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Sunday Service

I remember the times when I used to join a congregation back then in Manila, it was a nice place, with lots of chapel chairs, lovely and nice people and lots of praising and singing.

 My grand mother is a catholic and I’m studying on an all girls catholic school, so just imagine her anger when she learned that I was going on a different sunday service beside the church we used to go to each sunday.

But because she loves me and she sees that I’m doing well and helping those little children to learn the Good word, she open her heart and understand me dearly.

Customized Shirts

I loved customized shirts because you have a freedom to print your favorite pictures, tag lines or just anything you wished to put in your t-shirts. Looking at customized t-shirts from shirtmagic, I remember that i have been wanting to create a customized shirt with green living ideas printed on it.

Customized t-shirts gives you the freedom to create whatever design you wanted for your shirt.  Unlike buying from the mall wherein you have a limited choices, creating your own customized t-shirts means you can have the option to have in printed only for yourself and could not find any where else.  I love the idea of creating a matching shirt or what they called couple shirt for you and your hubby or lover. It’s a nice idea and i believe many have been doing it.

With customized shirt, you can also express your ideas or likes and even promote advocacy.

Give back the life to your Leather shoes

Leather is one of the most use product in the market.  It has a lot of uses and i guess everybody has a chance to own a pair or two.

Leather shoes are sometimes expensive because of it’s good quality that lasts longer than the other , cleaning leather seems very easy to do but it has a procedure that  you also need to follow to properly clean your leather shoes.

Cleaning it regularly can keep it from wearing down or losing it’s shape.  On cleaning your leather shoes, you need the right cleaning materials so as not to lose it’s texture and shine.

Beautiful Jewelry for Rainy Days

Summer may be over and rainy days are here to come but it doesn’t mean that we would not have the reason to wear beautiful jewelries. There are great jewelry deal that can be found on your favorite malls or online shops that offers unique jewelries that suits the rainy season.

Bold and colorful designs are probably out of style during rainy days but accessories like cute umbrellas, boots, clouds would be perfect design or if you can’t get enough of the beach, you can choose accessories that depicts the sea, just like this beautiful star fish.   Wearing your favorite accessories is not about the season.



Outrageous Hat

I have seen different hats but i have never seen something outrageous like this. I guess in terms of style and ingenuity, Lady Gaga would be the number one in my list.

She had shown the media/public many times how she can be a trendsetter and she was able to pull a different design of dresses, hats and her music is also a major hit in any country.  But seeing her wearing her own hair as her hat is really something worth looking at.  Outrageous but really rocks!

Lady Gaga's Outrageous Hair Hat (via net)

The details are just creative don’t you think? I wonder how many hours they prepared this one?

Favorite Photo Monday

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