Another SHOE!!

Yesterday, I have made  my first Seven Heaven on Earth post and for today, I would like to share the next part of my series.

1. I never thought that a plain friendship will blossom into a romantic romance.  At first, I was never attracted to my hubby but suddenly, I realize I was falling deeply in love with him.

2. My dream wedding came into reality giving us so much happiness.

3.  We really love taking pictures, lots of pictures.

4.  Hubby and I always love to eat, that’s one thing that I am certain that we don’t disagree.

5. When I realized I was pregnant with our Peachy , words could not express my feelings. I really felt that I am in heaven.

6. The first time I hold my baby in my arm, i felt that I am already fulfilled as a woman.

7. Every time, I see her grow each passing day, I can’t help but smile. She’s my everything.

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