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Living a Cool December

As the Holiday cheers  is getting nearer and nearer, the weather is more colder than ever and a nice fleece jackets would be a source of more warm body feeling.

I have heard that there are still many hikers who seek enjoyment in the mountains during this period.  Although, it was already a threat or very dangerous, going up and finding what they desires keeps them to do whatever they wanted to achieve.

If given a chance, i would also love to hike the cool mountains and of course, to feel a real snow.  It would be so great to live in this cool December especially if love is in the air , surely your life is worth keeping.

Johnson’s Body Wash Review and Giveaway

When we are still a child, we used to have beautiful glowing skin but as we grew older, as much as we don’t wanted, our skin will eventually lost it’s moisture. I have always wanted to have a healthy and beautiful looking skin and finding products that will help to the job for me is really hard to find.  There are many soap that claims to give you beautiful result but i just end up with nothing.  I have tried many products from many different companies but at the end of the day, i only got frustrated.

Honestly, I have found two that i have been using for a while and one of them is Johnson’s Body Wash. It’s gentle to the skin, smells sweet and even with the first use, you can already feel the smoothness of your skin thus using them continuously will make a big difference.

J&J Body Wash

If you will remember, soap especially those with harsh ingredients can really lose the moisture in your skin and it can even dry them out and some had harmful chemicals. So, make sure to identify your skin type. If your too oily, too much moisturizer can cause more problem. If you are using one, make sure that it is unscented, white and without any harmful chemicals.

Johnson’s Body Care, Daily Calming Wash is good for any skin type and it’s mild lavander scent can even help melt away your stress.  There is only one con in this product and that is, if you have  put too much you’ll end up using many water to remove the excess.

Now, for the great part, I am sharing to my lovely readers a chance to try Johnson’s Body Wash for yourselves. I am giving away one (1) Johnson’s Body Wash to a lucky reader.  Joining is easy, just follow the procedure.


This review is entirely my opinion. I was not paid to do this and my giveaway is not related with J&J company. 1 Million Contest

Since 2009, I have been buying online and I personally recommend it to everyone.   Buying online has been a very popular this days and many online shops and sellers are offering wide selections of brands , merchandise and services. 

Shopping online can offer a lot of convenience for you over shopping in your nearby mall or stores. You can save time and stress from heavy traffic and you get the pleasure of picking your favorite items from a wide array of products and brand.   But there are many scams online and buying from a not reliable source or company is something you should avoid.   Make sure that you only buy from respected and reliable sites like , the largest online marketplace made for Filipino shoppers. is very easy to use.  There are many items to choose on what  to buy and it’s a great help for online seller to post their ads, it’s free of charge and the good thing about it,  you can get the exposure you want for your products.  I have been making Swarovski accessories for some time and I thought this would be a good chance to make it on market and post some ads in for those who would be interested to buy my work.
Meanwhile, i have posted an ad looking for Vintage postcards and first day stamps. I hope someone would answer my request and that would be a great addition in my growing collection.

Now, by joining you can also get the chance to win a fabulous prizes through their AyosDito Connect and Win Promo.

Joining is very easy and once your connected you get a chance to earn points for the raffle. 

1. To join, connect using your facebook .  Register with AyosDito Connect, to learn more click this link; (you get 1 point)

2. Invite a friend (1 per approved and registered invite)

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 A total of 30 x iPad 2’s, 20 iPhone 4’s and P1,000,000 in cash will be given away as prizes for the promo and will be distributed as follows:

Weekly Draws

3 iPad 2′s will be raffled off to all eligible Participants with valid raffle entries for the week

2 iPhone 4′s will be raffled off to all eligible Participants with valid raffle entries for the week

Grand Raffle

P1,000,000 will be raffled off in the Grand Raffle on Week 10 of the promo (20% tax for prizes exceeding P10,000.00 shall be shouldered by 701Search Inc.

All prizes are non-transferable and not convertible to cash. The AyosDito Connect & Win Promo will run from August 29 to  November 6, 2011.

Join Now and get the chance to win One million in the Grand Prize.  I’m crossing my finger on this :)  



At the time my computer broke down,  i wanted to buy a new laptop and toshiba netbooks are part of my shortlisted lists of beautiful computers. 

But even until now, i was not able to buy a new one because of the payments for the house which we need to raise before it’s due date.

I have heard good things about toshiba and i am so interested that i wish i can own one on the nearest future. 

Gifts for the Graduates

Graduation is not yet over.  Many schools had them during March , some on May but others on September.  Whatever month it was held the most thrilling part is the thought that you have already achieved what you have been wanting since the first day you enrolled in your school. Now, the question is where do I look for graduation gift especially for those who is near in my heart.

