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Famous Celebrities : Would you change your name for fame?

Is there a time in your life, you wished your parents have given you another name instead on what you have now?

Our names is our identity on this world, many people are very sensitive when that name they build will be broken or tainted that can be very damaging to their family and one self.  In our country, father will often tell their children to take care of their names (take care of their dignity and reputation) since they are carrying their families name especially if you are born in a family with good reputation and known in the society.

Our parents had chosen our name even before we were born and each day, our mother will often call us using that same name while we are still on their tummies.

I have read a book that the names we gave to our children can affect their life and their personality.  It can also creates good or bad impression and have a long lasting effect to a child.  Studies even shows that a child was bullied because of her name does can give a low self-esteem .

Our parents has the liberty to choose a name for us but other well known personalities like Hollywood celebrities changed their names to gain more fame. It’s not uncommon for us to learn about celebrity changing their names, writers have their pseudonyms  and pen names to hide their true identity. I personally experience how name affects our whole being,  i know someone who was named ” Maria Bagonggahasa”  and she was called by the professor as “Mary, the newly rape” , just imagine the laughter it creates at first instance. There are surnames of vegetables, trees, local dialect with funny meaning.

With the recent yahoo news, i have learned  that famous actors changes their name before entering Hollywood.  So, i browse the net and learned that there are even 78 hollywood celebrities that indeed changed their names for a spot on that lime light.  Here are some of them :

 Nicholas Coppola – Nicolas Cage ,   Reginald Dwight – Elton John , Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra  - Meg Ryan,  Natalie Hershlag – Natalie Portman ,  Eldrick Woods – Tiger Woods,  Marco Antonio Muñiz – Marc Anthony, John Francis Bongiovi, Jr – Jon Von Jovi , Christie Lee Hudson – Christie Brinkley, Kong-Sang Chan – Jacky Chan, Destiny Hope Cyrus – Miley Cyrus,  Hannah Fanning – Dakota Fanning,  Alicia Christian Foster –  Jodie Foster, Eric Bishop – Jamie Foxx,  Audrey Kathleen Ruston – Audrey Hepburn ,  Alicia Cook – Alicia Keys, Barry Pincus – Barry Manilow, Demetria Gene Guynes – Demi Moore, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson – Katy Perry, Winona Laura Horowitz – Winona Ryder, Steven Tallarico – Steve Tyler, Walter Willis – Bruce Wilis.

Our local celebrities is no exemption,

Rodel Nacianceno – Coco Martin, Marie Rachel Salman Taleon – Dawn Zulueta , Evangeline Rose De Mesa Eigenmann - Cherie Gil , Angelica Colmanares – Angel Locsin,  Richard Faulkerson, Jr. – Alden Richards, Jose Marie Mortel Bautista – Bong Revilla, Jose Marcelo Ejercito – Joseph Estrada, Timothy Mark Pimentel Eigenmann – Sid Lucero,  Cody Andrew Garabato Miller III – Troy Montero , (it only means that his brother is also not a montero but miller, Hazel Pascual Reyes – Ara Mina, Maria Assunta Tiotangco Schiavone- Assunta De Rossi, María Julia Amorsolo – Eula Valdez, Gloria Borrego- Galla – Gloria Romero, Susan Reid –  Hilda Koronel , Jesusa Victoria Hernandez – Lani Mercado, Nora Cabaltera Villamayor – Nora Aunor, Jesusa Purificación Sonora – Susan Roces, Sharon Garcia Magdayao – Vina Morales, Regina Alatiit – Gina Alajar. Anna Marie Falcon , Francine Prieto. 

I guess this changes affect their stardom. It’s more easier to remember and has a great impact.

ROMARIANNE  (this is my real name)

A name extra – ordinary combine
on the time I was confine
in a place i can’t define.
time has come for the name 
to blossom and claim
and be a part in fame.
tomorrow will just be fine 
with you and me in bind,
together we will find
our destiny in kind. 
(a poem written by my father as a gift for my 18th birthday)
I often ask myself why would my father choose an unusual name, why not Rebecca, Rachel, Rosemarie, why would it be complicated that others often call me Rose or Rosemarianne or Roma, Marianne or Anne or tease me by calling Rhea  Rubbing Alcohol (my nickname is RIA which i have to correct and defend myself) but in time, i have learned to appreciate my name.  It was from my grand mother – “Romana” and I was born in time wherein Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines does and MARIANNE is a national emblem of France and defines liberty and reason. I can say that my name is uniquely mine.
What do you think?  Would you change your name for fame?  If you will be given a chance to have your name changed, what could it be? I guess, we really don’t have the capacity to choose our names but if you really wanted to change them especially if it affects your emotionally, we have the law that governs changing your name.

more reading ; ph. yahoo news  buzz feed

Time to let go – Saying goodbye to your pet

Knowing the truth can sometimes hurt, the only consolation is you were given time to accept and realize that life is just borrowed time. Saying good bye is a very hard thing to do especially if your pet has been a part of your life for many years.

