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Ceiling Fans to die for

Out of  nowhere, i saw this for hunter ceiling fans and i thought it would be so much interesting to check out especially this time that i am looking for a nice ceiling fan for our dining room. Because of this extreme weather, kitchens and dining rooms are not very conducive place to stay very long and [...]

Summer Fun Time

Isn’t it great to think that summer will bring us good weather, great sun , extreme summer heat and perhaps sun burnt. But, i guess, it’s other way around considering the heavy rains during the past days. I guess, weather had really changes so much that even we had to adjust the things we do. [...]

Candy Coated Fashion

Do you remember my post before about a chocolate gown?  Well, this one can spark your interest and i bet will make you think twice of eating marshmallows again. I so loved marshmallows but i did not feature myself wearing them. When I first saw this pictures, i really told myself, it’s weird, I wonder [...]

On Grocery Lane

While I was on the grocery yesterday, the cashier suddenly told us to find another line because the machine suddenly wend down and needed to be fixed.  That’s when I thought if they have a reliable  POS Hardware , their would not be such problem. POS Micro provides bar code scanners to cash register express and receipt [...]

Pajamas for Life

Are you an evening person?  I always love to sleep maybe that’s what i do best.  No kidding, when I was in my younger days, i used to sleep late and wake up on my pajamas at almost mid morning. My father teases me my friend if they wanted to make me happy, give me [...]

Decorative Switch

Creating a beautiful house started when you choose the right accessories to beautify your home.  There are many accessories that can add elegance and unique room.  Just take this switch plate covers for example, it creates a personalized ambiance to your room.  There are many designs and choices you choose from.  This shell switch plate [...]

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