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On Grocery Lane

While I was on the grocery yesterday, the cashier suddenly told us to find another line because the machine suddenly wend down and needed to be fixed.  That’s when I thought if they have a reliable  POS Hardware , their would not be such problem.

POS Micro provides bar code scanners to cash register express and receipt printer that functions well , ensuring you a less downtime problems and  good shopping experience for your consumers.

Grocery stores must evaluate their programs so that costumers would not need to stay for a long time waiting to be served because of a POS failure.

Information Technology at best

Information technology are taking new heights. Considering the big difference before and today, i can say that it opens more doors of opportunities  not just for technology company but to all company who have been using this products.   ITIL OGC, for example had managed to give commendable service for those who are managing IT as a service.  They gave clear framework for the identification, planning, delivery and support of IT services to the organization.

Recently, many other companies had appeared and claims that their service are good but eventually they will fail you in the end.  ITIL provides useful tools you can use to add up your knowledge in information technology.

Web Conference

Working online has some advantages and disadvantages and even i had many disadvantages, i still feel that this is the only way to learn many things that the life offers.

Internet sites offer web conferencing services and aims to help small people like me.  Just like from the old telephone version, web conference is something very high teach and you need to change the bot.  With services like this, connecting with your family and love ones in abroad is now very easy.

Facebook Timeline

Facebook is considered as one of the most in demand social network in this era today.  Since the day i started using facebook, there are many times that they have implemented minor changes to make browsing and using worthwhile.

There are many facebook applicants that have been made to give user more sharing options, customized pages and more business friendly.  Although there are many positive side of using facebook,  there are still certain facts and negative things that it brought many people.

Facebook is also a good help for those who are engaged in business because you can get a real traffic and many potential costumers. Create a campaign, a contests and drive traffic to your own websites using the links.  Now that facebook timeline has been introduced many are complaining because of some features that was lost along the process.  Although, I have been using it for a month now, there are still some confusion for me and I am still wondering what benefits i can get from it.

Whatever it would be, i do hope i can extract the good things from it. Try them now and experience for yourself it’s different features.

Philips GoGear Raga- Superior Sound

On the go or simply just a music lover, Philips GoGear Raga brings you CD listening experience to handy, accessible MP3 that you can always bring wherever you go , whatever you do.

If you’re a music lover, you will surely love this gadget, small, sleek and trendy, fit for every style.  You can use during your sports activity, jogging at the park, riding on a passenger jitney or car , long distance travelling, court recording or just simply want to set a romantic mood.  Philips GoGear Raga can bring your music sensation in a new height.

I so love my Philips GoGear Raga, it helps me a lot with my court recording and of course, at times I just wanted to be alone hearing a soft music to soothe my mind and stresses.

Philips GoGear Raga in Red

Full Sound Technology can plays MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC and APE directly.

Other Specification:

4 GB – 4 billion bytes, available storace capacity will be less

With 4 minute , 128 kbps, MP3 songs (comes with a white headphone)

Tablet Computers

In this age of modern technology, each new product will surely be a hit to gadget lovers.  We should be thankful to the great minds of this generations who invented tablet computers  or the hand held pc to make your life more easier and accessible.  A tribute to Steven Jobs, the inventor of Apple Ipad who give meaning to this era and for creating a part of every techies life.

Come to think of it, tablet computers are far more easy to use, can carry anywhere and multi-functional  unlike your old desktop who just staying on that one corner in your room.  Compare to laptops, tablets are more promising and easy to bring anywhere unlike laptops who can be a little bulky sometime but of course there are tablets that are more expensive that the regular netbook.

If your a blogger, writer or just always on the go, this tablet computers should be a great hit for you.

Gifts for the Graduates

Graduation is not yet over.  Many schools had them during March , some on May but others on September.  Whatever month it was held the most thrilling part is the thought that you have already achieved what you have been wanting since the first day you enrolled in your school. Now, the question is where do I look for graduation gift especially for those who is near in my heart.

Graduation gifts are something worth keeping.  The diploma is like your trophy but the gifts are the one you will leave a great impact in your graduation day.  Many asks for gadgets.  Some asks for a new car but when I graduated, just the presence of my Lola Mac (grand mother) is enough to make me smile.

