you have to periodically wash the strap to ensure proper reading.

monitor your heart,  health gadget

Chest straps are useful, but they can be cumbersome at times, especially when you have trouble getting a reading to lock in. Over time, a chest strap may lose its functionality, rendering your watch useless. The most innovative fitness watch on the market seeks to combat the annoyance of straps by eliminating them altogether. The MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor is totally free from any constricting bands, and it’s instantly accessible. The watch is very chic and streamlined, featuring a smooth face and simple controls. Optical sensors relay your heart rate in real time, and it can never be knocked out of sync.

Chest straps have a tendency to get off base when one is exercising very strenuously. They can also be cumbersome, requiring the application of water to read properly in many cases. The MIO Alpha doesn’t carry any of that extra baggage. You are guaranteed a reliable heart rate monitor that is also rechargeable for up to 10 hours, giving you plenty of time to knock out your work out sessions. Invest in this gem today and start your journey off on the right foot.

Health is Wealth- Sound Mind

Many times, i have read this beautiful quotation and I always wonder and pray and hope that I can have a healthy and sound body.   Being healthy is very important to us that’s why I am keeping my faith that i can be naturally fit again.

I have been trying my best to lose weight.  Each day, i find solutions in the net on how i can be fit without the use of machines. While browsing , i have learned that there are some medicines that can help you when you really wanted to get fit.  There are many people who even pay for thousands of money just to be able to have that sexy body.  Well, i don’t mind not being sexy but what i always wanted is to be fit.

And down I go – Ways to make your stairs safe

For the second time around, i fell down from our stairs.  Honestly, our stairs is not  slippery considering the fact that it has no tiles yet.  But the main reason is my wet feet and my slippers is not that good or perhaps it was me all along.

My butt still aches and I got a small bruise on my arms and i had a hard time using my left arm because i used it to balance myself.   Lucky me, because there were no other problems.

Keep your stairs safe

So, i thought, it would just be wise to share this ways on how to make your stairs safe especially if you have little children.  ( I guess for clumsy adult like me too)

  • Make sure to clear your stairs of clutter so as avoid stumbling from them. Clutters are hazard and can cause you to spill when your holding your small kid while walking down the stairs.
  • Make sure that there is an adequate lighting.  Don’t walk in a dark stairs, use the light if necessary.
  • The surface should not be slippery.  Always remain it clean and dry.
  • If your rails are made of wood, make sure that it was sturdy.  Replace any broken rail or pieces.

It is always pays to be safe.  I don’t want to fall down again and suffer this hurt.

Staying fit this summer

Every body is preparing their way on staying fit this summer not just for the same reason that you wanted to fit in your new teeny weeny bikini  but isn’t it nice to  know that african mango plus reviews  really works and you get to know why being fit is not just fabulous but having a healthy body is what you need not just this summer but for the whole year.

Staying fit may not be that easy for me with all those yummy treats that i have been eating and not to mention the foods from our office which I can consider is really out of the healthy pyramids.  There are many ways to stay fit and i am hoping that i can do even a few of it.  Starting from drinking eight glasses of water everyday which unfortunately I wasn’t able to do so.

A Better Man

What makes a better man?  Is it just the looks that makes a man or is his attitude.  When you asked a group of men, they will eventually tell you that one way to measure their self as a real man is  on how well is their performance.

Masculinity has been a long time subject not just in school but also in the society.  That’s why there are many supplements that was created and manufactured to help men perform well not just in their everyday life but also in terms of athletics.  Have you ever asked yourself,  how do testosterone boosters work?  Can it really help men perform well?

Testosterone affects your brain, muscle and bone mass, fat distribution, energy levels, and sexual function.  The first time, i have heard about this is when the news talks about an athlete using a testosterone.

testosterone boosters

Make sure to check on your doctor or medical practitioner before taking one, so you can be well aware of the benefits and possible problems that you will encounter.


Unilab launches its first open-source program for innovations in healthcare through Unilab Link-Up, an online facility where innovators, suppliers, and consumers can submit their innovative ideas for new and improved health and wellness products, services, packaging, and manufacturing technologies.

