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Blackberry brings out the Best in Me

“How Does BlackBerry Help me Achieve my Purpose in Life or Help me Become a Person of Purpose?” - “This is my official entry to Gadget Bonanza BlackBerry Power Pair Edition”.

I always believe that I am born winner and I can only achieve the most of it if I know how to grab the opportunity and grasp it in my hand.  I always told myself that i need a positive mind to have the good side of the coin and always say my mantra, I am a winner, i will win and i will achieve the things i only dream before!

But as a busy mom of two, a judiciary employee in the morning and virtual assistant and blogger at night my life is sometimes chaotic and I wasn’t able to focus on things and lost track of  my real purpose in life.

With BlackBerry PlayBook , i know that i can be able to do all the things i regularly do with ease ;

  • Blackberry can help me organized and always stay connected at home and my child’s school to know their daily progress.
  • Calendar has always been an important part of my daily life and without it, i would definitely lost my way on important events and details.
  • Working my ass in the morning and in the evening , i can always have the options to work wherever I am and whenever and even I am struck in the traffic, i can never had a lost time.
  • And when i feel like taking a break and relax from everything, i can always tune in to my favorite music sounds and videos and let my heart ease.
  • But the most important of all, i get the chance to browse and stay connected with my online friends through it’s powerful web browsing.  I can always check on my blogs and when my creative juices are working, i can always make a new posts and share it to my dear readers.
  • With Blackberry, i can pursue my advocate on helping not just our Mother Earth but also my fellow friends, relatives, online readers and all the people around my social network to live a more greener life and spread the green news to all of them.

And with BlackBerry Curve 9360 on my hand, i will never feel that i am outdated because  it’s stylish and sleek .  Each e-mail is very important for me especially if it gives me additional money which I can used for my family and did i forgot to mention that I am a total picture addict?  Well, the picture it can produce will be a favorite  and cherished memory on my memory bank.

Millions of consumers are into smartphone already but seeing my old and cranky cellular phone, i can only tell myself that I am really far behind from the others.  Not that i’m very envious but the hope is always there and the reason for needing one is too great especially if I wanted to be on top of everything.

When , the year started, my main goal is to earn more money to cope up with our financial situation and for us to be able to pay our monthly house dues. Maybe in due time, i can have our  dream car or maybe the trip we always wanted to have but for now, i needed to put my hands and my mind to work, click those New Posts button to create more valuable entries for my dearest readers and have faith and confidence that i can achieve my blogging goals and I know Blackberry will always be on every step of the way, seeing the best in me and bringing it out,  for me to become a better person inside and out.

Knowing your purpose in life and having something to help you along the way can make you a far more better person and now I know found one and i wish it would be a reality.

it's more fun blogging with Blackberry

Want to have your own Blackberry? Check out Tech Pinas, one winner will win the Blackberry combo but of course, i am already crossing my fingers and praying to our Dear Lord that Mark will be very generous and pity me.


Motorcycle On the Go

My husband keeps on telling me to learn how to drive our motorcycle but i am not ready for it yet.  I’m afraid of many things and i guess, i just don’t have the heart to do it now.  I found a heated motorcycle clothing that works magic and i guess it works really nice with your motorcycle and i am thinking of introducing it to him so he can try it but i don’t know if he would love it because his not into warm things and this warm season is just too much to bear if i may say so.

Now, i’m thinking of the idea of learning how to drive just in case, i needed it in the future.

On Grocery Lane

While I was on the grocery yesterday, the cashier suddenly told us to find another line because the machine suddenly wend down and needed to be fixed.  That’s when I thought if they have a reliable  POS Hardware , their would not be such problem.

POS Micro provides bar code scanners to cash register express and receipt printer that functions well , ensuring you a less downtime problems and  good shopping experience for your consumers.

Grocery stores must evaluate their programs so that costumers would not need to stay for a long time waiting to be served because of a POS failure.

Freddy Krueger Fedoras Hat

Who would forget Freddy Krueger, his horrifying face, his big claws and his crook smile.  Whenever I saw a man wearing Fedoras Hats, the first thing that came up in my mind is the movie Nightmare on Elm Street and it’s succeeding series.

Freddy Krueger is a fictional character in the movie, a  disfigured dream stalker who had a  glove armed with razors that kill his victims during their dreams, ultimately causing their deaths in the real world.  When I first saw this movie, i could not sleep for a while, I was thinking, that he was true and he might come and visit me in my dream and I would not be able to come back to life.