It’s been days that our Chi-Chi was in pain. Looking very pale, hubby will just spoon fed her so she can regain her strength but days goes by, nothing had changed and her condition just got worse.    Last saturday, hubby and I decided to bring her to a veterinarian to know the real reason behind her sudden sickness.

Based on the symptoms we have said, the doctor presumed that she might have pyometra,  a disease that usually occurs on dogs 6 years and older that has never been neutered.  When we brought her, no laboratory or xray was needed to confirm the truth that she was indeed suffering from this sickness.  My heart shuttered when I have heard about it and the fact was all showing that there is a small chance for her to recover if she would not undergone an operation considering the circumstances that she is already old and there’s a 50 /50 chances that she can able to survive the operation.

Talking to our veterinarian, we have to weigh in the options and if treatments is still an option. We bring her home and buy some antibiotics, vitamins and antacids.  The vet told us that if she doesn’t eat overnight we need to confine her in the clinic so she can receive special care and medicines too.

chi-chi’s last picture

Choosing whether or not to euthanize your sick dog especially if she was already on her old age is still a very difficult task to do. Everything seems out of place.  I felt like I’m losing a friend and a baby in the process. Considering the years that we have been waiting for a baby and Chi-chi is the one i have given all my attention and time. It is never an easy decision for me and my family but we have to act fast considering her present situation and we could not bear seeing her in pain.

Hubby had told me to make the decision if we should let her go but I can only answer with tears.  Hubby finally told me that it is time to bid goodbye as there’s no solid hope for her and I could not bear to see her growing weak day by day and just wait for her to expire. With a heavy heart, i have to let her go and just remember her with a smile in my heart .  There’s a saying that all dogs goes to heaven and I know she was already there beside our creator.

Personalized Gifts

Exactly two months from today, our little darling baby ritz would be celebrating his first birthday and with a double celebration of his christening.  I’m thinking of finding a nice personalized baby gifts to serve as a give away to all my friends and god parents who will be attending the said event.

personalized gifts

I have found a beautiful personalized key chain in the net but I am still thinking if i would considering buying it, but I really love it’s idea and it’s really super nice.  I know that my friends would surely love when they receive one but instead of the blue green, i wanted it something yellow or green.

Rainy Days are Here

Rainy days are definitely here.  Make sure you and your kids are prepared for that.  Don’t forget your umbrella as I usually does .

You might be wondering why this post was here.  Well, unfortunately I accidentally make my other blog down.  I was trying to make an automatic wordpress update and then suddenly all I have is a white page with all those fatal error….   the sad thing, that website does not have a control panel and I have to wait for my host to read my e-mail so she can work on it , now I wonder when will it be?  Wishing, hoping that it will be soon……


Our new bundle of Joy- Birth Announcement

We, Mel & Ria Romero
is very proud to announce the birth of our son
Goldritz Melandria Romero
on March 22, 2011
8:51 a.m.
at USI Mother Seton, Naga City
7 lbs. 1 oz – 48.5 cm via cesarean section

We thank you so much for all your prayers and warm wishes.
It was quite a journey, painful not just to my body but to our
wallet too (LOL) but truly worth it and amazing!
There are many things I would like to share but my body and stitches are still aching, and i still need to catch some lose sleeps.
Again, our sincerest Thank you to all our friends, relatives, who supports us along the way!

A Mother’s thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life.

Mapanghingi ka ba?

That’s a question I would gladly answer.  Yes, I am.  In fact i remember my childhood days when i always ask my grandmother for anything that came out of my mind, a simple candy, a toy perhaps, jack stones, rubber band and i even cried so she would buy me a yoyo because all my neighbor friends has one.    Maybe, it’s a part of being a child that we always wanted something even if it’s not really important.

I even remember always visiting the image of  St. Anthony , the patron saint for lost person and keep on asking him to let me see my long lost biological mother. As I grow old, i still keep on dreaming what i wanted in life and asking the Good Lord to fulfill my dreams and wishes.  Sometimes, it do happens but sometimes it does not.

my childhood memories

I remember praying and asking Him to heal my father and gave him another chance to live but maybe it was his time and I could not do anything about it. (he died two months after my wedding day)

I asked and asked for a child to come and after two miscarriages and lost hopes to bear a child she gave me one adorable daughter who helped me cope up with the lost of my father and to bind my marriage.

something to live by

and now even i’m not asking He gave me a reason to ask for good health, happy life,  safe delivery and a healthy child.

a mother's wish

Mapanghingi ba ako? What do you think, the answer will be a big YES!