The first of its kind for a Filipino pharmaceutical and healthcare company, Unilab Link-Up serves as an open-door facility that matches an innovative idea from practically anyone in the country with the resources of Unilab to bring the idea to market. The program also aims to provide solutions to health and wellness needs of Filipinos that have yet to be addressed by existing products and services in the country.

“For many years, we’ve drawn from our internal resources and expertise to come up with trusted quality healthcare products,” says Unilab President & CEO Clinton Campos Hess. “Now, we’re broadening our sources of innovation to include not only our internal resources, but also our partners, customers, and consumers; thus the Unilab Link-up.”

Besides products for health and wellness, Unilab Link-up also welcomes innovation ideas for functional foods, packaging, manufacturing technologies, and wellness services. Interested parties can register through to be able to submit an idea.

Submissions go through a four-level review process by an idea review body, with corresponding rewards for the innovation partner as the idea progresses into the review levels until the idea is launched in the market.

“Link up with us and together let’s explore the exciting possibilities of your ideas,” invites Hess. “You’re ideas could be the start of something big.”

Click the Logo to Share your ideas now! You might think it’s a simple one but who knows it might save someone lives and might be the greatest discovery on the human history. 

Dental Care

Keeping our smile beautiful is what we always wanted.  Proper dental care begins even before our baby’s first tooth came out but sometimes because of busy schedules we often take it for granted.  Dental Jobs like flossing and other oral check-up is important.

dental oral care (picture via net)

Find a local dentist or oral care provider so you can able to treat those immediate problem.  There are Pediatric dentist that specially handle little children so your child would not be afraid to go again in case possible big problem occurs.  Dental procedures for children like early prevention of oral decay is a must.  The bacteria that lingers on our baby’s teeth are the one that causes tooth decay and this decay can be the reason why baby teeth are coming off.

Incidental Assistance

Thinking of things to do, wondering of what have been, dreaming in a world that was not mine.  Those are thoughts that keeps on lingering in my mind this days.  Walking on a long walk, on a deserted place, nowhere to go and giving up things I wanted to have.

But sometimes, accident still do happen and it’s good if you have a roadside assistance plan that can help you if any fortuitous event will happen.  While going down on a jitney ride, the driver just did not stop thus twisted my ankle.  It was painful for days and i realized that accident do happen unexpectedly and sometimes, even if you wanted to be safe and away from any harm, if things goes badly, you have no hand to stop it. 

I hope things will go well but it seems that i need a big heart and a strong mind. 

Home Remedies for Cough

Cough is something we all hate having.  It’s a feeling so hard to express specially if it was a dry cough.  Cough was usually acquired because of the sudden weather condition.  The congestion in your stuffy nose and the itchy throat would make you think when will this be over.

Taking Vitamin C was always best based from clinical studies but if you are already experiencing coughs and colds, you need to consider taking the best remedies.  Although there are many local over the counter medicine to relieve the cough there is always the fear for long underlying problems to occur that is why the first solution is to made your own home remedy for cough to ease the pain in your chest.

The first best solution is to crushed a ginger and put it into a boil around three to five minutes.  Put it on a mug and dash some honey with two lemon.   Honey has always been a great suppressant of cough although pediatrician would not allow it to be given to baby under one year old.

cup of tea (google)

The hot ginger will definitely relax you and can help you ease your itchy throat.  The next best thing when you have cough is to eat a chicken soup.   It’s best because of the combination of salt, fluid and proteins which our body needs.

Fluids, more fluids is always a good thing.  Drink more water, juice or herbal drinks would be a great help.  But of course, if you have already made or exerted all your efforts and still your cough seems too bad, it is always logical to seek medical advice.

Sport Achievement

Early today, I have seen in Rated K a story of a man who was diagnosed to have a arthro- tuberculosis or problem with his spines and for years he was not able to get up on his foot but he had overcome this miserable life and now he was a champion runner and what makes him more admirable is that he is now 61 years old.

He has many sport trophies , a proof of his winning in many running events held in our country.   It was indeed very admirable and even I could not help the tears falling on my eyes.    I always wanted to start running not just because I wanted to join fun run or marathon but I believe that it is also a good way for my blood to circulate.

He is a good inspiration to many of us and I do wish that it is not too late for me to stretch this body.