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Blogging changes my life and it can changes yours too!

Yes, each of us is a born winner and we can only achieve the most  of it if we know how to find and grasp it in our hands.  Although winning is not everything, it makes our life happier and fulfilling.  That’s why, starting from now, i would release the positive mind and good side of the coin and say my mantra, I am a winner, i will win and i will achieve the things i only dream before!

I started blogging in the early years of 2009 but I really don’t understand what really blogging is. It’s just on early 2010 that another blogger friend help me to know more about blogging and how it can change my life.  She even told me that i can earn through my blog and that’s how My  Journey to Life of Blogging begun.  I have started with a blogspot format and change it later to my own name and just like some addiction, Blogging is very addictive, the one site becomes two and this site was born, Something to Live By serves as a way of sharing my feelings to the world.  And then i joined blogging contests wherein luck knocks on my door.

Yes, these are among the winnings i had in my blogging career.  The prize includes free domain, free hostings, templates/themes, paypal money and ec credits. And then, the blog which used to be only two becomes five now.  I have Prosperity’s Desire , a blog about parenting, children and musings of our adorable daughter,  Melandria’s Musings which is about fashion, reviews and my daily musings.  Journey of a Dreamer which tell stories of our travels, favorite foods and different encounters and my love for weddings and there is Babies and Contests , a site that shares information about babies, contest directories, magazine contest links and also the home of Wonderful Babies, a contest i have held for adorable and cute little babies/children.

I could not say, i am a talented girl , honestly, I don’t know how to sing, dance , or play even a single musical instrument and I am not a genius too(LOL) . I used to join plays and acting contests in our schools.  I am not really good in english but i know how to express myself if i am given the task to do so. I love debates, oratorical and i always join extemporaneous speech contest and was lucky to win several of them from my elementary to college years. I even remember joining a slogan contest which i won a trophy and a cash prize of Php. 1,000.00. Although it is not that much but the happiness that gave me is more than the amount itself.

Now, blogging introduce me into a new world. Because of my love to join contests  (but not really the one with all the voting galore because my powers and my lists of friends could not make it). I only stick with the one who needs some luck and some artistic hands too and i was happy that i was able to win some of them.

kotex samples

Neutrogena from Earthlingorgeous

BDJ diary from Entrepbuff

Veet from Annalyn

A webcam from Yousaytoo

different online freebies

A jacket from SexandSensibilites.com

And some other things that i could not think of as of now.  I am happy that because of my passion to write, i have entered the blogging world.  I may not be very good in what i do but my happiness is overwhelming  because i get a chance to meet new friends, learn new things and get a chance to get freebies.

Now, this year, my aim is to earn extra income to help our present financial situation.  I was inspired with some blogger friends who get a chance to earn so many dollars a month and was able to send their children to school, pay their bills, buy their own gadgets because of their online earnings.  Maybe in due time, i can have our  dream car or maybe the trip we always wanted to have but for now, i needed to put my hands and my mind to work, click those New Posts button to create more valuable entries for my dearest readers and have a faith and confidence that i can achieve my blogging goals and hopefully before the end of this year, my site will be known by many and advertisers will begin to purchase ads from me.

So, what’s your story? Share them now! Cool Buster.net is waiting for you!

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