Sunday Stealing – The 35 questions x2 Meme

1. How far away is the last person you kissed? Not so far from me.

2. Has someone ever told you they would be with you forever? Yes but he is not with me anymore.

3. Last person you were in a car with? My husband.

4. Any plans for tomorrow?   Will attend mass and we will go to the mall tomorrow for Peachy’s stroll day.

5. How long does it take for you to take a shower? 30 minutes is the most.

6. Best friend or close friends? i have them before but now i believe i only have close friends.

7. Is tomorrow going to be a good day? Yes Of course.

8. Did you kiss anyone friday?  I don’t remember

9. Ever thrown up in public? Not in my lifetime.

10. What’s on your mind RIGHT NOW?  what will be the next question

11. Who was the last person you talked to? hubby

12. What is the WORST subject they teach at school?  trigonometry. I hate math.

13. Have you seen anyone lately that you don’t get along with? i just don’t mind them.

14. What is your favourite colour top to wear? white and yelllow

15. Have you ever been in a car accident?  yes and i don’t want to remember it because it causes my nerves to chill.

16. What’s the closest thing to you that’s green? my mind.

17. Where would you like to be right now?  lying in bed.

18. Write down some lyrics to the song you’re listening to? i am not listening because my family is already asleep.

19. How many dogs do you have? one

20. Is anything bugging you right now? i don’t want to think about it.

21. Is life going right for you now? of course, we must think positive always.

22. Is there someone you care about more than yourself? my family, my precious daughter.

23. What made you laugh today? my baby.

24. What was the last movie you watched? true legend – the story of the drunken master.

25. Whats the last conversation you had about? good night

26. What were you doing at 7:00 this morning? sleeping, LOL.

27. Do you like your hair long or short? i prefer long but i always love short hair

28. Do you want to see somebody right now? yes, only if i could.

29. Do you like the rain? sometimes.

30. Did you have a valentine this year? yes

31. The last person you kissed needs you at 3 am, would you go? sure, why not.

32. Would you honestly say you’d risk your life for someone else? if it is about my daughter, i would do anything for her.

33. Honestly, if you could go back 1 month and change something would you? yes but i don’t want to disclose.

34. How do you feel about boys smoking? i really hate smokers.  hmm,  i hate the smell of it.

35. Could you see yourself with someone forever? of course.

My First Blogging Contest Winners

Thank you so much to all of you who have joined my contest and congratulations to our winners.

THIRD PRIZE – Pehpot of Make or Break
and the first prize goes to…….

You might be thinking why I choose No. 24 as my winner. Well just to refresh your memory it was my birthday .

To our dear winners, I will contact the sponsors for you;
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And to all my sponsors.  Thank you for your support.

All about my life
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Till next contest.

Ridiculously Awesome Contest

I love books and i love contests.  Bloodybookaholic is giving a books give away to seven lucky readers.

What you need to do?
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Mommy Moments – Summer Time is here

Last friday, we were not able to join because our Peachy is still not studying.  We always love summer, it’s the time of year we get to enjoy going out of town or just having a great vacation nearby.

Last Saturday we went to CWC and we really enjoy the day.  Peachy was so eager to make her first swimming lessons with daddy.  She really loves the water and she was really trying to manage her way without any help from mommy.  She even said “alis mommy, alis dyan. LOL.

my happy family

Till Next Friday:  Visit Mommy Journey for more Summer fun!

the mommy journey

Manila Life's First Blog Contest

After six months of blogging Manila Life Blogger Stonibert Lim decided to host his first ever give-away and yes this is for us girls.

Just check out his beautiful prizes.  I was really amazed to see the lists, that is why I am so thankful for him on personally informing me about this contest.  I could not miss this one! LOL for two reasons.  I fell in love with the beautiful swimsuit.  Ooh, I am dying to have one of those ohh so gorgeous Cocomo clothing pieces.

What you need to do?

1. You must be a follower of this blog
2. You must be a fan of all my sponsors on their facebook page namely:
We will check.
3. Leave comment and answer the question “How can you make your summer vacation fashionable with
(choose any 2 from our sponsors list to be included in your answer)?
(please post your email as well so that we may contact you in case you win.)
4. 3 most creative and best answers will win the top 3 prizes… the next 7 prizes will be raffled through (we will indicate per entry with a no. then use
5. The judges decision is final
6. Winners will be posted here on the site so please check regularly, and will also be contacted through their email and prizes will be delivered to you anywhere in the Philippines.
7. You may send as many entries as you wish but winners can only win once. (to give chance to others.)
( more entries more chances of winning)
8. Contest starts on March 22, 2010 and will end on April 10, 2010 (11:59 pm) and winners will be posted soon after.
9. This contest is open for Philippine residents only.

