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A valentine greeting

It’s hearts day today, i do hope your day goes well with the things you planned on doing. So, where have you been this day and what gifts did you receive? Ohh, i have heard some friends who is still super shuddered of their feelings when they receive flowers from their husbands. Maybe you should let your husband read my posts about “5 things your wife would want to receive this valentines”.  So, they would have a better idea on what women really wants.

Well, flowers is an old story for me and hubby,  don’t think i’m complaining, although it’s super sweet to receive flowers but i was not thrilled on receiving one.  I will prefer to eat a sumptuous foods than receiving a  flower.  But hubby is always sweet and although he did not treat us on a very special date today, he had given me a super extra fabulous gift i would not imagine receiving, curious, then read my story on my other blog.

Anyway, a warm greetings to all my blogger and facebook friends out there.  I do hope that even it’s not valentines day, you will always share the love and care.

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