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Coolest Gadgets you would love to have

Gadgets, some people couldn’t live without it.  Why not?  They are gadgets that are so cool that you would really wish you could have them.

Have you heard about the New Nokia Lumia 520?  Despite the many android phones like Samsung and Apple Iphone, I am still sticking with my Nokia and if ever i get a chance to buy another phone, i would definitely get hold of this.  Why?  it’s not just the dainty color that I love, it also has 5 megapixel camera that i can use with all my photo addiction.

image : from nokia blog

What about a ring that can help you think?  This one is for the people who fidgets when they are nervous.  Although, i’m not that kind, i guess, i need this ring who because i really need to make things possible.

And have you heard about this cute little gadget , the digital measuring tape?  I guess, hubby would be delighted to have them.

 Now, it reminds me about the gantry crane my old office use on the factory for foaming purposes. It was a big help on their work and I thought it’s good to add on this list. Big or small gadgets as long as it helps a lot, it’s totally awesome to check.

Friendly furniture

Thinking of getting green and help our environment a better place to live in.  Make sure, you only choose the right product for your home.  There are many furniture that you can find in the market today but make sure that when you buy your own log furniture, this log should only come from those person who had authority to sell and not from the illegal loggers who have been making our forest bald.

log furnitures

Furniture must be eco-friendly too.  There are many accessories that you can find in the market that are made from eco-conscious material and owning them would mean a lot.

Dental Plans and it’s Benefits

Our teeth is as important as the other parts of our body.  But sometimes, we tend to forget it and disregard  it. I have this tooth problem and i didn’t mind it until it bothers me and make me cry during night time.

Healthy teeth is very important. Protecting our teeth is one thing we needed to do not just because it is a basic need to be good but it is because a part of our body that shows when we talked or interact with other people.

Having a healthy and clean teeth is a goal we must always maintain because it affects our overall health and well-being.  But sometimes, the difficult thing that we encounter is lack of money and that’s the same reason why we need to have a dental plan that could help us in time we needed one.

Aetna Access Dental Plan is a company that offers discounted plans that can work for you and your family. offers 30+ dental discount plans to help you save dentists fees. They offer different plans suitable for individual dental insurance that can be availed over 66,000 dental offices across America.  Many dental plans had been offered to me and yes, i have been curious if they really offered great discounts or worse.

Kids Party Preparation

Sometimes preparation for your kids party  takes your time and money and the thought of making it extra special is sometimes challenging especially if your on a strict budget.

Birthday comes once a year and we have to make sure that it will become a memorable experience for our kids but saving us also a frightening experience.

Think of a theme and it can guide you on how and what to look when buying materials for your kids party.  Having a guide lists can help you ease your task on finding suppliers and what would you want for your kids birthday party.

You can choose from thousand of themes and you can find relative ideas on the net.  When you have found the theme you wanted to have, the ideas would come rushing in and you can start on making invitation, finding the venue and looking for caterers.  You can also have the option to do it at home which can be savings on your part because you don’t need to pay for the venue and you can even have family and friends help you.

On the next pages, you are going to find relative ideas on how to celebrate your kids party with a certain theme.

Handmade Wood Furniture

Looking for handmade wood furniture? Look no farther because  aspen furniture ,  get you a chance to find beautiful pieces of wood furniture that suits your budget and lifestyle.

We always wanted to have a new dining table, hubby wanted trendy and with the latest light design in the market today but if you would ask me, i will still want to go with the heavy and comes from a solid wood but of course, i would prefer if those wood comes from the tree that passes the standard of environment and eco-friendly items.

wood outdoor swing

Furniture are a wonderful addition to our house and it makes one home a beautiful place to live and the feeling of belonging.  A beautiful piece of furniture like this wood outdoor swing from aspen furniture will surely make my daughter ecstatic.

Maybelline products giveaway

I’m currently holding a giveaway for a cause and one lucky winners will get a chance to win Maybelline cosmetics products and a blogger will win a nice treat from me too.

I’m thinking of a nice material handling that can go over to my things.  I have been busy for the past few weeks, things are sometimes rough and for days, my kids are sick .  I’m worried and emotionally tired  and I could not able to do many things because my mind is not at ease.

I do hope things will goes well and I do hope that you can join my giveaway!

Product developments

Assisting costumers to products not particularly known by them.  Product development is something I am not good at.  I guess, it was just not my field.       Although product developments are easy to think and make, finding a solid foundation or company likefluid technologies can give you the briefing you will need for the  next hours.

I wish I know how to create product development or just make the appropriate website for it but the laziness in me and the thought that I would not do it is more visible than usual.

I guess, every products can be achieved by the right help and professional minded person, something Filipino are still lacking.

Something Borrowed

I remember my high school days, at this time we usually have our school plays and there are different roles that you will perform for a certain subjects.  I always love role playing although memorizing is not my specialty,  i find acting is one of my hidden talents.

I still don’t know blogging at that time and i don’t even had the idea on how to use internet nor browse sites like .  I always love acting and theater , there was a time that i wish to join acting class and joining the theater but  my main concern that time was finding clothes that i can use for my role.  I remember borrowing  a medical scrub top from a nurse friend.

Doing the things you love is really enjoyable, i missed acting and I missed the chaos on the backstage and the most thing i missed most is the applause of the audience after a job well done.

The Best of 7,107 Island – Brother Story

Ever since, i love taking pictures and collect some things and created it into a traditional scrapbook but when my daughter was born my love for scrap booking grows even more.  It was indeed turned into a passionate desire to create for her a simple book as a memory of her childhood.

But then, i found digital scrap booking, it was very new to me but the process is very easy to learn, since then, i have created more than a hundred pages.

Digital scrap booking teach me to express myself in many ways,  even if your lacking on skills in arts and crafts, your creation will be turned into something beautiful.

Then I have seen this contest from Brother, curiosity and of course the desire to make beautiful scrapbooks came into me and the thought of having my own label maker  makes me tried Brother Creative Centre.  It’s a digital scrap booking  where you can make memories on these personalized scrapbook pages, it’s very easy to use and the good thing is you can print them afterward.   Different layouts are already  provided for you with many decorations, frames, and themes to choose from.  You will only need to add your  beautiful pictures into them with just a little creativity and of course your passionate desires  and viola, you will have a wonderful scrapbook in just a short minute.

brother creative centre

Create your Digital Scrapbook Now!

I’m really thankful for Brother  for choosing my work.

and of course I’m so excited to use my new Brother Label Maker PT-90

Brother Label Maker PT-90

To learn more about Brother At your Side.  Join them at Facebook.