So, what are in store for you?

Prizes at stake:
1st Prize – 1- Cocomo Led black bathing suit worth P1,299
1- Orly gift pack – Lustrous body lotion and Nail Lacquer
1- House of Glitz GC for Hand Spa w/o manicure
1- House of Glitz GC for Foot Spa w/o pedicure
1- 3 in 1 jewelry holder from House of Bling
1 – P300 load of your choice
2nd Prize – 1- Cocomo Clothing Sarong
1- Orly gift pack – Lustrous body lotion and Nail Lacquer
1- House of Glitz GC for Foot Spa
1- Butterfly jewelry holder from House of Bling
1 – P100 load of your choice
3rd Prize – 1- Cocomo Clothing Sarong
1- House of Glitz GC for Foot Spa
1- Mini jewelry holder from House of Bling
1- P100 load of your choice
4th Prize – 1- House of Glitz GC for Hand Spa
1- Cake voucher (Sofitel)
1- P100 load of your choice
5th Prize – 1- House of Glitz GC for Hand Spa
1- Cake voucher (Sofitel)
1- P100 load
6th Prize – 1- Cake voucher (Sofitel)
1 – P100 load
7th Prize – 1 – P100 load
8th Prize – 1 – P100 load
9th Prize – 1 – P100 load
10th Prize – 1 – P100 load

So, what are you waiting fore?  Join Now and Be in your fabulous style this summer!

Here’s my Official Entry!

How will I make my summer vacation memorable and fashionable with Cocomo and House of Bling?

I love summer, this is the time of year that we create precious and memorable summer escapade with my family.  For us summer is the time you get a relaxing 0ut of town get-away from the busy days of your everyday life.

This summer would not be different from the other past summer but it does not mean that because your on the beach or on a swimming pool you will just compromise your entire look.  I can still be fashionable from head to toe, It is not hard to create this look with the beautiful and ooh so fashionable clothes from Cocomo.

Last year I was wearing this mini dress when we stroll around the beach of Puerto Princesa, Palawan and yes,  you bet, I can see the eyes of many people looking at me.

So how much more if I walk around the beach wearing this  beautiful Sandy Gray cover dress with this Ooh so sexy  Savannah swim suit visibly seen when the sunlight shines on me.

I am not sexy and there was no time in my entire life I remember being sexy but hey being sexy does not come only on the outside look or with your curves.   If you believe that you have the confidence and  you have a beautiful soul and heart  everybody around you would  think and see that your one beautiful and  sexy lady!

To complement my overall style, I needed some accessories and bags and House of Bling offered a wide varieties of beautiful and fashionable accessories and bag organizer that can satisfy my need.

This complete bag organizer can accommodate all my “kikay stuffs” like, lip gloss, sun block lotion,  lip sticks, face powder, tissue, moisturizer and not to forget my BDJ diary where I can find great ways to spend a beautiful summer vacation.

And who would not  fall in love with this beautiful fish scales earring, it would really look wonderful in my ears.

Now, I am all set for a wonderful weekend get away with all these fashionable and hot items.   Only one thing is missing our ticket for our summer get away. So, i have to work hard for it  first to get that.   LOL.

May you have a beautiful summer  ahead of you and don’t forget to bring your camera, because you will definitely have a great  fun.

Help me choose the best review – Win EC Credits

The contest was already concluded  but the proclamation of winner is  still very much awaited. I have not finished my reviews for two main reasons.  I am also having my Blogging and Baby Contest that time and all my time were already consumed on making baby campaign materials but I am so happy to be awarded a link in their Wonderful and famous site.  Yes, these two bloggers I believe is the most famous blogger now a days.

That is why I am so proud to be one of the Level 3 Sponsors of Peh and Kaye’s Blogging Contest.  Yes, as they mentioned in their post.  For only $5, I was able to gained many links and friends as well.

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Come Back here and post your choice.  Of course, you must be a follower of My Journey to Life and Something to Live By to qualify.

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You can still join my blogging Contest till Saturday