Nokia N86 8MP – a birthday gift from hubby.

A brand new Nokia N86 8MP is daddy’s gift for my birthday. I really can’t believe it. At first, I am lost of words and so excited when I see the box.  Ooh, you might say that I am extra exaggerating about this things. But you can see, just two weeks ago, i cried so hard when my  digital camera LCD became black and until now, i really don’t know what happened to it.  I was deppresed for a while because my digi cam is really a part of me and Peachy’s everyday life.  Well, I’m a picture addict.(LOL)

Well, just I am trying to cope up with it, hubby told me that I should not keep on getting sentimental over some damage objects. Maybe, you’ll get lucky and you’ll win something, he said.  My answer was a short, ” I do hope so.” I am so happy and yes, you might be thinking, I’m jumping with joy when i received this cellphone, simply for two reasons. 
1. I have never owned a brand new cellphone in my life (just until now). My old cellphones were all hand me down, coming from him or coming from a close relative. 

2.  I am so thankful because I have a cellphone and a high pixel camera at the same time. So, I don’t think there is a need for me to buy another digital camera.  
Just to share with you some specifications of my new Nokia N86.
   From what I’ve learned from the internet, Nokia N86 offers more subtle but meaningful improves over the Nokia N85 (by the way, they look similar except for the second slide)  and it surpassed the Nokia N95. This phone packs all my favorite features , 8 MP camera, stereo music and just as they say, one of the best cell phone cameras on the market today. Well, even better that the Sony Ericksson C905 who happens to be 8MP too.  

I’m so impressed with its OLED screen, though i could not tell much because it’s my first time to have one like this but i am really loving it.

Here are the detailed specs for you to see:
You may’ve thought Nokia lost their touch, you may be out of love with the Nseries but the Nseries are always keeping an eye on you. Their wide-angle, variable aperture eye. On you. Whether the Nokia Nseries are making up the ground lost in the megapixel race or claiming back what they believe is rightfully theirs, they seem to have the right leadership to put them back on the megapixel map.

The Nokia N86 8MP is quite an accomplished smartphone with rich equipment. Perhaps the only disappointment is the screen – we couldn’t help a sigh over the now aging Nokia N95 8GB 2.8-inch screen, not to mention that QVGA resolution hardly cuts it anymore.

Armed with one of the most advanced cameras in terms of hardware and features you don’t just find on every other handset out there, the N86 8MP is keen to take cue from the N85 and shake the Nseries out of their slumber. Now, in case you forgot, it’s still the market leader we’re talking about here, and that should probably tell why everybody is so worked up.
So, the question as always is whether strong performance will deliver on that awesome promise. And you’ve got us to help you make a more informed decision about buying Nokia N86 8MP. Given all the comments above, the N86 8MP is more the kind to encourage impulsive spending but you’ll choose wisely not to miss our write-up.

Key features

  • 2.6″ 16M-color OLED display of QVGA resolution (scratch-resistant surface)
  • 8 megapixel autofocus camera with dual-LED flash and AF assist light
  • 28mm wide camera lens, variable aperture, mechanical shutter, geotagging, time-lapse, camera lens cover, VGA video recording at 30fps
  • Symbian OS 9.3 with S60 3.2 UI
  • ARM 11 434 MHz CPU, 128MB RAM
  • Quad-band GSM support and 3G with HSDPA 3.6Mbps support
  • Wi-Fi with UPnP technology
  • Built-in GPS with A-GPS functionality and 3 months of free voice-guided navigation (Ovi Maps)
  • Dual slide design with dedicated gaming/audio/gallery keys
  • microSD card slot with microSDHC support
  • Beefy 8GB internal storage
  • Built-in accelerometer for UI auto-rotation
  • 3.5mm audio jack doubling as TV out port
  • Stereo FM Radio with RDS, FM transmitter
  • Standard microUSB port and stereo Bluetooth v2.0
  • N-gage support plus you get an N-gage game for free
  • Digital compass
  • Web browser has full Flash and Java support
  • Active kickstand
  • Nice audio reproduction quality

Camera-wise however, the N86 8MP seems to reduce the distance to point-and-shoot digicams quite successfully. Its camera performance is yet to stand trial by fire but the specs look impressive.

Specs source coming from