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Sweets for your liking

It’s Mother’s day today and I bet all are very busy preparing gifts or special date with our lovely mom.  I guess, this is a part which i miss so much.  But i’m thinking of giving my mom a Swisher Sweets  which she will enjoy.

Although, i have been telling her to stop smoking, i guess it would still be not today or tomorrow considering the fact that it’s really hard to quit overtime. Cigars like this could be addicting sometime. Don’t you think?  Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful moms!

Pretty Rabbit goes Egg hunting

Happy Easter

The love of our life, is all excited to go egg hunting in our nearby mall.  We have been preparing for three days and she kept on asking me when she will be egg hunting?

So, Easter Day comes and equipped with her bunny ears and plastic egg basket courtesy of SM, we hop on each boutique and establishment saying “Happy Easter” while waiting for the egg with candies inside to be given to her.

Easter Egg Basket

It’s our first time and Mommy is excited too , seeing her adorable Peachy carrying her egg basket full.  We both had a fun time and mommy is exhausted afterwards.  LOL.

Did you see the red dress? I so love it , i promise not to look at it but i guess, i could not help myself. I’m going back to the boutique to fit it.  I wish it does.

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Kids Party Preparation

Sometimes preparation for your kids party  takes your time and money and the thought of making it extra special is sometimes challenging especially if your on a strict budget.

Birthday comes once a year and we have to make sure that it will become a memorable experience for our kids but saving us also a frightening experience.

Think of a theme and it can guide you on how and what to look when buying materials for your kids party.  Having a guide lists can help you ease your task on finding suppliers and what would you want for your kids birthday party.

You can choose from thousand of themes and you can find relative ideas on the net.  When you have found the theme you wanted to have, the ideas would come rushing in and you can start on making invitation, finding the venue and looking for caterers.  You can also have the option to do it at home which can be savings on your part because you don’t need to pay for the venue and you can even have family and friends help you.

On the next pages, you are going to find relative ideas on how to celebrate your kids party with a certain theme.

Personalized Gifts

Exactly two months from today, our little darling baby ritz would be celebrating his first birthday and with a double celebration of his christening.  I’m thinking of finding a nice personalized baby gifts to serve as a give away to all my friends and god parents who will be attending the said event.

personalized gifts

I have found a beautiful personalized key chain in the net but I am still thinking if i would considering buying it, but I really love it’s idea and it’s really super nice.  I know that my friends would surely love when they receive one but instead of the blue green, i wanted it something yellow or green.

Beauty for a Cause

Beauty for a Cause Giveaway

Last December, I plan to host a giveaway and solicit help from some blogger friends but due to the unfortunate turn of events with Sendong causing a major destruction in Cagayan De Oro and Iligan, I have decided that the paypal money I have gathered would be a little help to our fellow bloggers who suffered the wrath of Sendong and  instead another giveaway with a different prize will just be held as my gratitude to my fellow bloggers who pledge their support for this contest.

We always wanted to be beautiful, make-up can enhance our looks and can actually change the appearance of a woman.  Sometimes, I have no time to apply a full make-up , that’s were my Maybelline BB Cream comes handy,  I will just apply them to my clean face and blend with some face powder and add a little lipstick and I am opt to go to work or to the grocery.  But if there are special occasion that’s the time I got the chance to play with make-up and create a different look.   I am not an expert in this field, following tips are just based on my personal experience.

Choose the right colors that will complement your tones, although we wanted to be as beautiful as the model in that magazine, we need to think into consideration the blending , color and right tones so as not to overpower our face and our over all look.

Selecting the foundation color is the first step, make sure that it stays true to your skin color and of course the weather.  Choose the color that can complement your eyes and before applying them, conceptualize if the color will look good in you.  Earth tone colors are best for every skin tone but I always love bright colors, don’t hesitate to try out different shades.

Last but not the least, choose a lipstick that blends to your make-up. I always prefer mauve colors but I will definitely love a red luscious lips. What about you, do you have some tips to share with me.

(this is just a sample of Maybelline products- this is not the actual prize)

Get a chance to win my favorite Maybelline products worth Php. 1,000 by doing such simple tasks (liking facebook page, twitter and some extra points for other task)  If your a blogger and you want to blog about this contest.  Please do so by sharing your personal tips with the words, Love, life, living and a url of this site. Leave the url here and your e-mail address, so i can contact you in case your the winner. 

Now, why Maybelline?  It is not that I am promoting their company, it’s a personal choice considering that I have been using their cosmetics for years now and I wanted to share them with my readers.

P.S. This contest is in no way connected to Maybelline . Open to all Philippine readers.  Please allow me sometime to shipped the products to you.

