Staples Coupon Code and Other Ways Your family Can Save

Handling a household budget means finding different ways that your family can save money on things they purchase. Many women clip coupons before they grocery shop, or even use things like a Staples coupon code when they shop online. While these techniques do save some money, there are numerous ways that your family can save even more. You don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck, if you learn to budget the money you have properly, and save when you can.

Planning your meals in advance is a good way to lower your family’s food costs. Write out a menu for each day of the week and include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. After you have your menu set, make a list of the things you need to buy at the grocery. A lot of times you save money if you buy in bulk, so try to make meals that call for similar ingredients. When you go to the store make sure you stick to your list. Random purchases end up costing you a lot more money than you need to spend.

You also shouldn’t be afraid to purchase things you need from second-hand stores. Purchasing second-hand doesn’t mean you have to go thrift store shopping. There are stores that specialize in selling second-hand items that are name brand. Instead of heading to the mall for the kids’ back-to-school shopping, hit the second-hand stores first. Kids go through clothes quickly, so it’s important to save as much money as you can when you shop for them. Books can also be purchased at second-hand stores, and typically are half the price of books purchased in a bookstore that sells new books.

Keep in mind that every little bit you save adds up in the long run. Think about your purchases before you may them and you’ll be surprised at how much money you save.

I won an accommodation at Microtel Inn courtesy of Hitabargain

Do you remember my post about Hit a Bargain contest , a free accommodation at the famous Microtel Inn and Suites at Boracay worth Php. 35,100.00? Well my hard work pays off and i am one of the winner of the 3 days and 2 nights free accommodation with free breakfast.

At first, i could not believe the good news  but when i have seen the result from their blog page, the only word i can say is wow!

I am looking forward in this opportunity. Thank you again Hit a Bargain and Microtel Inn for this wonderful gift.

Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete is Ms. Universe 2010

After a very thrilling event in the recent Ms. Universe 2010 held at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., Ms. Mexico , Jimena Navarrete was crowned as the new Ms. Universe 2010 winning over the 83 equally beautiful contestants.

She was indeed very beautiful and her sweet smile captured many audience.

Our very own Ms. Philippines-Universe Venuz Raj make it to the top 5 and was announced as 4th runner up.  I believe that her answer was the main reason why she did not make it to the top spot, if her answer was more sensible, it may have change the result , although all the Filipino people are very proud of your achievements.

The question and answers are the following:

The top 5 contestants are:

Miss Mexico, Miss Australia, Miss Jamaica, Miss Ukraine and Miss Philippines.

Yes! The dreaded final question! They have 30 seconds to answer. Here are their questions and excerpts from their answers.

First up, Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete: What effect is unsupervised Internet use having on today’s youth? Through an interpreter, she says the Internet is an “indispensable, necessary tool” and we have to make sure kids are using it according to family values.

Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell: What role should the government play in regulating potentially offensive clothing? “One of the greatest things we have is the freedom of choice…I don’t think the government should have any say in what we wear.”

Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps: Is the death penalty acceptable and why? “I believe that life is a gift…I believe that none of us as humans have the right to take a life.”

Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska: How do you feel about full-body scanners in airports? Through an interpreter, she says, “I think it’s a very important question of security…if that helps us to save the lives of people, than I’m for it.”

Miss Philippines Venus Raj: What is one big mistake you’ve made and what did you do to make it right? She says she hasn’t made any major mistakes, then gives a shout-out to her family. “Thank you so much that I am here.”

The final tally:

Fourth runner-up: Miss Philippines

Third runner-up: Miss Ukraine

Second runner-up: Miss Australia

First runner-up: Miss Jamaica

Winner: Miss Mexico!

Special Awards:

Ms. Congeniality: Ms. Australia

Ms. Photogenic : Ms. Thailand

National Costume – Ms. Thailand

Rolando Mendoza – Philippine Policeman shocked the whole world

After a long and agonizing eleven hours, the hijacking incident that took the life of more than half of the passengers finally came to end.

The hijacker SPO2 Rolando Mendoza, once a decorated police officer and awarded as one of the top 10 officer of the Philippines was ordered dismissed by the Ombudsman forfeiting his retirement benefits along with five fellow policemen.  This incident might have been the reason that trigger Mendoza to hijacked the Hong Thai Travel bus at the front of the Quirino Grand Stand, Manila, Philippines with 20  tourist passengers mostly Chinese National and 5 fellow Filipinos.

(picture of the hijacked Hong Thai Travel Bus with the brother of the hijacker Police officer Mendoza and one of the negotiator)

The incident started at barely 7:00 in the morning according to the news but was only at around 10:00 in the morning when it was aired , hours passed and the negotiations among Rolando Mendoza and the police negotiator and according to Vice Mayor of Manila, Hon Isko Moreno they have been doing their best to accommodate the request of the hostage taker and eventually led to freeing nine hostages.

My whole family was stationed in front of the television as if were watching a movie, the only difference is the grief and the emotion we had is truly breathtaking.  As we heard the continuous firing from the bus and the unexpected running of the bus driver along with his shout that everybody in the bus was already dead, i really knew that the gunman will never let the policemen to capture him alive.

Time passed by with the policemen trying to forcibly open the front and emergency door but gunshots were fired from the inside making them to made their distance again.(picture from of

Just then a commotion was made and policemen confirmed that the hijacker/gunman Rolando Mendoza was already dead, shot by one of the sniper positioned at around 25 meters away (as i have heard in the news) from the area.  Afterwards, remaining survivors were immediately alighted from the bus by the rescuer and with heavy smoke and foul odor coming from the tear gas, policeman decided to break the windows and I have seen from their that lifeless body of the passengers were passed through.

This was indeed a very tragic event on the history of Philippine News and Events. Lives were taken and the worst part, this were tourists who wanted to see and feel the beauty of our country.  But with this incident, what will happen to our tourism? I believe that we were once blacklisted in the other countries as one of the country which is not safe to travel because of the hostage drama that happens in the Mindanao wherein tourist were hostage and now another incident happened.  I believe that this will greatly affect not just our tourism but the security of our nation.

Adtel Home Solar Kit

Lopez Link is giving away  Adtel Home Solar Kit worth Php. 10,000.00 to one lucky blogger who can share why you wanted to have this home solar kit from Adtel .

Our place is one of the places that tropical storms  and typhoons wanted to pass by for reason that i really don’t know. I was not good about that and was not even thinking about of knowing it but what bothers me most is the fact that when a great storms hit our place,  brown out will come next.  Sometimes it stays for two days and then when worst come to worst, it will take a week before we can have an electricity.

Another recent problem is what our Electric Cooperative is suffering right now, erratic distribution of power was suffered by many consumers , just last May, our electric consumption was raised two times from our original electric bill and there billing increased for more than 80% of the usual amount. Since then, we experience interrupted electricity.

As a mother, it is my priority that my family is safe but safety is really difficult if you have no electricity, that’s why i know that Adtel’s Home Solar Kit will really help us a lot because it provides uninterrupted power supply that includes a cellphone charger, and 2W Led Lamps and can power a three-volt radio. This could really help us because if emergency happens we have a cellphone to use to call for help and one more good thing is we will be updated of the latest news from the radio.

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