This is my official entry to Mapanghingi ka ba 1′st anniversary giveaway!

What’s new? Hope you can nominate me!

What’s new?

It’s been a while since my last post.  I have posted last time that my laptop just broke down and because i don’t have any money to replace it right now, I have decided to claim for myself (LOL) the other computer in our office which was not used for a long time. Good thing it was repaired and now my problems were solved and i can do my office work without any problems.

My tummy is getting bigger each day although i am still suffering from morning sickness if it is still what I should call them but i am still hoping that my dizziness will be over soon. I really missed blogging and chatting with some old friends but hopefully i’ll be back on track again this December.  I have seen a lot of blog contest recently and too sad, I was not able to join them , hoping my luck will be as good as this year next year.

I have seen a recent contest held by Johnson’s and Johnsons  Baby World of Firsts and the prize is really beautiful and awesome and if it is not too much for you to ask to nominate me (LOL) that would really be lovely and beautiful gift for me and for my unborn baby.  All you need to do is to answer the Nomination form which was attached in their facebook account;

You can view it here:!/johnsonsbabyPH?v=app_4949752878

My name of course:  Romarianne Rosaura-Romero

Expected due date: First week of April, 2011

your email address:

telephone number

Why do you think mommy and baby’s first time moments deserve to be celebrated?

Why do you think your friend (I) deserve the nomination?

Why do you want to throw your friend a baby shower?

How do you envision your friend’s baby shower?

In five words or less, please describe your friend?

I believe that this contest is not a popularity contest or voting but whoever gives the best answer wins! Three lucky mommy can win a grand Baby shower! ( hoping and praying that i’ll be included)

I am really looking forward on your help.  Thank you so much!

Saying hello to all of you!

I have been trying to post something but was not able to do so, considering that there has no internet connection in our house.  I am lucky enough to browse my email and facebook profile because of the net at the office but i still have very limited time because of my work.

Living in a new house is quite something, we were not yet finished with all the improvements we have to do but bit by bit we are hoping that we can accomplished them all and not to mind the monthly amortization we need to pay but the good thing is we are all doing well, with my pregnancy on the way (my stomach is getting bigger each day) and our darling Peachy is really enjoying her stay in our new place.  I have lots of pictures to post and plus the prizes i have won which was already delivered to our door steps.

I really miss you all and of course i miss joining contests too. Once, we got our internet connection i am planning to do a very simple contest but with beautiful prizes to all of my readers.  Thank you for always coming back here and don’t forget to leave your message so i can get back to you too!


Much love!

A new journey to motherhood

So, the much awaited question is answered and yes, this might be the cause of why i am always sleepy and too tired even if i have not done anything. I have been missing posts, blog hopping  and occasional chitchats with my FB and Blogger Friends. I am too lazy to join online contest and  neglecting  to harvest my farmville farm. I have been dying to eat blueberry cheesecake only after eating it wanting to throw it out of my stomach. I have never been too lazy just until now and sometimes would not like to look at the mirror to see my pimples because even if I cure them, they still keep on coming back.
This is another chapter in my life, I could not consider a milestone yet but praying and hoping that the Good Lord will protect us both and we will be cuddling another adorable baby in our arms. I am ecstatic to learn the good news but also worried and somehow a little bit frightened because of my previous experiences.
My ob-gyne says that it was too small yet that she could not feel it  but yes the snapkit would not lie (two snapkit actually) and the good news, a bed rest or leave at work is not needed unless you know what but i am hoping that it will not come to that.
I have been there, agony of pains and frustrations and loss and i would not want to look back at it because it only give me misery, heartaches and worries. What i am looking forward is a happy life, fruitful and a healthy offspring.  This was indeed my new journey to motherhood, so if i missed visiting your blog do forgive and bear with me, blame it to my laziness. LOL. But i am hoping that you will still visit me from time to time and leave a comment or two and it will surely make my day lovelier and happy.

A Mother’s thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life. Photobucket

Various Thoughts

I have not blog for a while even though my mind wanted to but my body is just too tired and stressed because of our recent house re-painting.

Have you read our experience on the Midnight Screening of Eclipse? It  was the worst movie experience we ever had although i enjoyed the movie, the prior experience still irritates me.   Sometimes it was really best to watch movie from the comfort of your own home, less worries, convenient and can save you some penny.

Just recently I bought cell phone cases for my phone and because my darling Peachy keeps on playing with it.  I thought of buying her own too.  She’s really playful and does things that amuses her but sometimes she is really naughty and would even throw her things when she’s mad.

Hopefully next week, i can make a really good and interesting post to all of you.  Till then.