Graduation gifts are something worth keeping.  The diploma is like your trophy but the gifts are the one you will leave a great impact in your graduation day.  Many asks for gadgets.  Some asks for a new car but when I graduated, just the presence of my Lola Mac (grand mother) is enough to make me smile.

Maude’s Avenue of Thoughts Blog Anniversary Giveaway!

Maude’s Avenue is giving away a beautiful Celine blog to one of her lucky follower.  Yes, a beautiful Celine bag and that’s really awesome.  I so love Celine and for the past two years it’s the brand that i usually bought.  I remember my high school years, i always dream to have just even one bag someday and now everytime i got a chance to buy a new bag i always choose Celine because it’s elegant, beautifully crafted and of course affordable too.

Now, here’s the picture of the bag Maudey is giving away.  Beautiful indeed!  What are you waiting for?  Join Now!

GT contest

A blog makeover?  Whooah!  That would really be awesome.  I have been wanting to have one but i just could not afford it for the time being.  That’s why , I’m so happy and wishing to win a blog makeover from GT’s very own Kaye of Wahmaholic.

So, what’s in store for a lucky blogger like me! (hi, hi)

  • a two-column Blogger or WordPress template by WAHMaholic Blog Designs worth $70
  • blog-ad ons of your choice worth $40
  • a custom-illustrated blog header courtesy of worth $50

It’s really great and knowing how Kaye can make your blog into something so adorable like Peachy’s Desire.  As much as I wanted it all for myself (hi, hi) but I’m not that too greedy. So, what are you waiting for?  Head on to the contest page and you might be the lucky winner!   You only have until May 3 , so hurry up!

Mapanghingi ka ba?

That’s a question I would gladly answer.  Yes, I am.  In fact i remember my childhood days when i always ask my grandmother for anything that came out of my mind, a simple candy, a toy perhaps, jack stones, rubber band and i even cried so she would buy me a yoyo because all my neighbor friends has one.    Maybe, it’s a part of being a child that we always wanted something even if it’s not really important.

I even remember always visiting the image of  St. Anthony , the patron saint for lost person and keep on asking him to let me see my long lost biological mother. As I grow old, i still keep on dreaming what i wanted in life and asking the Good Lord to fulfill my dreams and wishes.  Sometimes, it do happens but sometimes it does not.

my childhood memories

I remember praying and asking Him to heal my father and gave him another chance to live but maybe it was his time and I could not do anything about it. (he died two months after my wedding day)

I asked and asked for a child to come and after two miscarriages and lost hopes to bear a child she gave me one adorable daughter who helped me cope up with the lost of my father and to bind my marriage.

something to live by

and now even i’m not asking He gave me a reason to ask for good health, happy life,  safe delivery and a healthy child.

a mother's wish

Mapanghingi ba ako? What do you think, the answer will be a big YES!

This is my official entry to Mapanghingi ka ba 1′st anniversary giveaway!

KikaysiMaria giveaway

I have just learned this site and guess what I have found out.  It was a vanity blog maintained by a sweet and young lady who loves make-up. Ooh, you know me, I always love makeup and especially lipsticks.  That’s why there is no reason for me not to join her contest after all it’s very easy to join.

There are 2 ways to join this contest. Via Faceboook or Via Blog

1. Be a follower of my blog (+1 ENTRY)

2. Like my page (then post a comment like enter me on my contest’s album) :

(+1 ENTRY)

If you like to learn more about the contest and gain extra points , visit her site here!

Adtel Home Solar Kit

Lopez Link is giving away  Adtel Home Solar Kit worth Php. 10,000.00 to one lucky blogger who can share why you wanted to have this home solar kit from Adtel .

Our place is one of the places that tropical storms  and typhoons wanted to pass by for reason that i really don’t know. I was not good about that and was not even thinking about of knowing it but what bothers me most is the fact that when a great storms hit our place,  brown out will come next.  Sometimes it stays for two days and then when worst come to worst, it will take a week before we can have an electricity.

Another recent problem is what our Electric Cooperative is suffering right now, erratic distribution of power was suffered by many consumers , just last May, our electric consumption was raised two times from our original electric bill and there billing increased for more than 80% of the usual amount. Since then, we experience interrupted electricity.

As a mother, it is my priority that my family is safe but safety is really difficult if you have no electricity, that’s why i know that Adtel’s Home Solar Kit will really help us a lot because it provides uninterrupted power supply that includes a cellphone charger, and 2W Led Lamps and can power a three-volt radio. This could really help us because if emergency happens we have a cellphone to use to call for help and one more good thing is we will be updated of the latest news from the radio.

You can win this too, learn more about this contest here: