KikaysiMaria giveaway

I have just learned this site and guess what I have found out.  It was a vanity blog maintained by a sweet and young lady who loves make-up. Ooh, you know me, I always love makeup and especially lipsticks.  That’s why there is no reason for me not to join her contest after all it’s very easy to join.

There are 2 ways to join this contest. Via Faceboook or Via Blog

1. Be a follower of my blog (+1 ENTRY)

2. Like my page (then post a comment like enter me on my contest’s album) :

(+1 ENTRY)

If you like to learn more about the contest and gain extra points , visit her site here!

Adtel Home Solar Kit

Lopez Link is giving away  Adtel Home Solar Kit worth Php. 10,000.00 to one lucky blogger who can share why you wanted to have this home solar kit from Adtel .

Our place is one of the places that tropical storms  and typhoons wanted to pass by for reason that i really don’t know. I was not good about that and was not even thinking about of knowing it but what bothers me most is the fact that when a great storms hit our place,  brown out will come next.  Sometimes it stays for two days and then when worst come to worst, it will take a week before we can have an electricity.

Another recent problem is what our Electric Cooperative is suffering right now, erratic distribution of power was suffered by many consumers , just last May, our electric consumption was raised two times from our original electric bill and there billing increased for more than 80% of the usual amount. Since then, we experience interrupted electricity.

As a mother, it is my priority that my family is safe but safety is really difficult if you have no electricity, that’s why i know that Adtel’s Home Solar Kit will really help us a lot because it provides uninterrupted power supply that includes a cellphone charger, and 2W Led Lamps and can power a three-volt radio. This could really help us because if emergency happens we have a cellphone to use to call for help and one more good thing is we will be updated of the latest news from the radio.

You can win this too, learn more about this contest here:

Mystery Shampoo

Have you heard about the Mystery Shampoo and Conditioner?

When i first heard of it, I was really curious, what was that? Sounds really mysterious, you bet.   And what is more appealing is the fact that they are giving away a sample of that mystery shampoo.

Yes, a 90ml shampoo and conditioner will be given away to those who register on their site and that is not all, every registered user is qualified to win exciting prizes  and i quote:’

Try the Mystery Shampoo and Conditioner and get a chance to win these cool prizes!
Step 1: Register with your name and contact details. A person can only register once throughout the promo period.
Step 2:
Request for a sample. 1 Sample Request = 1 Raffle Entry Coupon. A person can only request for a sample once throughout the promo period.
Step 3:
Tell your friends to do the same by submitting their names and contact details. 1 Friend Referral = 1 Raffle Entry Coupon. A person can only be referred once throughout the promo period.
Step 4:
Samples will be mailed via courier to the address specified during registration. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery from the date a sample is requested
Step 5:
Each sample contains a 90 ml Shampoo and a 90 ml Conditioner
Step 6:
A pool of prizes will be raffled off among the people who requested for samples and referred their friends from July 18-July 31, 2010
Step 7:
There will be a total of fourteen (14) winners:
a. 1 Winner of Blackberry Bold
b. 2 Winners of 5,000 Ayala EGC
c. 2 Winners of IPod Shuffle
d. 3 Winners of The Spa Gift Certificate
e. 3 Winners of Enjoy Philippines Card
f. 3 Winners of Moleskine
Step 8:
Winners will be drawn by P&G on August 4, 2010 together with the presence of a DTI Representative
Step 9:
Winners will be announced on the website, and will receive an email on August 6, 2010, which will include the details for claiming the prize.
What do you think? Worth visiting? Yes.  Join now and learn about this new mystery shampoo.  I have already made my wild guess and i am 90% sure about it but i still don’t want to burst it out. LOL.

Visit the site now to learn more about this beautiful treat from Practor and Gamble.  Ooh, how i wish i win the IPOD.

House of Flair Birthday Dash

House of Flair co-founder is celebrating her birthday this month and because of this, they are giving away wonderful treats for their valuable costumers and readers .

What awaits the lucky winner?

& 1 MAC DAZZLEGLASS in Utterly Posh!

1 Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Deluxe Sample

1 Anastacia Line Erasing Serum sample
1 Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer sample
1 fracas de Robert Piguet Eau de Parfum sample
1 Leslie Blodgett Bare Skin Eau de Parfum sample
1 Sephora High Intensity Eye Shadow sample
1 The Face Shop nail polish in hot pink
1 Oil Control Film Pack
& 1 MAC DAZZLEGLASS in Utterly Posh!
Winning this beautiful birthday loot is so simple.  Click here for more information regarding the mechanics;
So, why I should win the Dash Birthday Loot Bag?
I am a huge fan of cosmetics and Victoria Secret,  my day would not be complete without putting my fave makeup and the smell of my VS Forbidden Fantasy spray makes me feel confident and sexy.  This loot items would be a wonderful addition in my kikay kit.
I Love House of Flair Because it offers wide variety of  products that can suit to everybody’s budget.

Dainty Darling Digits giveaway

Dainty Darling Digits is having her Go Green Giveaway.  It’s so easy to join and you get a chance to win beautiful treats from her.

Get to have this beautiful treats among with the other 2 packages.

Click here to view the mechanics.

The Domain Angel Birthday Thanksgiving giveaway

As a newbie blogger we are all aware that a domain name and a good hosting is very important if you want to earn extra income in the net and The Domain Angel is spreading her wings and giving two lucky winners a chance to have their own domain accompanying a hosting for one year.

Isn’t it nice, joining is easy;

Part One:

1. Like Kiddie Land at Facebook.
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3. Play all you want, anytime, anywhere!

Be one of the Top 3 Players of the month of July 2010 and win one dot com domain + blog hosting for one year!! For short, the top 3 players of the month are sure winners.

Note: Please play games with BEST GLOBAL PLAYERS recorded only (you can check it at the right sidebar of each games) and make sure to submit your score with the same username you used to register to Kiddie Land.

Part Two:

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Join Now!