1 Winner will win Maybelline cosmetics worth Php.1,000.00 (Blogger or non-blogger can win this)

1 Blogger (who will blog about the contest) will win a cosmetic bag with assorted products.  (Please post your post url on the comment section so I can count them as your entry)

Again, let me show my gratitude to my blogger friends who made this contest possible :)

Vix, Eihdra,Thess, Nora,Ruby,  Marose,Gene,Ryanne,


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Living a Cool December

As the Holiday cheers  is getting nearer and nearer, the weather is more colder than ever and a nice fleece jackets would be a source of more warm body feeling.

I have heard that there are still many hikers who seek enjoyment in the mountains during this period.  Although, it was already a threat or very dangerous, going up and finding what they desires keeps them to do whatever they wanted to achieve.

If given a chance, i would also love to hike the cool mountains and of course, to feel a real snow.  It would be so great to live in this cool December especially if love is in the air , surely your life is worth keeping.

Johnson’s Body Wash Review and Giveaway

When we are still a child, we used to have beautiful glowing skin but as we grew older, as much as we don’t wanted, our skin will eventually lost it’s moisture. I have always wanted to have a healthy and beautiful looking skin and finding products that will help to the job for me is really hard to find.  There are many soap that claims to give you beautiful result but i just end up with nothing.  I have tried many products from many different companies but at the end of the day, i only got frustrated.

Honestly, I have found two that i have been using for a while and one of them is Johnson’s Body Wash. It’s gentle to the skin, smells sweet and even with the first use, you can already feel the smoothness of your skin thus using them continuously will make a big difference.

J&J Body Wash

If you will remember, soap especially those with harsh ingredients can really lose the moisture in your skin and it can even dry them out and some had harmful chemicals. So, make sure to identify your skin type. If your too oily, too much moisturizer can cause more problem. If you are using one, make sure that it is unscented, white and without any harmful chemicals.

Johnson’s Body Care, Daily Calming Wash is good for any skin type and it’s mild lavander scent can even help melt away your stress.  There is only one con in this product and that is, if you have  put too much you’ll end up using many water to remove the excess.

Now, for the great part, I am sharing to my lovely readers a chance to try Johnson’s Body Wash for yourselves. I am giving away one (1) Johnson’s Body Wash to a lucky reader.  Joining is easy, just follow the procedure.


This review is entirely my opinion. I was not paid to do this and my giveaway is not related with J&J company. 1 Million Contest

Since 2009, I have been buying online and I personally recommend it to everyone.   Buying online has been a very popular this days and many online shops and sellers are offering wide selections of brands , merchandise and services. 

Shopping online can offer a lot of convenience for you over shopping in your nearby mall or stores. You can save time and stress from heavy traffic and you get the pleasure of picking your favorite items from a wide array of products and brand.   But there are many scams online and buying from a not reliable source or company is something you should avoid.   Make sure that you only buy from respected and reliable sites like , the largest online marketplace made for Filipino shoppers. is very easy to use.  There are many items to choose on what  to buy and it’s a great help for online seller to post their ads, it’s free of charge and the good thing about it,  you can get the exposure you want for your products.  I have been making Swarovski accessories for some time and I thought this would be a good chance to make it on market and post some ads in for those who would be interested to buy my work.
Meanwhile, i have posted an ad looking for Vintage postcards and first day stamps. I hope someone would answer my request and that would be a great addition in my growing collection.

Now, by joining you can also get the chance to win a fabulous prizes through their AyosDito Connect and Win Promo.

Joining is very easy and once your connected you get a chance to earn points for the raffle. 

1. To join, connect using your facebook .  Register with AyosDito Connect, to learn more click this link; (you get 1 point)

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 A total of 30 x iPad 2’s, 20 iPhone 4’s and P1,000,000 in cash will be given away as prizes for the promo and will be distributed as follows:

Weekly Draws

3 iPad 2′s will be raffled off to all eligible Participants with valid raffle entries for the week

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Grand Raffle

P1,000,000 will be raffled off in the Grand Raffle on Week 10 of the promo (20% tax for prizes exceeding P10,000.00 shall be shouldered by 701Search Inc.

All prizes are non-transferable and not convertible to cash. The AyosDito Connect & Win Promo will run from August 29 to  November 6, 2011.

Join Now and get the chance to win One million in the Grand Prize.  I’m crossing my finger on this :)  



At the time my computer broke down,  i wanted to buy a new laptop and toshiba netbooks are part of my shortlisted lists of beautiful computers. 

But even until now, i was not able to buy a new one because of the payments for the house which we need to raise before it’s due date.

I have heard good things about toshiba and i am so interested that i wish i can own one on the nearest future. 

Gifts for the Graduates

Graduation is not yet over.  Many schools had them during March , some on May but others on September.  Whatever month it was held the most thrilling part is the thought that you have already achieved what you have been wanting since the first day you enrolled in your school. Now, the question is where do I look for graduation gift especially for those who is near in my heart.

Graduation gifts are something worth keeping.  The diploma is like your trophy but the gifts are the one you will leave a great impact in your graduation day.  Many asks for gadgets.  Some asks for a new car but when I graduated, just the presence of my Lola Mac (grand mother) is enough to make me smile.