Freddy Krueger and his Fedoras Hat

 I was paranoid for a while and whenever i saw someone wearing red stripes and a hat, I thought, he was Freddy disguised in a different form.  Well, i believe, if your still young, you ought to believe just anything.

For me, Nightmare on Elm Street was still one of the best scary movie and Freddy Krueger and Jason is still the best villain that I hate most.

Facebook Timeline

Facebook is considered as one of the most in demand social network in this era today.  Since the day i started using facebook, there are many times that they have implemented minor changes to make browsing and using worthwhile.

There are many facebook applicants that have been made to give user more sharing options, customized pages and more business friendly.  Although there are many positive side of using facebook,  there are still certain facts and negative things that it brought many people.

Facebook is also a good help for those who are engaged in business because you can get a real traffic and many potential costumers. Create a campaign, a contests and drive traffic to your own websites using the links.  Now that facebook timeline has been introduced many are complaining because of some features that was lost along the process.  Although, I have been using it for a month now, there are still some confusion for me and I am still wondering what benefits i can get from it.

Whatever it would be, i do hope i can extract the good things from it. Try them now and experience for yourself it’s different features.

Philips GoGear Raga- Superior Sound

On the go or simply just a music lover, Philips GoGear Raga brings you CD listening experience to handy, accessible MP3 that you can always bring wherever you go , whatever you do.

If you’re a music lover, you will surely love this gadget, small, sleek and trendy, fit for every style.  You can use during your sports activity, jogging at the park, riding on a passenger jitney or car , long distance travelling, court recording or just simply want to set a romantic mood.  Philips GoGear Raga can bring your music sensation in a new height.

I so love my Philips GoGear Raga, it helps me a lot with my court recording and of course, at times I just wanted to be alone hearing a soft music to soothe my mind and stresses.

Philips GoGear Raga in Red

Full Sound Technology can plays MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC and APE directly.

Other Specification:

4 GB – 4 billion bytes, available storace capacity will be less

With 4 minute , 128 kbps, MP3 songs (comes with a white headphone)

Calling from Home

Connecting with friends is what I love to do especially those who i have not seen for a long time.  That is why having a low cost conference calls is something I look forward too.

But finding a good connection is sometimes hard and the effort to find a good communication provider would be the biggest task at hand because sometimes service provider failed to comply with their promises.  I still remember the days where party line were still present at our home phone, it was funny and somehow exciting to receive other calls from people you don’t know but sometimes, it was also annoying.

Communication is a great deal especially if you work from home or if you have a family living outside the country.

Computer that work

My Computer Motherboard is now having the hardest time of its use. With so much pictures and files, I hope it will not one day make it’s final effort to survive and eventually fade it’s glory and usage. 

As much as I wanted to buy a new computer, a laptop or a desktop, i think it would not be very possible as of the moment because of the things I need to prioritize and payments needs to accomplish.  Although having a good computer is what i needed most, having food and healthy children is always my main priority at home.  But I am always on the look out of possible computer break down because that means no extra income for me and boring days would be present and that I would not want to risk my life with.  

So as much as possible, i am cleaning my hard drive once every second week of the month, to get rid of those unnecessary files. 


Tablet Computers

In this age of modern technology, each new product will surely be a hit to gadget lovers.  We should be thankful to the great minds of this generations who invented tablet computers  or the hand held pc to make your life more easier and accessible.  A tribute to Steven Jobs, the inventor of Apple Ipad who give meaning to this era and for creating a part of every techies life.

Come to think of it, tablet computers are far more easy to use, can carry anywhere and multi-functional  unlike your old desktop who just staying on that one corner in your room.  Compare to laptops, tablets are more promising and easy to bring anywhere unlike laptops who can be a little bulky sometime but of course there are tablets that are more expensive that the regular netbook.

If your a blogger, writer or just always on the go, this tablet computers should be a great hit for you.


At the time my computer broke down,  i wanted to buy a new laptop and toshiba netbooks are part of my shortlisted lists of beautiful computers. 

But even until now, i was not able to buy a new one because of the payments for the house which we need to raise before it’s due date.

I have heard good things about toshiba and i am so interested that i wish i can own one on the nearest future.