Busy as bee

Busy!  It’s a word i often hear everyday.  Not just on my own mouth but also with all the people i have encountered and talked everyday.  Being busy is such a choice everybody must make but did you know that half of our country is not working or don’t have any work as much as we did.

It’s so sad to learn the fact that our country is still suffering poverty and there is not enough work for every graduate on this country and what’s worst even more is the fact that not many student who wishes to graduate can able to study college.  Why?   Because they just can’t afford to do so especially coming from the news that almost 80% of college/university institution will be increasing their tuition fee.  That will only mean that there will be many students who would not afford the tuition fees and would rather stay at home to help their parents.

This is already a debate in the past and i do hope the real solution will come and be given.

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