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BB Cream Addict

When I first learned of BB creams, i thought for myself that I need to try that. That’s when i searched for a nice bb cream that is affordable and nice to the skin and then i found Maybelline BB cream, it’s not greasy and it covers the imperfection in my face.  Just for a small amount, everything turns into magic.

BB Cream are very in demand this days and many woman love it.  I believe that this craze started from Korea , maybe that’s there secret for having a really beautiful skin.

Being beautiful is what woman desires, not just because we wanted to impress someone but I guess having good and fair skin does have a plus factor for having the right confidence.  It’s not hard to achieve because there is always the help of cosmetics and right products.

Now, you get a chance to be beautiful by winning really awesome prizes from KikaysiMaria and BB Cream Addict Pre-holiday contest.  They are giving away a total prize of more than Php.9,000 plus worth of beauty products for 5 lucky winners.  Yes, you read it right, five winners of this wonderful products.  Fabulous isn’t it?

Joining is very easy, you only need to do three simple mandatory task and you get the chance of a lifetime.  So, what are you waiting for?  Do head on their giveaway site and be beautiful.

Autumn Best

I’m sleepy and then suddenly this thought occupied my mind.  I believe it’s already autumn in some part of the world and I wish i could be given a chance to experience that.  But there are more than enough problems I need to face and conquer right now.

Don’t be fooled by the smile in my face,  yes you got it right, I just want to hide this emotional feeling i am feeling right now.  Although , I am very down, i need to be strong and firm for my children and afterall, it’s not just me who are experiencing this problem but there are many million people that has murch worser problem but my only hope is that everything will turn out right.

Cover Model

SP cover


It is always my dream for me and my baby to be in the magazine cover.  I guess that would just be a dream but luckily Smart parenting had given the opportunity for moms to experience even just for souvenir on how to be in front page of a make believe magazine.

It was indeed a lot of fun and i will cherish this picture for as long as i can remember.

Zowander Newest Baby and Birthday Giveaway

Lucky Zoan as she was called is celebrating her birthday and as a treat to her lovely readers, she is giving away this extra nice gift for just simply answering a question, “Who is there newest addition in the family and how she was able to get her name?”

Honestly, i have no idea where Bebang came from,  I know a certain bebang that was called by that’s name because her full name is Beverly but it’s out of the topic don’t you think.

So, i have to make a wide guess, I think it was called bebang because Zoan is a Bisaya like me and “Be” is one of the endearing word in their dialect, so this new baby puppy was given by his sweety boyfriend so i guess that’s what she was called, and “Bang” means happy, “Well, it’s just my wide guess and i really have no idea if it rings a bell.

Anyway, if you have any better answer than my answer above, then head on to her blog and get  a chance to win this beautiful treat from her.

Wednesday White #1

From today, this site of mine will be joining Wednesday White , a new meme hosted by Mommy Raya, although white is not my favorite color, i always admire white because of its’s simplicity and pureness.  I always remember that i don’t wear white pants because it will easily get dirty, “Oh, i’m a very clumsy gal”

So, here is my first share of white with you!  I wanted to begin with my wedding day!  I think this is my perfect white dream and I always smile when i saw this pictures.

Staying fit and beautiful

Since i gave birth last March, my body has not regain it’s previous size. My tummy is still big and my face is still round as an apple. I’m not complaining though i’m a little bit stressed on thinking how i will lose this excess fats and this hormonal acne in my face and some parts of the body.

I’m planning to exercise to help my body back in shape but i think it would still be critical for me if i do that now because of my stitches.  I’m also thinking to take some beauty products to help removes this acne and black spots in my face and body. Do you have anything in mind? I have yet to try this product my sister recommends to me.  I think it’s good for her and I’m just waiting for a perfect time to begin that regimen.  I’m anxious but i need to be patient.  Afterall, i have a baby to take care for and a husband who thinks i’m still adorable even with this big body.

Di Lang Ako basta Babae

I’m not just a woman!  I am a woman of honor and pride.  A woman who is trying to be a good wife and mother to her children.

Modess Angel

Many people knows my story and my struggles in life. I was abandon by my own mother at my early age.  I was physically abused by my father and I had a hard time living my life through my college days.   Yes, my childhood is not perfect, I have suffered so much pain and misery that sometimes I thought I could not go on with my life but I am always grateful for giving me the opportunity to meet people that helped me in their own simple way.  They give me inspiration, courage and light and I will always considered them as Angel in my Life.    That’s why, in my own simple way, I would like to share and inspire others too through my blogs and my advocate.

Not every woman is leading the same path I have now, there are many woman who are suffering from abusive hands and many still violates woman rights.  I do hope and wish that they finally have the courage to fight and believe in their own capacity.  We are supposed to be loved, honor and taken care of.

My little Angels

Visit Modess Angels for inspirational stories and thoughts.

Beautynomics 5th year Anniversary Contest

Could you imagine it, Beautynomics is already turning 5 and for all this year, she share the economics of  vanity, great ideas and tips about fashion and what’s the latest.  Last year, if you could recall, i win a beautiful bag on her anniversary too and this year, i’m still crossing my finger on winning her beautiful treats for her subscribers.

1. 5 Pond’s Gift Packs ( full range of either Pond’s Gold Radiance, Flawless White, or Age Miracle )

2. 1 The Body Shop Shiso White Skin Care range
3. 5 L’Oreal Paris Gift Packs + Charm Luxe Kabuki Brush
4. 5 Avon Gift Packs mixed with Purederm Goodies
5. 5 Golla Bags with Pond’s Dual Action UV Therapy Eye Cream inside each bag!
6. 1 Obagi C-Rx Set ( Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer )
7. 1 Kerastase Hair Care Set ( Basic Nutritive Set )
8. 1 Special Gift Pack from Goodskin Labs

It’s very easy to join and you get to win beautiful prizes too.

“Win prizes from Avon, Pond’s, L’Oreal Paris, The Body Shop, PureDerm, Obagi, Beauty & Minerals, Goodskin Labs and Golla! Visit Beautynomics’ 5th Year Anniversary Contest entry to know how!”

This contest will not be possible with the generous help of her sponsors:

Avon Philippines

Pond’s Philippines
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Because I love Random Things – Giveaway

You know me, i’m a make-up junkie and just knowing that a beautiful make-up palette will be yours, makes me smile and get thrilled.  That’s why I’m joining Quirkysuyen and House of Flair Birthday Treat.

It’s so easy to win and you’ll get  a chance to have this beautiful Urban Decay, Black Palette.

Hurry, this contest is just open for two weeks.  Join Now!

Pink Giveaway

Yes, you read it right, this giveaway is presented by Ssetiram and she’s giving away this beautiful set of black and pink short and shirt.  Ooh, i do love them, they really look nice.  I do hope i can win this beautiful set.

You can be the lucky winner too , just click this link: