Give back the life to your Leather shoes

Leather is one of the most use product in the market.  It has a lot of uses and i guess everybody has a chance to own a pair or two.

Leather shoes are sometimes expensive because of it’s good quality that lasts longer than the other , cleaning leather seems very easy to do but it has a procedure that  you also need to follow to properly clean your leather shoes.

Cleaning it regularly can keep it from wearing down or losing it’s shape.  On cleaning your leather shoes, you need the right cleaning materials so as not to lose it’s texture and shine.

Music and Me

I have always loved music but i guess music doesn’t love me at all.   I don’t have any idea on playing any music instrument, music accessories like epiphone valve junior hot rod music123 would be very hard for me to grasp.  I guess, there are people that was born musically inclined and the few exceptions includes me.

I guess having a good voice was also hereditary, my mother’s family are all good singers and they really sang well , so I guess, i have inherited my father voice who also sings out of tune.

Whether out of tune or hitting the right notes, we all need to sing a different tune especially with what life could offer to us.

Jeepney ride

With the recent rise of gasoline, many jeepney association had been rallying in the street   to ask for possible jeepney fare rise but the authorities believe that it is still premature for them to demand for one.

Jeepney are more expensive to maintain, thinking about jeep trailer hitch and the big maintenance that an operator needs to undergo.  Sometimes, i am thinking that the tricycle is more easier to manage considering the fact that the accessories it uses is more minimal that a jeep but we should also need to consider that jeep are very important part of our busy street and without them, many commuters would be having a hard time.

Water and it’s features

I never thought that water has different features but i guess with the water features that was posted in the net makes me think that there are indeed many things that I don’t know yet.

But water features is not really what I thought it was but a wall decoration that you can put inside or outside your houses.  It’s great features can give you more insight on how it was made and how it can help beautify your home.  Wall fountains is one common name that is very fashionable and modern.  There can be floor or over top mountains which can be found in just one site.  If you wanted a customized one, they also offer such service.  I bet my husband would love to see this.

Nothing beats a great apogee

With all the latest gadgets that is all over the market today.  I can only few and see ones that are really worthy for me.  Although, innovations is the latest trend, even apogee duet has given their share for ipad user which needs a program to listen recordings.  I guess, it’s a perfect timing for me, if i can only have one, then i would be perfect just like what i have imagined.

 With the ever growing entertainment in the world, there is nothing that can beat a beautiful melody shared by the whole family on a concert that only works for all of you.

Hey, i just met you, i know it’s crazy but call me maybe!

Hey there, i just met you and I know it’s crazy but call me maybe, i one of the famous lines we have this days and i guess millions of people are talking about this song. Even famous singers like Katy Perry has her own you tube version doing this crazy song .

Many peopole especially the young today loves to have eyeball or meet other people from their social networking sites and that’s the same reason why many young female adult have come to realize that knowing someone for the first time is not always fine. Just like  contactless cards that protect us, being vigilant and knowing the person can only prevent us for much stress and pain of travelling and meeting.

Ceiling Fans to die for

Out of  nowhere, i saw this for hunter ceiling fans and i thought it would be so much interesting to check out especially this time that i am looking for a nice ceiling fan for our dining room. Because of this extreme weather, kitchens and dining rooms are not very conducive place to stay very long and because of lack of ventilation, it would definitely give me a headache if i could not find a better solution as fast as i can.

The best idea is to have a ceiling fan to make the room more cozier and finding one in our place is such a pain. So, buying on the net would be the next option but my problem rests on how much would be the payment for the shipping fee especially if it would be coming from a far place like.

Summer Fun Time

Isn’t it great to think that summer will bring us good weather, great sun , extreme summer heat and perhaps sun burnt. But, i guess, it’s other way around considering the heavy rains during the past days.

I guess, weather had really changes so much that even we had to adjust the things we do.  Prepare something light, hear your heart out with Universal Audio gear that can help you enjoy while staying at home because of heavy rains.  Prepare foods that are easy to make, a run about in your stocks on the fridge can be perfect for munching especially on a day of what you think would supposed to be a summer fun time.

Relax, breath a lot and enjoy the view of the falling rain in your window.  There are many things you can do at home with your family or friends.  Explore the possibilities and the day will never be boring even if there is heavy rain outside your door.

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