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World’s Loneliest Whale singing a lonely song

Photo by dave and rose via Flickr Creative Commons

 No man is an island.  A famous quote which means, man cannot live alone by itself.  It needs other people to grow , to learn and to communicate. But this world’s loneliest whale as they say is left alone in the vast ocean, singing a different tune from her fellow whales.

Whales do suffer loneliness because of over hunting but this baleen whale which was  recorded since 1989 and tracked since 1992, sings at a frequency of 51.75 Hz, whereas others of her kind sing at 15 to 25 Hz.

She’s lonely  because no one else can hear her. Good reports, “According to a 2004 New York Times article on the subject, this particular baleen whale has apparently been tracked by NOAA since 1992, using a ‘classified array of hydrophones employed by the Navy to monitor enemy submarines.’ It sings at 52 Hertz, which is roughly the same frequency as the lowest note on a tuba, and much higher than its fellow whales, whose calls fall in the 15 to 25 Hertz range.”

 It’s a sad truth, either because she’s the only living species of her own but studies could not prove that because it needs further studies and could cost much. It is not just she sings differently but she also fails to travel along any known migration route of any baleen whale species, this only means that no  other whales can actually hear her because she’s going into a different  migration paths.

Researchers guess is that this lonely whale is either a “deformed” hybrid between two species of whale, or the last surviving member of an unknown species.

I know the feeling of being lost in the world and know one could listen to your plea, i do hope this whale finally get the chance to see her own family or just a fellow baleen whale to travel along in this big blue ocean.

Product developments

Assisting costumers to products not particularly known by them.  Product development is something I am not good at.  I guess, it was just not my field.       Although product developments are easy to think and make, finding a solid foundation or company likefluid technologies can give you the briefing you will need for the  next hours.

I wish I know how to create product development or just make the appropriate website for it but the laziness in me and the thought that I would not do it is more visible than usual.

I guess, every products can be achieved by the right help and professional minded person, something Filipino are still lacking.

Computer that work

My Computer Motherboard is now having the hardest time of its use. With so much pictures and files, I hope it will not one day make it’s final effort to survive and eventually fade it’s glory and usage. 

As much as I wanted to buy a new computer, a laptop or a desktop, i think it would not be very possible as of the moment because of the things I need to prioritize and payments needs to accomplish.  Although having a good computer is what i needed most, having food and healthy children is always my main priority at home.  But I am always on the look out of possible computer break down because that means no extra income for me and boring days would be present and that I would not want to risk my life with.  

So as much as possible, i am cleaning my hard drive once every second week of the month, to get rid of those unnecessary files. 


The Law and Me

The law may be harsh but it is still the law.  We often says, that the law in our country is unfair and bias and justice is sometimes hard to find.  Movies always portray that if you have no money, it’s hard for you to have justice in this country. But that is something I am not in favor of.

We think Law is unfair and unjust but it’s not, the one who make it unjust is the people who are trying to break the law by doing things not according to it. It’s clearly specified not to break the law but i guess people are just so hard headed and even the document management student still breaks simple law which he is studying.

What you know can protect you.  Each of us is entitled to know the law so we don’t have the reason to break it.  We don’t need to be a lawyer to know the law of men. Be a good citizen and follow what it’s right, then there is no way you need to break the law, don’t you think?

Autumn Best

I’m sleepy and then suddenly this thought occupied my mind.  I believe it’s already autumn in some part of the world and I wish i could be given a chance to experience that.  But there are more than enough problems I need to face and conquer right now.

Don’t be fooled by the smile in my face,  yes you got it right, I just want to hide this emotional feeling i am feeling right now.  Although , I am very down, i need to be strong and firm for my children and afterall, it’s not just me who are experiencing this problem but there are many million people that has murch worser problem but my only hope is that everything will turn out right.

Gifts for the Graduates

Graduation is not yet over.  Many schools had them during March , some on May but others on September.  Whatever month it was held the most thrilling part is the thought that you have already achieved what you have been wanting since the first day you enrolled in your school. Now, the question is where do I look for graduation gift especially for those who is near in my heart.

Graduation gifts are something worth keeping.  The diploma is like your trophy but the gifts are the one you will leave a great impact in your graduation day.  Many asks for gadgets.  Some asks for a new car but when I graduated, just the presence of my Lola Mac (grand mother) is enough to make me smile.

Communion gifts

I can still remember the day of my first communion.  I was so excited one saturday,  that i wake up too early, eat my breakfast and take a bath and grab my white communion dress only to found out that my communion will be in the afternoon.


That’s one proof of me being silly but i guess all children having their first communion experience is very excited in one way and another. First Communions are one of the important event in a catholic church, it’s the first time we felt that we are adult in some way and we are now ready to have the christian strength and attitude that is why some parents gave their children   personalized holy communion gift to commemorate and remember that special day in their children’s religious life.

Busy as bee

Busy!  It’s a word i often hear everyday.  Not just on my own mouth but also with all the people i have encountered and talked everyday.  Being busy is such a choice everybody must make but did you know that half of our country is not working or don’t have any work as much as we did.

It’s so sad to learn the fact that our country is still suffering poverty and there is not enough work for every graduate on this country and what’s worst even more is the fact that not many student who wishes to graduate can able to study college.  Why?   Because they just can’t afford to do so especially coming from the news that almost 80% of college/university institution will be increasing their tuition fee.  That will only mean that there will be many students who would not afford the tuition fees and would rather stay at home to help their parents.

This is already a debate in the past and i do hope the real solution will come and be given.