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I could not say that I am gifted mentally nor can brag my life’s accomplishment but I am proud that i graduated my secondary years without my parent’s paying a single penny for my tuition fees.  My scholarship includes  uniforms, shoes,  school supplies, miscellaneous expenses, projects, monthly stipends and even an umbrella and a raincoat.

So, my grandmother has no reason to worry for my studies, even my father always brag about that he did not spend any money for my education from elementary to college.

When i was in college, i used to work in the morning to finance my study at night.  Although, i have the option to apply for a scholarship, i did not grab the chance because i don’t need an extra pressure on my part to excel in school because what I need is the money to supplement our daily needs.

Although i am always included in the honor roll , i still don’t believe that it is my intelligence that is working behind all of it.  I must say that it is the guts and my drive to finish my education that made the difference.

I always hate math and numbers, I would rather write and speak my mind out or talk in a public debate. That is why, I always love to join extra curricular activities where i can interact with other people and gain friends.

Yes, absent minded is my second name and I love day dreaming. I could create different stories in my mind and make it believe that it is true in my eyes.  If you would think that I am doing it to avoid the reality of life, your half true but i would say that it is a precious talent that our Good Lord has given me.

I always dream to become a novel writer and an ambassador,  although chance and circumstances did not permit me to do so.

I would love to read your stories too.

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