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Archive for the ‘happy birthday’ Category

Paradox Equation Birthday Bash

Paradox Equation is celebrating his 23rd birthday this coming May and he is giving this special treat to his reader.

What you need to do?

1.Subscribe to his RSS Feed via Email (Required)

Please do not forget to CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION in your email address.

2. Leave a Comment in this Post indicating that you have joined. (Required)

This is my way of keeping track the number of people who joined and please be sure that the e-mail address you indicated is the same as the one you used on Contest Mechanic Number 1.

After doing these required steps, you will automatically get 5 points. If you wish to get more points you can do the following tasks:

Optional Tasks

*Blog About this Contest:(5 points)

You can write about this contest in your blog. Don’t forget to put a link back to this post.

*Follow  him at twitter (2 points)

You can do that by clicking on this link

Easy? Join now!

Paula's Birthday

Our very own Paula, founder of the wide spread Secret behind the fame  of most (BC Blogger_  is celebrating her birthday today. So,  Mommy Pehpot and all of us BC bloggers wants to give her a big  surprise for her birthday.

We wish you all the best this life could offer.  Thank you for sharing your special gift to us. The special gift of FRIENDSHIP.

Even though we have not seen each other yet , I treasured you as one of my blogger friends in this blogsphere.

Happy Birthday to you, Dear Friend.

and I am giving you too this Special Award coming from my heart.

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

It’s been a great year with ups and down and now we are entering another year with full of hopes and dreams. Our little Peachy just turn two last January 2. Time really flies fast. Now, she’s only playing with her favorite stuff dog and bee and watching Pooh and friends and other Disney Playhouse favorites, the next thing we will be accompanying her to her first day at school and in a distant future, she will be waiving her first goodbye for college. But for now, i am savoring every moment with her, with her frequent “kakulitan” and sharp staring eyes and smiling glimpse. She was a real darling to us.

I thank God for answering my prayer and giving our Peachy to us and for always taking good care of our little princess. We pray and wish that she will always be fine, in good health and with intelligent mind.

The Love of my life, my inspiration and fulfillment

Our Darling Princess Peachy

Celebrating the day with her favorite Winnie the Pooh. Again, Happy Birthday My Love!

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