A silver lining on the way

Each of us has their own story to tell.  We live our life thinking of what benefits us and if we could do one thing to  change our life, we would probably do it.  My grand mother would always say that I need to find my passion in life and do it for a living because on that way, i will create a better future for me and for my family.   Finding our passion is not really hard to do because what we just need is to see what we love, and the activities that fire our heart and the things we love most.  If we can find those things, a silver lining is on our way.

Although passion is just a piece of a cake on a bigger picture, we have to work for it.  It’s not like what we think that if we want them ,we can automatically get them.  But in every situation there is always an  answer and that answer still lies within us.  Sometimes, we end up seeking our passion for life and others never find it because they are too absorb on what they do and forget what their true value. We have to learn one day at a time, being true to our self and to think more positive each day.

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